Prince: ‘His arrogant and out-of-hand dismissal of half the population of this country struck me at a visceral level’

“His arrogant and out-of-hand dismissal of half the population of this country struck me at a visceral level, for it … Continued

“His arrogant and out-of-hand dismissal of half the population of this country struck me at a visceral level, for it sullied the religion that he and I share. [...] My first impulse was to rent an airplane towing a banner: ‘Mitt Romney is not the face of Mormonism!’”

Mormon historian Gregory A. Prince on why Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney is not the face of Mormonism in a blog post later cited by Nevada Sen. Harry Reid.

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Republican presidential candidate, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney speaks during a rally at Valley Forge Military Academy and College on Sept. 28, 2012 in Wayne, Pa.


    Wrong. Mitt Romney IS the face of mormonism. You mormons have been trumpeting that “this is the mormon moment” ever since he got the nomination. Well, he’s your boy, he hates the 47% of Americans who aren’t wealthy, that’s what people think mormons believe because that’s what the mormon of the moment said and you have to live with it.

    Maybe it would be a good time for you mormons to do a little collective soul-searching. Maybe you are just like Mitt Romney.

  • Hooville1

    The only thing wrong with Romney’s conclusion was that it was exaggerated. About 37% of the population depends on handouts, and would never vote for Mitt.

  • O cup 202

    From the headline I thought Prince (the musician) was sharing his thoughts on Romney, not quite the same.

  • Erasma2

    Yes, I’m perplexed why the headline writer would think the average reader would immediately think of any historian identified by last-name only, let alone a historian of Mormonism.

  • cpbis

    Where do you GOP fans get your information anyway? Rush Limbaugh? Ann Coulter? Fox News? Your data is flawed.

  • 86yroldObserver

    It’s not a matter of what American’s think about
    Obama’s religion. It’s what the Syrians, and other
    middle- eastern tribes think. They are the one who
    murdered our ambassador.

  • minstrelmike

    How should we fix the economy? From a moral perspective, should we help the moneylenders or the poor? You can make up your own mind by reading your own version of the New Testament. I’m not sure what version Republicans or Mormons use.

    From an economic perspective, what is the best way? Rich people getting richer doesn’t seem to be working. And it is cheaper to send someone to college than to prison so perhaps we shouldn’t be pursuing the War on the poor that the Republicans are pushing for.

  • ken_ridge

    Actually, Romneys 47% figure comes from a study by the Tax Policy Center. Almost half are seniors living on Social Security.

    You remember Social Security: the system you pay into all your life and then when you start collecting benefits you were promised, you’re labeled a freeloader.

    Most seniors used to vote Republican…but that’s changing very fast.

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