Obama at White House Christmas Tree lighting: Christmas season is “a chance to remember what Christ taught us”

Mark Wilson GETTY IMAGES President Obama speaks after lighting of the National Christmas tree Thursday in Washington. This year is … Continued

Mark Wilson


President Obama speaks after lighting of the National Christmas tree Thursday in Washington. This year is the 90th annual National Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony.

President Obama struck an overtly religious tone during Thursday night’s lighting of the National Christmas Tree in Washington, as he had in previous tree-lightings:

The president made similar comments during previous tree lighting ceremonies –calling attention to Christmas’s meaning for Christians and drawing lessons from the holiday for people of all faiths.

Obama’s 2011 speech:

And in 2010:

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Elizabeth Tenety Elizabeth Tenety is the former editor of On Faith, where she produced "Divine Impulses," On Faith’s video interview series. She studied Theology and Government at Georgetown University and received her master’s degree from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism. A New York native, Elizabeth grew up in the home of Catholic news junkies where, somewhere in between watching the nightly news and participating in parish life, she learned to ponder both the superficial and the sacred.
  • It wasn’t me

    “Obama at National Christmas Tree lighting: ‘A chance to remember what Christ taught us’”

    Thou shall not kill or Drone them to death

    Turn the other cheek or Send in Cobra

    If Jesus was alive today US Govt would have him in Gitmo right now for being “Radical”

  • XVIIHailSkins

    The kung-fu panderer strikes again. If you still believe at this point that there might be a religious bone in Obama’s body you haven’t been paying attention.

  • Galatians 1:8

    I am saying that a “half-truth” is a whole lie.
    Jesus did is not a “great leader.” He is the Incarnate Son of God, God in flesh. He came not to be looked at as a great leader, but to save mankind from the just wrath of God, which WE ALL DESERVE b/c we are sinners. Obama is preaching a false Gospel. Christ told His disciples, “he who is with us is against us.” Obama is afraid to speak and to live what New Testament Christianity demands. “All who live Godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution.” That’s what Paul told Timothy, but Obama is afraid to stand up for Christ. Read Romans 1:16, that’s Christianity, and Obama is not following Romans 1:16

  • jsoles2001

    I am proud of the president to acknowledge the true meaning of Christmas.

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