Scholar: Obama’s strategy is to ‘lay low of the religion stuff’

“As for Obama, his strategy seems clear: lay low of the religion stuff and wherever possible reframe the hazardous ‘religious … Continued

As for Obama, his strategy seems clear: lay low of the religion stuff and wherever possible reframe the hazardous ‘religious freedom’ debate as one about economics and women’s health.”

Jacques Berlinerblau, director of the Jewish Civilization Program at Georgetown University, on President Obama’s religious strategy in the election.

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President Obama speaks duringthe second presidential debate with Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney in Hempstead, N.Y. on Oct. 16, 2012.

  • gthornton2

    Smart move by a highly intelligent President who knows he isn’t seeking to become Bishop.

    Those who seek to force or impose their religious beliefs on others are no different than the Taliban.

    …Another true sign of a winner

  • Truthshallsetyoufree

    Here is a You Tube link to my short film THE FOXORCIST which is now complete. PART ONE: FATHER MALARKEY vs ROMNEY-RYAN was shot BEFORE Biden made the Malarkey remarks in the Vice-Presidential Debates. A kind of kismet perhaps.

    It is an intentionally disturbing (if darkly comical) perhaps even repulsive and vulgar film, but it satirizes what is ugliest in modern American life. Our current polarized and twisted social climate where the simplest things that made us a great nation have been twisted beyond recognition.

    It is my belief that it is the artist’s role and job in society to indict its leaders and contemporaries whose conduct cheapens the human experience. I truly believe we have reached a nadir, a sickening crossroads of amoral and soulless conduct that has become too commonplace and which people seem to digest without incident.

    Have we become complacent? Or have we merely given up hope of recovering our basic decencies. Hence THE FOXORCIST is no holds barred, take no prisoners kind of film. PART TWO will be even “worse” as it’s final indictment will be without apology, nor does it seek to be forgiven.

    If the road we choose on November 6th, leads us down the path of a militant determination to break apart the freedoms and laws protecting our secular humanist charters in the Constitution, then I will be glad for having made my film and for purposely shaming and indicting the criminals who have escaped justice in having defaced, degraded, disgraced and disemboweled this once great land for the sickening in your face spectacle of a win at all costs game of power and money above all other human values.

    If this is all America has left to offer her people, then they deserve my film and more.

    I am a proud veteran of this nation, and have suffered too many ignominious chapters in my American life of late. While there is still the most sacred freedom of all, Freedom of Speech, I will never tire of pointing the finger where the blame squarely belongs for our mediocritiz

  • landfill2

    I look forward to the day we get a President who can openly proclaim he’s a non-believer.
    But given how Human Nature works, it will take a looooonnnggg time.
    What will it take?
    Given the “47% secret video” moment and all the pedophilia scandals and I can still find people who will defend and vote for the offenders vociferously.
    Maybe after 2 or 3 generations…
    But then again, religion is like your hometown sports team, people will always find a way to explain things away… and with the tax-free guarantee, there will always be hucksters who will take advantage of the weak-minded and the gullible.


    Hitler was a big fan of the evolution faith movement-survival of the fittest! He believed in a pure race devoid of any religous weak minded people! Besides, if we’re all just a pile of chemicals or animals, why would you care-sounds like a moral judgement call!


    If you disagree with the far left, love God and love others, you’re now a fascist, racist, taliban type! We call that progressive!


    Time Magazine interview with Eistein in his 50s:
    To what extent are you influenced by Christianity? “As a child I received
    instruction both in the Bible and in the Talmud. I am a Jew, but I am enthralled
    by the luminous figure of the Nazarene.”
    Do you accept the historical existence of Jesus? “Unquestionably! No one can
    read the Gospels without feeling the actual presence of Jesus. His personality
    pulsates in every word. No myth is filled with such life!”

    There’s room for one more!

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