‘Obama or a Mormon’ is the choice some voters will make, says Spike Lee

“I think this election is going to be close. Bottom line, there are many people in America who look at … Continued

“I think this election is going to be close. Bottom line, there are many people in America who look at themselves and say, “Am I better now than I was before?” It is going to be tooth and nail, and I think it is going to get nasty. But, in my opinion, if they are trying to bring up Rev.Jeremiah Wright again, they are really reaching. [...] Honestly, though, the big question is, I think there will be a block of people saying, ‘I cannot vote for a Mormon.’ They got a tough decision: Obama or a Mormon. Their beliefs got them between a rock and a hard place.”

Award-winning director Spike Lee on why Romney’s religion will play a major role in a closely contested presidential election. His comments were featured in an interview with New York magazine.

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Director Spike Lee , right, and wife Tonya Lewis arrive at the 2012 BET Awards at the Shrine Auditorium on July 1, 2012 in Los Angeles, California.

  • stephenjohn614

    ‘Obama or a Mormon’ is the choice some voters whose beliefs got them ‘between a rock and a hard place,’ says Spike Lee

    By Georgetown/ On Faith
    Dear Sir,
    It’s a must to have a faith from my Christian viewpoint. The great ‘comforter’ is required to sooth and comfort in times of great stress. The ‘comforter’ is the Holy Spirit in the believer of the Holy Trinity. I believe the politicians religious persuasion wont be the deciding factor in the electorates decision making. Why? Well it all rests on finances and money. Whoever makes the electorate the wealthiest will win their vote.
    Just quoting from scripture on money from the Gospel of Mark chapter twelve verse forty one reads:- And Jesus sat over against the treasury, and beheld how the people cast money into the treasury: and many that were rich cast in much. (KJV).
    This is the paraple of the poor widow who put into the treasury all of her wealth which was a few pence. She was the winner from Jesus’ point of view.
    Policies which care for the poor on welfare, them are the winners when it comes to politics.

  • RickH4

    Almost all Americans value caring for the poor, but you can’t care for the poor if you don’t have anything left to care for them with. That is what this election is about- people see that on the horizon and are worried about it. There can be no welfare if/when everyone is poor.

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