Green: ‘Joe Biden might not be the perfect liberal Catholic, but boy, he comes pretty close’

“Joe Biden might not be the perfect liberal Catholic, but boy, he comes pretty close. Paul Ryan might be a … Continued

“Joe Biden might not be the perfect liberal Catholic, but boy, he comes pretty close. Paul Ryan might be a tad more libertarian than your average conservative Catholic, but he’s not far off.”

John Green, Director of the Ray C. Bliss Institute of Applied Politics at the University of Akron, on the Catholic divide in the 2012 vice-Presidential debate.

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Vice President Joe Biden with wife Dr. Jill Biden on the steps of the State House in Concord, N.H., on Sept. 21, 2012.

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  • clb2012now1

    I want a Vice President who takes serious the circumstances of America and the world. Evidently, dead Americans are funny, hurting Americans are funny, wanting to repair our social security or medicare is funny. What does Biden take seriously? The laughing Biden was just as bad as the silent Obama. The “Joe will be Joe” that everyone spouts makes me angry. He should be held to the same standard as any other public servant.
    Biden wants to tax the millionaires and billionaires. I call that a success tax. Our tax system is already progressive. His boss wants to tax those who make above $200K. Yet Biden objected to a progressive system for Medicare. That Medicare premium support being proposed would be need based. This means those who make less get more premium support than those who make more. Right now, all get Medicare at the same cost no matter what their income.
    Biden was chastising Ryan on the votes that he had done for Afghanistan and Iraq and yet he voted the same way. We need to remember that the military we pay for today is the military that we will use in 30 years not today.
    I want an administration that takes responsibility for its actions. That speaks to America with frankness and clarity. They may not have had everything right after Benghazi but it wasn’t the video that the administration’s insistence that it was the video spurred the subsequent violence in the region. Whose hand is it on the reins if Obama and Biden “didn’t know”?

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