Newt Gingrich: JFK correct on church and state

“[John F. Kennedy said] that his first duty as president would be to do the job of president, and I … Continued

  • sfjkwerf

    “Newt Gingrich: JKF correct on church and state”

    “JKF”? He, “LJB”, and “FRD” must be rolling over in their graves.

    Please fix the headline here and on the homepage!

  • tpaine1775

    Santorum is right. We need” to tear down that wall” that seperates chuch and state.It way serve us all well if the congress could start each session with the recitation of the rosary.

    The next step should be to weed out any heretics…let’s get this country back on the path to salvation!

  • CraigTheButterflyman

    This is for u brain dead liberals. Newt + Santorum = nomination. Got it ??

  • usapdx

    Ricky would look good in a Roman collar under his sweater. Many are call but few are chosen.

  • usapdx

    You and Ricky should read the supreme law of our country, the Constitution and ask questions.