AME bishops condemns actions taken against Eric Holder

“[T]he African Methodist Episcopal church has a 196 year tradition of speaking truth to power and advocating the active application … Continued

“[T]he African Methodist Episcopal church has a 196 year tradition of speaking truth to power and advocating the active application of the liberating Gospel of Jesus Christ, and [...] those who have held Attorney General Holder, America’s first African-American attorney general, in contempt have been consistently and systematically disrespectful of the attorney feneral and of President Barack Obama, and, the attack against Attorney General Holder comes after his stated intent to determine whether recent laws passed to combat non-existent voter fraud are actually efforts at voter suppression that violate the Voting Rights Act. [...Therefore,] the 49th General Conference of the African Methodist Episcopal church condemns the contemptible action taken against the office held by Attorney General Eric Holder and finds that action to be political in nature and designed, as were the evil strategies employed following the Reconstruction era, to suppress the votes of those who might change the balance of political power in Congress and in the White House.”

African Methodist Episcopal bishops, at their annual conference in late June through this week, compare House vote to censure Attorney General Eric Holder to Reconstruction-era scare tactics.

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This photo provided by the African Methodist Episcopal Church shows Clement Fugh, center, at a July 4, 2012 service in Nashville, Tenn.where he was consecrated as a bishop in the African Methodist Episcopal Church. Fugh, who lives in Franklin and is a native of Memphis, will serve an A.M.E. Church district in western Africa.

  • JohnTieso

    If this decision, involves political decisions, as it seems to do, why is the IRS not investigating the AME with a view toward taking away its tax-=exempt status?

  • JamesAusten

    Holder is the same attorney general who prosecuted whistle blower Brad Birkenfeld, the former UBS Bank employee who exposed the tax evasion scandal in Switzerland. Birkenfeld was singularly instrumental in uncovering the tax fraud, the exposure of which helps Americans reclaim unpaid taxes to reduce our budget deficits. UBS Group Americas CEO, Robert Wolf, was a major fundraiser for the 2008 Obama campaign. Birkenfeld’s superiors at UBS were not prosecuted.

    Holder should be sharing a cell with Birkenfeld.

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