Madonna: ‘Yes, I know Obama is not a Muslim’

Kyle Gustafson FOR THE WASHINGTON POST Music icon Madonna performs at the Verizon Center as part of the MDNA Tour. … Continued

Kyle Gustafson


Music icon Madonna performs at the Verizon Center as part of the MDNA Tour. The tour, which began in May in Tel Aviv, Israel, has come under fire for itss violent imagery, fake gunplay and use of swastikas in an image collage.

The pop icon, no stranger to controversy, caused a stir during her concert in the nation’s capital Monday night. Onstage, Madonna praised President Obama and referred to him as a “black Muslim” during her sold-out show at the Verizon Center.

The singer said she was being ironic. In a statement released by a spokeswoman Wednesday, the iconoclastic entertainer said:

During her MDNA tour, Madonna has sparked outrage whether in Europe where she “‘superimposed a swastika on the face of a right-wing French politician in a video montage” or “displayed World War II-era footage of the Warsaw Uprising at concert in Poland; challenged a gay-pride ban in St. Petersburg, Russia; and called for the release of jailed Russian punk band Pussy Riot in Moscow,” Rolling Stone reported.

Since his first presidential run, some political foes have tried to challenge his faith and his citizenship, stating that he is secretly a Muslim and he was not born in the United States.

“First and foremost, my Christian faith gives me a perspective and security that I don’t think I would have otherwise: That I am loved. That, at the end of the day, God is in control—and my main responsibility is to love God with all of my heart, soul, and mind, and to love my neighbor as myself,” Obama told “Cathedral Age,” a magazine of the Washington National Cathedral, in an interview this summer.

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  • Pendrake

    Sorry Madonna, but no. You said what you thought, and now people came forward and informed you of your mistake, you are trying to back out of it with a “Was only joking” line. Were you being ironic about wanting people to vote Obama? Were you making fun of him supporting the gay community? You made the same comments around the “He’s a Black Muslim” comment, so were those statements in jest too?

    No, It makes much more sense that you are an uninformed “useful idiot” that is cheer-leading for the left, and now doing some damage control.

  • wly34

    Who cares what this has been says. Retire already!

  • snakespeare

    Pretending to say she’s voting for Romney got a lot of attention for Nicki Minaj, so of course Madonna realized, in this political climate, you can get a lot of attention by saying something outrageous, then later saying it wasn’t meant that way.

    The President, like many black American Christians, attends the United Church of Christ.

  • Michigangirl

    More bizarre than Madonna calling Obama a black Muslim was her saying we should “vote for f—in Obama for better or WORSE”. So, in effect, she just said even if Obama is the WORST President ever, we should vote for him! Her justification for voting for him seems to be only that he is “different”. My advice to everyone….stay away from most of the celebrities out there, they are hazardous to Americas health.

  • Sandra19

    Oh that poor sad old woman. Desperate to remain relevant, she’ll say anything she thinks sounds “cool” to her aging, out-of-time ear. Maybe she should educate her ignorant, senile old self to what Muslims believe about homosexuality before she links a supposedly Muslim president and gay rights in the same comment. What a stupid, stupid old circus sideshow she turned out to be.

  • BornAgainAmerican

    Could you expand on exactly why Obama is the worst President ever, even George WMD Bush?

  • The Real PDLM

    Poor Sandra, I almost feel sorry for your ignorance.

    Obama is a Christian, right? Now go educate your ignorant self about what all organized Christian religions think of homosexuality (that includes Baptist, Catholic, Mormon, Presbyterian…). You will find out that according to the beliefs of those organized religions, Obama would also be against gay rights.

    So thank you for making yourself an example of the American ignorance Madonna was talking about.

    And take this opportunity to enlighten your poor, sad, uneducated self:

    The same way Obama is a Christian, and despite the position of his religion on homosexuality, he is pro-gay rights, an educated Muslim, despite the position of his religion, could be pro-gay rights.

    And just to make a further point on how tolerance is something you have no idea about: Madonna’s boyfriend is a Muslim, he is a dancer, he is on tour with her. He is surrounded by gay men, he’s wearing high-heeled shoes and dancing flamboyantly in a section of the show. His religion or even his personal views on any other issue has not interfered with his job. Same way with Obama, and that’s what Madonna was saying: Muslim or Christian, he is a good man.

  • The Real PDLM

    You can apply the same “logic” for shows like SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE, which already has made several jokes on the same tone.

    “For better or for worse”, in fact (and you need to get back to school to learn how to interpret a text) does not mean he is the worst, the expression means “things might not be as good as we wished, but the other option is worst, so do not change anything”.

