‘More politics than faith’ in bishops’ religious freedom campaign?

“My organization [the Catholic social justice advocacy organization Network,] and others praised the [Obama administration’s HHS] accommodation, and we support … Continued

“My organization [the Catholic social justice advocacy organization Network,] and others praised the [Obama administration’s HHS] accommodation, and we support ongoing negotiations as details are worked out. There is also no denying that many Catholics believe that the bishops’ religious freedom campaign and the timing of the recent lawsuits have more to do with politics than faith. Not everyone is on board.”

-Stephanie Niedringhaus of NETWORK addressing the ongoing controversy over HHS regulations and coverage of birth control.


  • usapdx

    With this national debt of $15 TRILLION , the congress must rewite the TAX EXEMPT LAW’s RULES not to be for groups that their assets or income are over a given amount or that speak out on political matters for their group. When did Christ speak on political matters or have a large income or large assets for His church to be? Should the religioun institution be God like?


    Catholics are sheep. They’ll do anything the bishops tell them to do.

  • ohioan

    So, then you’d agree that Planned Parenthood should stay out of politics, as well?

    Both Republicans and Democrats support Planned Parenthood with their taxdollars…. but Planned Parenthood is PLAYING POLITICS, with ads…. so they’re literally stabbing half of their supporters in the back !

    This is a huge conflict of interest and its wrong.

  • usapdx

    SODDI,…………. BULL, only thoes RCs that look the other way are in that boat which is the minority in the developed world. Bishops in the USA are out of hand always speaking on political things but they are lost speaking to educated American women born with a streak of independence. Christ never dress like them or acted like most of them with their better then thou image.

  • usapdx

    ohioan, ………..read what I said. Do not read things into it.

  • justin

    This Mandate and “Accommodation” are a joke. America was in a national crisis because women couldn’t get FREE birth control. Oh, the expense of an immoral life of casual sex! The President had to get involved in this obvious travesty! Who cares if Catholics have to violate their morals and their conscience. What is important is that Catholics pay for birth control they don’t believe in! This is America after all… the land of the free and the brave. Ooops… I mean the land of the immoral and unjust. This mandate and “accommodation” violate its citizens freedom of religion and the Constitution… a small price to pay so that SOME women can get free birth control.

    Wake up newsmedia!!! This is the biggest story of our lifetime and you’re sitting on it because Obama and is power $$$ people don’t want to hear about it. Is this communist Russia or America? By not running this story, you are signing your own death warrant. “First they came for the Catholics and I said nothing…. then they came for me…. and it was too late.”

  • shosha2

    When did Christ speak on political matters?
    For one, when he said: Give unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and unto god what is god’s.

  • shidisurber

    Only those RC’s who look the other way?

    Show me one that doesn’t when it comes to hiding their fillthy, perverted, 15-year-old “post pubescent men” molesting clergy.

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