Catholics for Choice releases voter guide film

Catholics, not unlike any other group, do not vote in a monolith. Media have documented recent final pitches by bishops … Continued

Catholics, not unlike any other group, do not vote in a monolith. Media have documented recent final pitches by bishops to their flocks in the days leading up to Election Day.

Recently, Catholics for Choice, a D.C.-based organization, released a film documenting theological perspectives on issues such as abortion and gay marriage. “The Secret History of Sex, Choice and Catholics” features professors of theology weighing in on how Catholics can use history and tradition “to inform their conscience as they prepare to vote.”

“These theologians show that Catholic teaching on sexuality, contraception, abortion and gay marriage isn’t as clear cut as the U.S. bishops have made it out to be,” according to Catholics for Choice about the film featuring experts examining Catholic teaching on key issues.

A poll released in mid-October by the group “shows that a strong majority of Catholic voters (79 percent) wants the next president to make jobs his highest priority.

“Though the question of abortion was posed to the two Catholics vice presidential candidates during their debate, only 28 percent of Catholic voters believe abortion should be the highest priority of the next administration,” according to the group. “Gay marriage is even less of a priority than abortion among Catholics, with only 16 percent prioritizing the issue as the most important.”

  • MikeinCTExultet


    straw man arguments.

    appeals to (dissenting) authority to justify dissenting from authority.

  • chris1616

    Most Catholic women do not follow the Church’s rules regarding birth control. The same Catholic women do not want the Church’s beliefs imposed on non Catholics by denying access to birth control products as part of their Health Insurance..
    Most Catholics, along with Cardinal Dolan, are opposed to Paul Ryan’s Path to Prosperity.
    Deny birth control coverage or provide prenatal care and well baby care and no children can be denied insurance for a pre-existing condition. I know what my choice is.

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