Family Research Council shooting injures security guard at D.C. office

Jonathan Newton WASHINGTON POST Investigators gather after a security guard at the Family Research Council was shot and wounded Wednesday … Continued

Jonathan Newton


Investigators gather after a security guard at the Family Research Council was shot and wounded Wednesday morning after a scuffle in the lobby of the group’s headquarters in downtown Washington on Aug. 15, 2012 in Washington, D.C.

District of Columbia police are investigating a shooting at the headquarters of the Family Research Council that injured a security guard Wednesday morning.

The alleged shooter, whose name was not released to media by mid-afternoon, entered the conservative group’s downtown Washington building and opened fire. D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier called the guard a hero for subduing the shooter who allegedly expressed disagreement with FRC’s views. Investigators have not determined a motive.

“We don’t know enough about him or his circumstances to determine what his connection is to this group [the research council] or his mental state, or what he was doing or thinking of doing,” said James McJunkin, the head of the FBI’s Washington Field Office. “So we’re going to try to sort this all out, pull the evidence together, do all the interviews we can.”

A law enforcement official said the gunman carried a bag containing a Chick-Fil-A bag; the fast-food company’s leader recently expressed views against same-sex marriage similar to those embraced by FRC.

In a statement earlier Wednesday posted on the organization’s Web site, President Tony Perkins said:

Former FRC president and current president of American Values Gary Bauer expressed sadness and outrage about the shooting that wounded an employee of the group he helped form

View Photo Gallery: A security guard a was shot and wounded after a scuffle with a man who expressed disagreement with the group’s conservative views.

Groups such as the National Organization for Marriage, the Catholic League as well as the Human Rights Campaign, which supports gay rights, condemned the shooting.

  • Jeroboam

    Anything heard yet from Brian Ross?

  • Chris Allen Thomas

    Another fine example of liberal hate. They couldn’t tie the other gun attacks to conservative groups, but this one is clearly liberal terrorism. How will the media spin this? Righteous indignation?

    Just remember how the media spun the Jenna 6.

  • Joshua Porrata

    I wonder why anybody would be upset at an organization that supports the death penalty for homosexuals.

  • WmarkW

    No doubt a white supremacist.
    The real homegrown terrorism.

  • AgentFoxMulder

    Care to elaborate?

  • AgentFoxMulder

    Shouldn’t take too long for him to tie this to the Coffee Party.

  • thespiansmc

    the FRC is actually classified as a Hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, unlike other pro-discriminaton groups like NOM, based on their repeated attempts to link homosexuality to rape, pedophilia, etc. their own research, when it proves them wrong, is suppressed.

    Now, no one should ever be attacked like this, especially not the security guard, who was probably just hired through companies that provide these services (much like many of the guards at abortion clinics).

  • tniederberger

    Obviously, the good ole US of A has let the inmates take over the assylum. Our whole political process is captive to the craziest nut cases with the most volume. Unfortunetly, most the craziest are on the right, today’s shooting proves there are still some nut jobs on the left too.

  • girlnextdoor

    Turns out the shooter is black, a volunteer for LBGT (?), and a big coward. After being shot in the arm, the guard got the gun away from the sissy. Then the sissy-domestic-terrorist-hater pleaded with the guard, saying, “PLEASE don’t shoot ME! It wasn’t about you! Wa Wa Wa!” Has anyone heard the President express outrage about this violence? Say the guard and his family are in his thoughts? Has Obama phoned the guard to show support?

  • barrysal

    This is horrible! A left wing hater entered FRC offices and shot a guard. Thank God the guard was brave and doing his duty. Just think how many other people would have been shot by this hateful, left-wing shooter. Perhaps he got the idea from Ed Schultz with all the hate that he spews on MSNBC. Or maybe he was listening to Al Sharpton or surely he was influenced by
    Rachel Maddow. Everyone who listens to that show know all the hate that is preached!
    Let’s all boycot MSNBC and write their advertisers and tell them how much we disapprove of the actions of this left-wing hater who possibly got his ideas from them. Let’s not let this horrific left-wing hate crime go unpunished!
    I wonder if the President called the family to tell them that his prayers were with them. I wonder if the Democrat elected officials preached to their followers about how they should publicly denounce this blatent act of hate. I’ve been listening to the mainstream media, and didn’t hear the outrage that should have been expressed. It was sad to see this.

  • Erskine41

    Another hate crime perpetrated by left-wing activist.

  • El Suscriptor Justiciero

    This is not acceptable. We do not shoot people just because we disagree with them. The FRC might be a sad bunch of homophobic and fundamentalist hate-mongers and enemies of all that is ethical and true, but this is just not the way. Full stop.

    Nonsense and lies like the ones these people spread should be fought with truth, not bullets. Hate should be opposed with reason. Human rights should be protected from within the law, not by violating them ourselves; that would make us just as bad as them. Violence is always a bad solution, and most of the time it just makes things worse. While it’s our duty to defend our families from people like the the FRC, nothing good can come from this kind of random evil.

    As a humanist and antiprohibitionist, I hereby condemn this heinous act of terrorism and hope justice will be done.

  • Catken1


  • Catken1

    And by “compassionate medical care” they mean “reparative therapy” that is little short of torture.

    But still, no one should be shooting anyone here. This act is not justified, nor do I condone it, nor will it be productive in any way of anything good.

  • Catken1

    Actually, I don’t see any valid evidence making any liberal group other than the shooter responsible for this.

    I myself do not condone or justify this action – I roundly condemn it as unjustified, cruel, hurtful, and not at all productive of any positive result whatsoever for anyone.

  • quiensabe

    How’s this for a motive: “…his opposition to FRC’s pro-family, pro-life beliefs.”

  • jade_alpha

    Could be but that’s not a good reason to start shooting people. Of course… there really aren’t many that are, self defense or defending your nation being about the only ones I can think off.

  • jade_alpha

    Another hate crime perpetrated by a nut with a gun. Perhaps we should focus on the means rather than the ideology in our attempts to prevent future tragedies.

  • barrysal

    Actually there was no vaid evidence linking other shootings to conservative talk hosts and people like that. That didn’t stop the left from going into hysteria and whipping up a hate campaign. The left only condems when they think they can do damage to the right. What a pathetic bunch of losers!

  • ThomasBaum


    Maybe if you read what you wrote you will see that stuff like you are talking about comes also from the right, that is if you consider yourself from the right.

  • El Suscriptor Justiciero

    Sorry, but I fail to get how denying people the right to make a family makes one “pro-family”. I just can’t work the logic involved.

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