    In other words, hon, in no way was Madonna implying Obama is the worst and should get our vote. You are seriously one of the dumbest Madonna haters on this page.

    On another note: my advice? Stay away from the opinion of a moronic person like you. You cannot understand a simple expression as “for better or for worse”.

    And by the way, I doubt anyone with half a brain would disagree with what Madonna said about it.

  • The Real PDLM

    What a joke! Are you seriously implying Madonna talked politics because Minaj did the same? What a sad person you are.

    Madonna has been talking about the prejudice against Muslims since May, when her tour started – – which explains why she said Obama is a “Black Muslim” and later explained that the irony in her comment was because he is “a good man” so whichever God he prays to should not matter. And yes, a big percentage of Americans still believe he is a Muslim. It all makes sense.

    On her last tour, in 2008, she also had political messages and a video that showed McCain and Obama. Guess you cannot suggest it was because of Nicki Minaj then, she was a nobody in 2008.

    On the tour before last, in 2006, Madonna had a piece called “Get Stupid” in which a very interesting image of George W. Bush appeared. Two years before, on her previous tour in 2004, there was another video involving George W. Bush and Saddam Husseim.

    I guess it pretty much says how Madonna has been outspoken about Politics for quite a while and your attempt at criticizing her by trying to make a brainless woman like Nicki Minaj “happen” is just plain ignorance.

  • The Real PDLM

    Considering that on this tour there is a very famous piece that talks about the intolerance Muslims face in the world (check all the Political drama caused in France because of what she said about Marine Le Pen – who is extremely against Muslims in France) to inform yourself a little bit.

    And what part of Madonna’s speech and explanation indicates she was “wrong”?

    In fact, it all makes sense.

    Yes, a big part of the American population think Obama is a Muslim. There are people who still think he was not born in American territory!

    Yes, Madonna has been defending the idea that Muslims are not terrorists by association – which is how they are stigmatized in this country.

    Yes, in the same part of the show, Madonna always makes ironic comments. In the same part of the show, she has already “forgiven” Elton John for his nasty comments about her while dedicating the song that gave her a Golden Globe award this year, not him (which provoked drama in Elton John’s camp).

    In the same part of the show, Madonna said she loved lady Gaga, not before saying “imitation is the highest form of flattery”.

    So according to logics, she was indeed being ironic. I know some people will prefer to say “sarcastic”, but considering that Madonna is not an mean-spirited person, I’d say irony is the best way to describe what happened. And by the way, is there any other pop star in the world whose career had been built on so much irony as Madonna’s? From her videos, to her songs… irony has always been her trademark.

  • West3

    With friends like Madonna, who needs enemies?

  • buffyj63

    Madonna may have been outspoken for a long time as The Real points out, but her opinion shouldn’t have any more weight than, say, mine. Anything she says or does is to promote herself above all, and that includes making stupid statements like the one she made.

  • nnguyenr

    Come on – give the girl a break – she is stoned most of the time anyway…

  • samwoods77


    1%er who refuses to share her wealth even as she advocates the middle class must.

  • yeshu2004

    Madonna has correctly expressed what majority of Americans think about Obama. His middle name Hussein prevents him from erasing his ancestral roots. He is also’ black’, right. So there’s nothing outrageous in Madonna’s comment.

  • jralger

    at the end of the day, God is in control—and my main responsibility … is simply to ask why this is.

    For I’m sick of his will becoming mine.

    It sucks actually.

    And it’s not right.

  • jralger

    Like for example, my post.

    For this is a clear example of what I’m talking about here.

    and it’s not right.

  • kelly123

    Irony and sarcasm seem to be wasted in a country that takes every foolish issue as important and ignores most of what really matters.

  • hopeandchange1

    One comment and a call from Axelrod equals ackward explanations and postings that lecture about “irony and taking foolish issues as important” from distainful and “forward” supporters. Black muslim–say it three times and click your heels. No change? Exactly…

  • Kingofkings1

    Let’s say Obama is a muslim. If you would differently because of that reason , would the problem lie with the president, or you?

  • Kingofkings1

    vote differently

  • sfdfsfs

    We now live in a country where calling someone “Muslim” is an insult. We are own worst enemy. I feel ashamed.

  • 1maineman

    MAINE MAN APLOLOGIZES FOR SAYING MADONNA IS RELEVANT -“Yes, I know that Madonna is not relevant, though I know there are plenty of people in this country who think she is. And what if she is? The point i was making is that Madonna is not relevant, and no matter who she says it to, i don’t care what Madonna says, nor should anyone else in America.”