Andrew Sullivan on ‘coming out’ to God

Newsweek Latest Newsweek cover Andrew Sullivan made a splash this week with his Newsweek cover story calling President Obama “the … Continued


Latest Newsweek cover

Andrew Sullivan made a splash this week with his Newsweek cover story calling President Obama “the first gay president,” writing that:

Sullivan sat down recently with On Faith’s Sally Quinn and talked about his own reconciling religion and homosexuality. Watch the interview below:


  • chaos1551

    Thanks for your work, Ms. Quinn. And thank you, Mr. Sullivan, for your candid responses. My heart aches when I hear about the confusion of your coming of age. You are in a wonderful position to give strength, poise, structure and language to those who might not now have to struggle as hard as you did.


    Secularization of church and state-anything goes now! Careful what you vote for, you might get it!


    Poor deluded Andrew Sullivan – “coming out” to a non-existent deity, whose followers HATE Sullivan and people like him, not because he has committed some crime but because of who he chooses to have sex with. Most of the followers of this imaginary sky-daddy would KILL Sullivan if they could.

    Hemay be a smart guy about other stuff, but he sure is DUMB about this.

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