Bauer at Values Voter Summit: ‘We owe no apology to Islamists’

AFP/GETTY IMAGES Pakistani Muslim demonstrators walk over US and Israeli flags as they attempt to reach the US embassy during … Continued


Pakistani Muslim demonstrators walk over US and Israeli flags as they attempt to reach the US embassy during a demonstration against an anti-Islam film in Islamabad on Sept. 14, 2012.

Radical Islam, not a movie mocking prophet Muhammad, is the cause for the wave of protests erupting across the Muslim world, said former Family Research Council president Gary Bauer..

And America’s response should be to defend its interests militarily and to protect intellectually Judeo-Christian civilization.

“All of us are created in the image of God. … You have dignity and value and worth – that is the central idea of Western civilization and that is worth defending,” he said powerfully, before mentioning the connection between the United States and Israel, which “stand as strong pillars of Judeo-Christian civilization and it’s not by accident we have the same enemies.”

Bauer spoke at the FRC’s annual Values Voter Summit Friday afternoon. As he greeted attendees, he mentioned that he had recently watched footage of the remains ceremony for those killed in Libya earlier this week.

Protests and violence have spread across parts of the region in response to a film that portrays Islam’s prophet as a child molester, a womanizer and a fraud. Authorities are investigating whether the attack that killed four Americans Tuesday at the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, was pre-planned. The four Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton eulogized Friday: “J. Christopher Stevens, the ambassador to Libya; Sean Smith, a technology expert with the State Department; Tyrone Woods, a former Navy SEAL who protected U.S. diplomatic personnel since 2010; and Glen Doherty, another former SEAL who had served in Iraq and Afghanistan.” the Washington Post reported. Some recent news footage shows demonstrators chanting that they are sympathetic to Osama bin Laden.

“The proper response is if you’re all Osama now, then you will reach the same fate he did,” the former presidential candidate boomed, sparking applause.

Later, he noted that the “events that are unfolding are unnerving, but they are not unusual,” before listing attacks against U.S. diplomatic and military personnel.

“Don’t tell me to worry about Muslim sensibilities … We owe no apology to Islamists. Thousands of our sons and daughters have lost their legs, their arms and their lives liberating the Muslims of Iraq and Afghanistan,” he said, raising his voice.

“Here, we respect all faiths. If only the countries we have liberated treated the Christians and Jews … as well as we treat American Muslims.”

  • weijpan

    Lessons never learned . Childish self righteousness from this type of writing , as usual.

    Would you say to your neighbor Jesus Christ sucks?

    The pint here should be ” Freedom of Speech can only come with responsibility ” . Hellooooooo !

  • weijpan

    Judeo-Christian ? That is new term. Are we all Jews and Christians here?

    Anyone willing to die fighting for Judeos and land grabbers?

  • Mallarde1

    Do you remember the art exhibit paid for with federal funds (federal endowment for the arts?) that consisted of a bucket of urine dumped over a crucifix?

    Not only did our government pay for that, but no one ever rioted.

  • amelia45

    We should not walk blindly through the world without noticing if what we do causes pain to others, intentional or unintentional.

    Our freedom of speech leaves individuals free to say and do things that are outrageous. We can offer an explanation that the outrageous does not represent an official position of the U.S. government or of the majority of Americans.

    An explanation is not an apology, although it would not hurt anyone to say “I am sorry you were hurt by what happened.” Such language is an acknowledgement of someone else’s pain without an acceptance of responsibility for having caused it.

    Good manners, which is at heart a concern for others, requires at least that much. Do we care about good manners any more?

  • ThomasBaum


    Do you think that Jesus might have caused pain, hurt feelings or whatever, to some of the “religious leaders” of His day?

  • It wasn’t me

    Gary Bauer reminds me of those Muslim hate preachers,with both it is about us being right and others should be damned.Thankfully he is in minority as those he condemns are .

  • alphwilliams

    This would be interesting if an apology actually existed. Unfortunately it is little more than conservative hyperbole and blatant mistruths. There is no apology, there never was an apology. And yes we shouldn’t back off our first amendment rights….the film in question was a piece of faces…buy the riots have only given it more profile and more viewers…thanks to the protests this is now a hit. Just because there is an element in the Muslim world acting stupidly doesn’t mean we have to follow suit and act just as stupid. This is a time to be firm but also to be reasonable and diplomatic.

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