How will Dems talk about Romney’s Mormonism?

“As the Obama campaign makes the case that Romney is somehow weird, different some supporters of Romney will say that … Continued

“As the Obama campaign makes the case that Romney is somehow weird, different some supporters of Romney will say that that is a dog whistle, that is a way to come near the religion issue. The Obama campaign will tell you they’re not going to touch it, they don’t poll on it, they don’t talk about it in focus groups because they know that it would blow up if they did and that got public.”

QUOTE OF THE DAY: —Politico’s Mike Allen on the Obama campaign’s approach to Romney’s Mormon faith.

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  • tidelandermdva

    How will the Democratic party talk about Romney’s Mormonism?
    Hopefully (to use the newly AP stylebook approved usage), NOT AT ALL.
    True, Romney’s Mormonism is the basis of his conservatism, but the Democracts should attack his conservative positions: anti-gay, anti-Hispanic undocumented immigrants, Ryan’s Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid busting budget, even more tax cuts for the rich. Romney’s indifference and ignornace of the problems of working families, and especially working women, is a legitimate area of attack, even if the attempt to ridicule his absurd defense that his wife is his advisor on the problems of working, working class women blew up in their face. Romeny’s endorsement of so-called Personhood legislation yesterday which will outlaw the Birth Control Pill, let alone Plan B Morning After Pill, and of course all abortions at whatever stage and from whatever cause, puts him “severely” to the right of even Santorum and is an alarm bell in the night. None of these lines of attack depend on his Mormonism. From a Democratic perspective, the aspects they dislike about Mormonism are amply realized in Romney’s professed positions; they need not dig into his religious beliefs to get at them. After all, the Democratic leader of the Senate is a Mormon, so Democrats cannot be accused of anti-Mormonism.

    This is not true of Romney’s GOP opponents. Romney’s Mormonism is the third rail of GOP politics: Neither Romney nor his opponents dared touch it. It was the underlying objection to Romney in both the Huckabee and Santorum campaigns, but only the Dallas ministers’ meeting dared make their objection explicit. This resulted in a somewhat odd campaign in which the fundementalist Christians pretended their objection was to Romney’s supposed moderation because they could not admit the sectarian basis of their actual objection. But because his Mormonism was suspect for docturnal reasons, Romney could not assert his core conservatism by saying, “Look, I’m a Morm

  • wise_pharaoh

    I agree with you tide, but the GOP are ruthless and hypocritical. If it was the other way around a stealth campaign would launce to make sure the electorate know all about the challengers Mormonism. Heck they are still calling the President Muslim, usurper, different, America hating and let’s not forget Reverend Wright. So I think they should just explain the tenants of Mormonism truthfully and let the electorate decide…. Just my 2 cents…

  • wise_pharaoh

    would launch

  • srklaus

    Is it true that Mormons wear magic underwear? I’d like someone to explain that.

  • mountainlake1

    Come on people, Romney believes he will be a god some day! With his own planet! This is the key doctrine of Mormonism, called eternal progression. Americans DESERVE to know if Romney seeks to be a god, and if so, how he plans to use the presidency to further this goal.

  • catatonicjones

    Leave Romney’s weird beliefs alone, the democrats won’t be gaining any advantage by saying anything about it, let the fundies in his own party do that.

  • catatonicjones

    Americans believe in many different gods, how is Romney’s believing he’s going to become one any weirder than believing in gods in the first place?

  • catatonicjones

    I still haven’t got an answer from anybody on that. The term “magic underwear” was first told to me by a guy who said he was a Jack Mormon – an ex-mormon. He was drunk at the time …