Muslim delegates at Democratic convention quadrupled since 2004

The number of Muslim delegates attending the Democratic National Convention has quadrupled since 2004, according to a Muslim advocacy group. … Continued

The number of Muslim delegates attending the Democratic National Convention has quadrupled since 2004, according to a Muslim advocacy group.

The Washington-based Council on American-Islamic Relations counts more than 100 Muslim delegates representing some 20 states at the Democratic convention in Charlotte, N.C., this week. That’s up from 25 delegates in 2004, according to CAIR.

CAIR government affairs coordinator Robert McCaw said the numbers were “a sign of the American Muslim community’s growing civic engagement and acceptance in the Democratic Party.” He also said that Democrats had targeted outreach to American Muslims.

A “handful” of Muslims were delegates at the Republic National Convention last week in Tampa, Fla., McGraw said. Campaign officials for Mitt Romney, President Barack Obama’s GOP challenger, did not respond to a request for comment.

Neither Republicans nor Democrats invited a Muslim cleric to deliver a blessing during their conventions, even as Christian, Jewish and Sikh leaders received invitations.

Most Muslim Americans voted Republican through the 2000 presidential election, but switched allegiances after the Patriot Act and other post-9/11 security policies, which some Muslims believe unfairly target their community. And while former President George W. Bush called Islam a “religion of peace,” some conservative Republicans now push for state laws to ban Shariah, Islamic law. The national GOP platform approved last week declares that U.S. courts should not consider foreign laws in their decisions.

Edward E. Curtiss IV, a religious studies professor at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, said that many Muslims have been disappointed by Obama’s foreign policies, particularly civilian casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan and the lack of progress toward a peaceful solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. But, “in the end, the decision to support Obama is a decision to defend Muslims against Islamophobia,” Curtiss said.

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  • Kingofkings1

    Ryan is a secret muslim

  • yogiman70

    So Ryan is a “secret” Muslim. I guess Barry Obama has him beat on that because he’s an openly known Muslim.

  • Massaman

    I see what the muzzies are trying to achieve: gain influence in the Democratic party by having many delegates, i.e more delegates on a % basis than there are muzzies in the general population. This is how they are trying to push their agenda: sharia law, anti-israel, anti-freedom of religion, anti- freedom of spech, etc. I talked to a Dem. delegate the other day and he told me that the leaders of the Dem party are aware of what’s going on that they will not allow the muzzie to get more influence than they deserve, considering they’re only 0.6% (!!) of the population. He also said that no Dem in his right mind would support a muslim agenda.

    There’s more hindus and biddhists here than muzzies so they should have more delegates.