FBI, Muslims report progress over training materials

FBI officials say they are willing to consider a proposal from a coalition of Muslim and interfaith groups to establish … Continued

FBI officials say they are willing to consider a proposal from a coalition of Muslim and interfaith groups to establish a committee of experts to review materials used in FBI anti-terrorism training.

The coalition raised the idea during a Feb 8 meeting with FBI Director Robert Mueller, who met with the groups to discuss pamphlets, videos and other anti-terrorism training materials that critics say are either Islamophobic or factually incorrect.

“We’re open to the idea, but they need to submit a proposal first,” said Christopher Allen, an FBI spokesman who was in the meeting.

Groups at the meeting included the Islamic Society of North America, the Muslim Public Affairs Council, the Sikh American Legal Defense and Education Fund, the Interfaith Alliance, and the Shoulder-to-Shoulder campaign.

The FBI is satisfied with the job that its own experts had done in reviewing and purging “problematic” materials, Allen said, and the agency is also “developing guidelines so it won’t happen again in the future.”

Mueller told representatives of the groups that FBI experts had reviewed almost all of the agency’s training materials, including 160,000 pages of documents. More than 700 documents and 300 presentations were subsequently pulled from the agency’s training materials.

Materials that were pulled contained incorrect or imprecise information, were stereotypical, or “in poor taste,” the FBI said.

While the groups praised Mueller for the review and for listening to their concerns, they also say trust between Muslims, Sikhs and the FBI had been damaged by the episode.

“It is a travesty that the Muslim-American community has lost trust with an agency that is here to protect us,” said Salam Al-Marayati, director of the Muslim Public Affairs Council, a Los Angeles-based advocacy group.

In a statement, the groups urged the FBI to acknowledge “the negative impact of these training materials on the Muslim-American community.”

Allen said he didn’t know whether such a statement would be forthcoming, but said Mueller had already spoken several times about his regret over the episode and his appreciation for the Muslim community’s cooperation with the FBI in thwarting terrorist attacks.

“The FBI views the Muslim community as a useful partner in stopping terrorism, and we appreciate the cooperation they’ve given us,” Allen said.

Wired magazine first reported the use of the materials last September. In January 2011, The Village Voice reported that “The Third Jihad,” a documentary that critics deem Islamophobic, had been shown to nearly 1,500 New York City police officers. That incident and subsequent cover-up prompted calls for New York City Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly to resign.

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  • Jen06

    I wonder if the police are open to the idea of consulting the Mafia about dealing with organized crime. Does anyone besides me think this insane???

  • mojo9

    So the FBI now works together with the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA)? ISNA has strong ties to both international and U.S extremist organizations. How can one still trust the FBI? It’s is amazing to see what an influence 0.5% of the US population has on our agancies. Add to that that Obama removed all references to islam from his National Security Strategy document. Just stunning. I hope Americans will wake up and not vote for that sellout a second time.

  • victoriousjansobieski1683

    This is an attempt to whitewash the violent cult of Islam from the training curriculum of our country’s Law Enforcement and Intelligence Communities. Thus making them blind to the threat. This is nothing less than more treasonous activity of the current supposed Justice Dept in collusion with the Muslim Brotherhood to disarm the country. Making it unable to resist the subversive elements of the Muslim Brotherhood and their goal of World Islamic Domination and the suspension of Constitutional and Human Rights for all non-Muslims. It will be interesting to see what training they got rid of and what they kept. I would venture to guess with the term “in poor taste” is code for not being Politically Correct. Meaning that their definition of Jihad is “Striving internally against sin” instead of Holy War against the infidel, completely ignoring that all peaceful suras are abrograted by the later violent suras, that according to Shariah Muslims can lie to non-Muslims if it furthers Islam, just to name a few points of contention. If this stands we’re in deep trouble and is truly a National Security Threat. I’m sure there will be further Treasonous activity by the current Socialist Administration further eroding the coutry’s ability to resist its’ enemies.