Gallup: Obama’s support among Jewish voters slides

KEVIN LAMARQUE REUTERS U.S. President Barack Obama greets guests at a Jewish American Heritage Month reception in the East Room … Continued



U.S. President Barack Obama greets guests at a Jewish American Heritage Month reception in the East Room of the White House in Washington May 30, 2012. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

“Obama remains the favorite of Jewish voters but appears to be running a bit weaker among them than he did in 2008, given the 10-point drop in Jewish support for him compared with a five-point drop among all voters.”

Gallup Analyst Jeffrey Jones comments on President Obama’s approval rating dropping by double digits among Jewish-Americans., According to the polling group, Obama “is running 10 points lower among Jewish registered voters than in 2008.”

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  • oarsman

    Eh, the Jewish voters will come back to the Democrats. Where else are they going to go? The Republicans lack the social legislation agenda to attract the majority of them.
    This whole brouhaha has the feel of a get-out-the-vote drive to return them to the fold.

  • truke

    The Republicans lack the social responsibility agenda and intelligence to attract them.

  • freedom9

    So he’d get 68% of the Jewish vote instead of 78% if the vote was held now? And Jews are 2% of the population?

    I’m guessing he’s not worrying over this one. And Romney is such a ninny on foreign policy and such a warmonger – how is this reassuring? To Jews or anyone else?

    Obama will still get this Jew’s vote. Romney will continue to get the mute button.

  • llawrence9

    If you fail to win peoples hearts, they won’t contribute their dollars.
    Jews are vasty over represented as donors. And contributions win elections.

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