Billy Graham hospitalized, evaluated for possible pneumonia

Billy Graham has been hospitalized and is being evaluated for possible pneumonia, a spokesman for Mission Hospital in Asheville, N.C., … Continued

Billy Graham has been hospitalized and is being evaluated for possible pneumonia, a spokesman for Mission Hospital in Asheville, N.C., said Tuesday.

Nell Redmond

Associated Press

In this Dec. 20, 2010 photo, evangelist Billy Graham speaks during an interview at the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association headquarters in Charlotte, N.C.

The famous 93-year-old Christian evangelist was also hospitalized in May for treatment of pneumonia.

In recent years, Graham has reflected on his long and vibrant ministry — he is believed to have preached the gospel to more people in live audiences than any other person in history — and in his twilight years has lamented getting involved in politics and not previously appreciating “how I ought to live in the years before I die

Graham’s humility about his life belies his spiritual impact. Graham has been called “America’s preacher,” having held transformational ‘Crusades’ in cities around the United States and throughout the world; he also served as “a spiritual advisor to every president from Harry Truman to George W. Bush,” according to Life Magazine.

Graham’s wife Ruth died in 2007. All of their five children, Lisa Miller reported, are involved in evangelistic work.

In the video below, Anne Graham Lotz talks about her famous father’s hope in heaven.


Elizabeth Tenety Elizabeth Tenety is the former editor of On Faith, where she produced "Divine Impulses," On Faith’s video interview series. She studied Theology and Government at Georgetown University and received her master’s degree from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism. A New York native, Elizabeth grew up in the home of Catholic news junkies where, somewhere in between watching the nightly news and participating in parish life, she learned to ponder both the superficial and the sacred.
  • BillSaidIt

    May he live long and prosper. May he live to be the spiritlal advisor to the next president, as he is my spiritual motivation once his eyes close in a blink on earth they will open in heaven.

  • mortified469

    I thought he was already dead.

  • HHawks

    Live forever, Billy.

  • Beankountr

    God Bless Rev Graham. Like all of us, he has had choices in his life, and boy did he make some good ones. To live a life of love, a life of complete surrender to the will of our Saviour Jesus. The best sermon is without speech. It is living a good and spiritually enriched life that others notice. Setting the right example speaks louder than any homily.

    God bless you and return you to health – for all of us as much as you.

  • jlupfer

    Best wishes to Reverend Graham for a speedy recovery. Still, it must be noted in the living years because it will be tacky to say when he’s no long with us: You give up your prophetic voice in exchange for a place at the table with presidents and kings.

  • Secesh

    What’s the big deal? If a “god” wants him dead, then he’ll die. But if not, then he’ll recover and rake in a bunch more money for his church.

  • laboo

    You missed it totally. He’s saying Graham sold out. This has nothing to do with heaven per se.

  • wmpowellfan

    God bless Billy — a true minister of God.

  • Chops2

    And isnt it interesting that when it comes down to it, one goes to a doctor and trusts science instead of prayer alone.

    Theres faith in action for ya.

  • willandjansdad1

    War monger, anti-semite, zealot….

    A wolf in sanctimonious sheep’s clothing.

  • willandjansdad1

    I live in Boone, NC where the Samaritan’s Purse cult is located. Franklin’s a sleaze for sure.

  • Benson

    Not only does “the-lever” not believe, he resents those who do.

    Sounds like fear talking.

  • jimc1

    will and jan,

    I feel for you, your dad is a fool.

  • Benson

    Billy Graham was a great speaker, a comfort to many, and a tribute to his faith.

    I wish him a speedy recovery.

  • Benson


    Do you have examples of these accusations, or are you just making stuff up? I’ll dare to say you can’t back up your statement, though even Billy Graham admitted that he was human.

    Please hold back your criticism of spiritual men until you’ve committed at least one good deed today.

  • PontiusPilot

    YES! YES!

  • PontiusPilot

    Weirdly enough, this guy — thought of as a total joke for 50 years — now seems less vile than a lot of the people who have “replaced” him. Sure, he was anti-Semitic, anti-Gay and all the rest of it, but not so viciously as so many of the people who took over the Gawd Squad after he had found his happy domestic life with Joel Ostine, who is said to have made him very happy. I wish him a swift and painless passing and a happy oblivion.

  • PontiusPilot

    I wish him a quick painless oblivion. From dust we come, to dust we return — and his won’t be the filthiest dust, after all.

  • glenn113

    God bless you Rev. Graham. Please get well soon.

  • glenn113

    Yup, shame on him for something he said wrong 40 years ago… may the rest of us be to so much better.

  • glenn113

    sad person you are.

  • glenn113

    Amen. May the rest of us say something as shameful 40 years ago the man doesn’t even remember any more… Hell, Rush Limbaugh says things 100 times worse than that 40 times a week. And yet he professes to be a Christian to boot.

  • glenn113

    you are wrong. Billy Graham doesn’t take a penny from the church. He’s no longer involved. If everyone on this thread lived the values this man did, well, I don’t me if, I mean nobody on this thread lived the values he lived to be an example to all Americans. I’m not talking religion. I’m talking about his values..

  • glenn113

    Amen, x2!

  • glenn113

    It actually doesn’t matter if you believe or not.. Just his values are an example he set . I have two nieces and one nephew. If they grew up with half the values of Billy Graham I will very , very, proud.

  • paterik

    God will reward Rev. Graham nd re auaint him with his lovely wife and mother of his equally lovely children. That’s a whole lot more than I can say for most of the commentors I’ve read here! As to those commentors, I hope you like it hot because that is what your just reward will be unless you get yourselves straight with God …. Soon and very soon!

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