Ann Romney: ‘I’ve seen him spend countless hours helping others’

“He has tried to live his life with a set of values centered on family, faith, and love of one’s … Continued

“He has tried to live his life with a set of values centered on family, faith, and love of one’s fellow man. From the time we were first married, I’ve seen him spend countless hours helping others. I’ve seen him drop everything to help a friend in trouble, and been there when late-night calls of panic came from a member of our church whose child had been taken to the hospital.”

Ann Romney, speaking at the Republican National Convention Tuesday, comments about her husband’s faith and values.

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Ann Romney, wife of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, addresses the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla.

  • JoelCannon1

    I loved her speech, and it choked me up a little (I was surprised). Romney is blessed to be married to such a wonderful woman.

  • kim8900

    Bain Capital? Helping his rich friends become richer? i like Mrs. Romney. Don’t get me wrong, but when you husband makes a living firing people it is hard to equate that to agree with the “helping people”.

  • Crafty1942

    Kim8900, do you really think Ann Romney was talking about Bain Capital (which, by the way, helped get Staples and a lot of other successful business that employ thousands get off the ground) when she mentioned her husband’s actions in helping others? She was talking about the many years of service in his church, for which he received no pay. Listen a little more closely next time and get over the Bain issue, which is overly simplified by Romney’s opponents.

  • Political_Stratgst

    Romney is a great guy – Bain Capital is an elite Private Equity firm…he is a Bain consultant first — a problem solver. Obama has tried to Swift Boat him on his business experience which is more disgraceful for him than what Bush did. We expected more from him.

    Obama is an empty suit – he had no managerial experience when he became president. Rhetoric alone does not lead to results. You have work hard and make peace with enemies, like Clinton did with Gingrich OR Reagan did with O’Neill. He is a first rate narcissist and this whole presidency is for his ego edification. He neither has fresh ideas, nor skills to put them in play. Time to end this huge mistake.

  • windmill3

    Ann is a cancer survivor and has MS. I have a friend with MS. It takes “Guts” to live with MS. The ignorant remarks about her riding a horse are pathetic. This is a valid form of therapy for MS. Make a note of it. As for how much her clothes cost, what does Michele pay for her clothes?

  • joeboe1

    Okay. Name 5 jobs–other than factchecker-that Romney, all by himself, has created.

  • joeboe1

    Many, many people–most of them with far fewer resources than Mitt Romney–give years of unpaid service to their churches and other organizations. Does this qualify them to be President?

    As for those thousands of jobs at Staples–Bain made a very small investment in that company. It hardly made them.

  • joeboe1

    Oh, I forgot. IRS auditor jobs do not count either.

  • lucretius

    Personally, since she indicated that Obama was a “boy”,
    I can’t look at her without my stomach turning.

  • lucretius

    Ann Romney proved,
    when she said that it’s time for a “grown up in the White House”,
    that she thinks of Obama as no more than a “boy” to her,
    and is a closet racist.

  • lucretius

    Romney is a fraud.

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