A truly ‘Christian’ candidate?

2012 has begun; it’s a presidential election year, and I want to ask the 78 percent if they’d be willing … Continued

2012 has begun; it’s a presidential election year, and I want to ask the 78 percent if they’d be willing to help us Americans clean up our political act.

By that number, I meant the 78 percent of Americans who continue to identify themselves as Christians.

Here’s a bleak statistical look at our current political reality: As we finally crank up the presidential nominating process in Iowa, seven out of 10 Americans are already saying they can’t wait for the whole thing to be over.

But surely, in this Christian-leaning nation, there has to be something more politically powerful than the “odor of mendacity” that has been emanating so strongly from the Iowa Caucuses? So far, our presidential politics have stunk worse than a factory farm turkey house. It’s truly been a sad, sad excuse for American democracy in action. And yet it rolls on and on, seemingly as unstoppable as an advancing tsunami.

View Photo Gallery: From Rick Perry’s prayer revival to Mitt Romney’s Mormon faith, religion has played an inspirational and controversial role on the campaign trail.

What I think we need is for 78 percent to step up and say enough! – enough already of all this nattering about whether or not Jesus controls football results! What we as Christian-leaning Americans demand is that all presidential candidates …

1. Ask themselves this one simple question: If Jesus were running for president of the United States, what kind of campaign would He run?

2. Then, that they run that kind of campaigns.

The 78 percent already know the answer to the question, and they cannot help but be aware that not a single candidate is running a campaign that Jesus would have anything to do with.

So, surely, if 78 percent are even a teeny bit serious about their faith, they’ll demand to know why all these so-called “Christian” presidential candidates are campaigning as though they’ve never heard of Jesus.

HWJRFO? – How would Jesus run for office?

Tweet that, Tim Tebow! If you really want to promote a Christian way of life.

Martha’s note: This essay is a feature of Faith Unboxed, an ongoing, civil, respectful conversation about faith I invite you to participate by sharing your own ideas and experiences (either here or on the Web site), rather than by denigrating the ideas and experiences of others.

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