First lady urges civic engagement among AME Church members

“And I want you to think of the stories in the Bible about folks like Abel and Noah; folks like … Continued

“And I want you to think of the stories in the Bible about folks like Abel and Noah; folks like Abraham and Sarah, and the verse in Hebrews that says, ‘All these people were still living by faith when they died. They did not receive the things promised. They only saw them and welcomed them from a distance’.

Through so many heartbreaks and trials, those who came before us kept the faith. They could only see that promised land from a distance, but they never let it out of their sight…If we’re once again willing to work for it, if we’re once again willing to sacrifice for it, then I know — I know — we can carry that legacy forward . . . and finally fulfill the promise of our democracy for all our children. It’s kind of like church. You see, living out our eternal salvation is not a once-a-week kind of deal. And in a more literal sense, neither is citizenship. Democracy is also an everyday activity. And being an engaged citizen should once again be a daily part of our lives.”

First lady Michelle Obama tells attendees at the African Episcopal Church’s annual conference that active citizenship is “kind of like church.” Last week, thosuands of members of the denomination met in Nashville, Tenn.

Matt Rourke


First Lady Michelle Obama gestures during a campaign event for her husband President Barack Obama, Wednesday, June 6, 2012, at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia.

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