A shocking dose of post-wedding reality

Just twenty-four hours after our wedding in Washington, DC, we were passed the airport security and on the flight that … Continued

Just twenty-four hours after our wedding in Washington, DC, we were passed the airport security and on the flight that was the official start of our honeymoon. But, we were not on our way to a traditional honeymoon destination. In fact, less than 48-hours after saying “I do,” we were visiting a children’s feeding and education center, two actually, in a slum in Mumbai – Turbhe - known for its red light district. We spent the first day of our honeymoon with the children of sex workers, a shocking dose of post-wedding reality.

Accompanied by Sanjay Solomon and his wife Urvashi, leaders of a Christian outreach group called Pehechaan (“identity” in Hindi), we had a baptism by fire into the world of India most of us only see news stories, pictures, movies, or documentaries about.

Unfortunately, even with so much attention on international poverty, we learned that these children hardly ever gets visitors. So, we spent two days – instead of the one-day that we had originally planned – saying hello, taking photos (the kids love getting a chance to see their digital image on the screen because many of them have actually never seen what they look like), and giving hugs.

While we have been to places like Zimbabwe together, the overwhelming population and geographic size of India – with 42 percent of the country’s 1.1. billion people living below the international poverty line – is tough to fully comprehend when focusing on the kids right in front of you. The World Bank estimates that, “India is home to roughly one-third of all poor people in the world. It also has a higher proportion of its population living on less than $2 per day than even sub-Saharan Africa.”

Combine all of these factors and then imagine our reaction when we learned about all of the burdensome regulations put on organizations like Pehechaan by the government of India. For smaller organizations, it is almost impossible to accept even relatively small amounts of financial support from outside the country. This is a shame, especially after we got to visit the Pehechaan computer and Internet center fully functioning in hutments (slum) at Bandra West, Mumbai. The ACLJ already has a legal team working on the issue with Sanjay.

We will never forget the people who took such good care of us during the first two days of our married life and the children we were blessed to meet. We have a lot to be thankful for when we celebrate Thanksgiving at home in DC.


  • shafman

    Blessings upon both of you, and the influence you can bring to bear upon the plight of these unfortunate kids.

  • jpalumpa

    So sweet of you to have spent your precious honeymoon moments with these precious children. I just loved you both!

  • johnny_river

    In regards to the couple, tending to kids, in these first two days of their honeymoon, is so wonderful, decent, and noble. I bet that three times over they will all be least be blessed by God, Our Creator, Himself for loving them with two days
    of their first days of their married life, and that this is the right way to do things, and that they have valuable memories to share with us, the World, and each other for the rest of their lives-do you think that you could contact the couple-and ask they to tell us more, when they have the chance, and also to explain what they are going to be doing after the honeymoon, and if they could be published, or commissioned, and paid, to support their needs, to write a piece, and to say that we need their invaluable experience told, and their insights, and to help people do the right thing. Sincerely, Johnny_River, in Warr Acres, OK, USA

    P.S. Tell them that I say Hi! and wish them lots of good days together and provide them the opportunity to email me, at their convenience; and to indicate that I say thank-you.

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