New poll says religion won’t impact presidential elections in November

FILES AFP/GETTY IMAGES This combination of file images shows presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney(L) and President Barack Obama. Voters want … Continued



This combination of file images shows presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney(L) and President Barack Obama.

Voters want their leaders to have a firm rooting in religious morals but they don’t care if that religion is Mormonism or Christianity, according to findings released Thursday from a recent poll of voters around the country.

Being Muslim, on the other hand, creates discomfort for about a fifth of registered voters, according to a national survey conducted earlier this month by the Pew Research Center’s Forum on Religion and Public Life and the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press.

Among nearly 2,400 registered voters polled for the survey, 60 percent of voters know that Mitt Romney is Mormon. Of the ones who do, four out of five are either okay with it or say they don’t care, according to a news release about the survey.

Meanwhile, the country remains divided on President Obama’s religious affiliation. A full 17 percent of people polled believe the president is Muslim; about half say he is Christian; and nearly one-third say they don’t know.

For more of the latest poll results on voters’ assumptions and opinions about Obama’s and Romney’s faiths, take a look at the full report here

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  • WmarkW

    Seeing as Obama rarely practices religion, WTF difference does it make what religion people think he is?

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

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