Bishop: Ryan is ‘aware of Catholic social teaching’ and forms conclusions based on

“It is not for the bishop or priests to endorse particular candidates or political parties. [...] It is the role … Continued

“It is not for the bishop or priests to endorse particular candidates or political parties. [...] It is the role of bishops and priests to teach principles of our faith, such that those who seek elected offices, if they are Catholics, are to form their consciences according to these principles about particular policy issues. [...] Making decisions as to the best political strategies, the best policy means, to achieve a goal, is the mission of lay people, not bishops or priests. [...] Thus, it is not up to me or any bishop or priest to approve of Congressman Ryan’s specific budget prescription to address the best means we spoke of. Where intrinsic evils are not involved, specific policy choices and political strategies are the province of Catholic lay mission. But, as I’ve said, vice presidential candidate Ryan is aware of Catholic social teaching and is very careful to fashion and form his conclusions in accord with the principles mentioned above. Of that I have no doubt. (I mention this matter in obedience to church law regarding one’s right to a good reputation.)”

Bishop Robert Morlino of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Madison, Wis., on the Catholic formation of Republican vice presiedntial candidate Paul Ryan.


Wis. Rep. Paul Ryan speaks during a news conference at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C., U.S., in April 2011.

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  • reformthesystem

    It seems like Morlino’s statement “Ryan is aware of Catholic social teaching and is very careful to fashion and form his conclusions in accord with the principles mentioned above” is writing off the Rerum Novarum of Pope Leo XIII as a dead letter.

  • amelia45

    Bishop Morlino evidently has not read much Church writing. Oh, well. Morlino will not be one of those who is hungry, thirsty, cold in the winter without warm clothing or shelter in the night. Neither will Ryan. They have theirs.

  • fzriely

    Complete garbage from the bishop. Untrue. Bishop Morlino should familiarize himself with Catholic Social Teaching and maybe some recent history as well.

    The bishops have ALWAYS weighed in on policy issues and not just matters of “intrinsic evil” (a category which includes everything from lying to the sexual assault of minors, by the way). The bishops were for universal access to healthcare (before they were against it). They promote the role of unions around the world. Among others. Apparently, not in Wisconsin, though.

    Once again, the bishops find themselves compromising matters of faith for the convenience of conservative politicians.

    Rather than pressuring politicians to work to promote life AND social justice, the bishops instead ignore the dictates of social justice completely, or dumb-down the definition to the point the concept is meaningless or, in the case of Paul Ryan, accept a version that is so twisted as to itself become a vehicle of repression and something truly monstrous.

  • eathen lord

    The way the catholic church rigidly defines sin, then makes themselves into Hippocrates by excusing others or their own is disgusting. I know that some of this church is reformed but still, come into this century already.

  • John E Albert

    “The State should watch over these societies of citizens banded together in accordance with their rights, but it should not thrust itself into their peculiar concerns and their organization, for things move and live by the spirit inspiring them, and may be killed by the rough grasp of a hand from without.” Pope Leo XIII

  • John E Albert

    ” 52. There are occasions, doubtless, when it is fitting that the law should intervene to prevent certain associations, as when men join together for purposes which are evidently bad, unlawful, or dangerous to the State. In such cases, public authority may justly forbid the formation of such associations, and may dissolve them if they already exist. But every precaution should be taken not to violate the rights of individuals and not to impose unreasonable regulations under pretense of public benefit. For laws only bind when they are in accordance with right reason, and, hence, with the eternal law of God.(38)” Pope Leo XIII

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