Pope praises American nuns

VATICAN CITY — Pope Benedict XVI on Friday (May 18) expressed his “deep gratitude” to American nuns for their “fidelity … Continued

VATICAN CITY — Pope Benedict XVI on Friday (May 18) expressed his “deep gratitude” to American nuns for their “fidelity and self-sacrifice,” and he praised the U.S. bishops for their efforts to welcome immigrants.

The pontiff’s comments on the sisters come just a month after the Vatican crackdown on the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, an umbrella group that represents most American nuns. The group was accused of not speaking out strongly enough against gay marriage, abortion and women’s ordination.

Addressing a group of bishops from the United States who were in Rome for a regularly scheduled visit, Benedict said he hoped that the current phase of “discernment” would bear “abundant spiritual fruit” and revitalize women religious communities “in fidelity to Christ and the Church.”

The pope called on the nuns to rediscover the “sublime dignity and beauty of the consecrated life” and stressed the need to strengthen communication between women religious and local church authorities.

In his speech to the bishops, Benedict also praised the church’s “great generosity” towards immigrants in the United States.

He said the bishops’ commitment to immigration reform was a “particular sign” of their efforts on behalf of immigrants, but conceded that it was a “difficult and complex issue” from the social, political and economical, as well as the human, point of view.

Concluding his address, Benedict seemed to echo the bishops’ alarm over President Obama’s policies, including the fight over the contraception mandate, saying that the American church faced the “threat of a season in which our fidelity to the Gospel may cost us dearly.”

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  • infinity555

    In this climate of reducing illegal immigration, one of the most urgent laws to our countries financial survival, is to revisit the Birthright citizenship law. Presently anybody who can steal into this sovereign nation across the northern or southern border with an unborn child and settle here? Then can immediately gain citizenship for the child, opening the door for the whole immediate family and an abundance of special free privileges, This is not oriented to just illegal border crossers, but pregnant females who has the price of airline ticket, to impersonate as a visitor or other tourist, so they can take advantage of the welfare system in America. Just this week the Census Bureau announced that children, by racial and ethnic minorities make up more than half the children born in the U.S., capping decades of massive immigration growth that is now slowing. Those white people are not having children, unlike people of other nationalities. Most Americans with a Social Security number cannot meet the expense of a baby, let alone two, three or four or even five, that foreigners seem to conceive, specific in this current economy and especially under the Obama administration, as they unable to afford the expense of delivery or bringing up the child.

    Whereas, migrants and illegal alien pay nothing for any of the prenatal services as it’s all free; Compliments of the unsuspecting taxpayer. Americans who have property, possessions and other assets are liable for hospital services with a $6.000 dollar bill to contend with, while a foreign national walks in, get free treatment for whatever that ails them and walks out free of any payment. Afterwards the U.S. citizen or any legal resident is hounded by debt collectors who have a range of possibilities, to force you to pay the bills, including dragging you to court.

    The majority of thinking Americans have no trouble that is aware of costs for every foreign baby born here? Just ask the most welcoming state. The sanctuary state of California is now carrying the huge burden of $16 billion dollars, because of the strain allotting public assistance to every illegal alien who reaches the state of refuge. Los Angeles Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich website states that an illegal immigration costs $550 million for public safety and nearly $500 million for healthcare, a total cost to County taxpayers that exceeds $1.6 billion dollars a year and doesn’t include the billions more in education. California, the epitome of a Sanctuary states will be the epicenter as millions of absconding aliens arrive there, from less benevolent states? Unfortunately left wing Governor Jerry (moonbeam) Brown is now preaching more taxes, cuts in benefits—when removing the millions of foreign national could save the state from this perfect financial storm.

  • usapdx

    Big hearted California and eleven other states are giving INSTATE tuition rates to the unlawful entry children who came with their people to the USA unlawfully at the state’s colleges and unversities. That fine just so that these 12 states give INSTATE tuition rates to all OUT OF STATE USA citizens going to these state at their state own colleges and unversities account of the 1996 FEDERAL LAW PRESIDENT CLINTON signed into law which was THE ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION REFORM AND IMMIGRANT RESPONSIBILITY ACT. Read Section 1623. The artical was in the Washington Examiner, November 30,2011. READ THIS FEDERAL LAW. Why do some groups speak out for these unlawful entry people and turn around as their group pay no tax but have large assets and income?

  • jimwalters1

    It’s a shame the comments on this article have been hijacked by a couple of nativists.

    The Church has recently come down harshly on the nuns. This is unfortunate, since the nuns are very important to the services the Church provides to its people. The Church denigrates and demoralizes the nuns at its own peril. It isn’t clear to me yet whether these recent statements are a genuine softening of the tone or just a PR move.

    As best I can determine, a lot of the criticism of the nuns is unfair. For some of them, like “radical feminism”, I have seen no specific charges or evidence to back them up Given that the hierarchy is in a highly conservative -if not outright reactionary – mood right now, I would truly like to see what the nuns have done that constitute “radical feminism” in their opinion.

    Other criticisms seem to ermploy a double standard. The nuns aren’t being criticised for speaking out FOR abortion, but merely for not speaking against it loudly enough. Their relative silence can be adequately explained merely by the nuns being involved in different isssues. How often do various pro-life groups in the Church speak out on social justice issues? Not that much, as far as I can tell. Why aren’t they being criticized for their silence? Then you can consider what a “if you don’t speak out against it you must be for it” standard would imply about the bishops who back-burnered pedophilia by the clergy until public outrage forced their hands.