Ryan at Values Voter Summit: Obama is failing to lead in the Middle East

AP Republican vice presidential candidate, Rep. Paul Ryan, R- Wis. speaks at the Values Voters Summit in Washington on Sept. … Continued


Republican vice presidential candidate, Rep. Paul Ryan, R- Wis. speaks at the Values Voters Summit in Washington on Sept. 14, 2012.

The Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan said protesters in the Middle East are spurred by a White House that is failing to lead.

The seven-term Wisconsin congressman spoke at the Family Research Council’s annual summit Friday morning in Washington.

Ryan said President Obama hasn’t shown “steady, consistent American leadership” in response to the attacks on U.S. embassies and consulates.

Ryan said mixed signals is symptomatic of how the Administration handles foreign affairs and that he was doubtful the president would improve in the future. In comparing a Romney-Ryan administration, Ryan said the economy is just as important to voters who are concerned about moral issues.

“The Obama economic agenda failed not because it was stopped but because it was passed. That’s a key distinction,” Ryan said, sparking applause throughout the room.

“Ladies and gentlemen we cannot afford to make economic failure a two-term proposition,” he said.

And he also drew applause when noting that during the seven times he was sworn in on Capitol Hill, he sworn allegiance to God and not to the government and when he promised that one of the first actions Romney and he would do would be to “peel back all of Obamacare, that is a fact.”

He said when the former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney asked him to be his running mate, Ryan said he told him: “Let’s get this done.” He indicated that he was ready to work, ready to move the country forward and asked those gathered at the summit to do the same in less than two months.

Paul Ryan’s speech to the Values Voters Summit

  • ohioan

    When you have your Ambassador and 4 Americans Murdered in the very country you’re sending $2 Billion dollars a year to…..

    Yes, that’s a failure. The Obama Doctrine is a failure by all accounts.

  • Nosy_Parker

    “…during the seven times he was sworn in on Capitol Hill, he sworn allegiance to God and not to the government…”

    Shouldn’t he have sworn allegiance to the Constitution???

  • Nosy_Parker

    Do you feel the same way about the 241 Marines murdered in the Beirut barracks in 1983, under the Presidency of Ronald Reagan?

  • nkri401

    It was a noble idea that unlike all the European Monarchies, US officials swore to defend the Constitution of the United States. Not Kings or Queens, not even the POTUS, not your party, not your heroes and not even your mother.

  • nkri401

    And indeed, not even to your God…

  • nkri401


    And how do you feel about attack on US Naval Ship that killed 34 crewmen?

  • nkri401

    The attack was from Israel Air Force and Navy…

  • nkri401

    I could not post the above as a single post. odd…

  • nkri401

    If you insit, “So help me God” is optional.

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