11/11/11: A powerful code

November 11, 2011 is a fascinating date for many people. There are reports of an increase in weddings planned for … Continued

November 11, 2011 is a fascinating date for many people. There are reports of an increase in weddings planned for the day, or others planning special occasions to land on 11/11/11.

From my study of numerology as a psychic and metaphysical teacher, 11-11-11 is a powerful number for a day of the year.

The number 11 is known as a Master number in the esoteric subject of numerology. In the Qabalah (Kabbalah) it represents the power of the number 1 (one) expressed through the 10 spheres on the Tree of Life, the ten areas of heavenly and earthly manifestation. In Arabic numbers the number 11 is the power of the number 1 doubled or standing side-by-side. Whereas in Roman numerals the power of 1 is expressed through the 10 spheres of the Tree of Life again, since Hebrew is read from right to left.

In the Tarot Major Arcana, which happens to be my specialty, Key 11 is assigned to Libra and is called Justice in its rulership of the seventh house of astrology, which also governs courts of law and legal partnerships. On a higher level, Cosmic or Divine Law is the true consideration, which is never blind (some Tarot cards have a blindfolded Justice) but always just and fair in meting out positive and negative karma to evolving souls on the Earth. Saturn, the planet that deals with limiting and restrictive karmic patterns, is currently transiting through the sign of Libra, which is the sign of Saturn’s exaltation. Hopefully, the many and varied changes now taking place in governments all around the world will turn out for the betterment of the people in those countries rather than being used to their detriment. In fact, on 11-11-11 there is a trine between Saturn (the planet of the material or physical world) and Neptune (the planet of spirituality), which creates harmony and indicates a positive use of power.

The 11th house of the Zodiac is Aquarius, which is the new astrological age we are currently entering. The Age of Aquarius is to be the age of Humanity where humane qualities are brought forth in the people as a whole. However, an astrological age lasts for more than 2,100 years, so it may take some time for humankind to reach that level of expression as a whole. Charity and compassion are Aquarian qualities along with the ability to express friendship to all human beings. A highly evolved Aquarian is humanitarian in their endeavors along with a tendency to be selfless in service to others. Aquarius is the 11th sign of the Zodiac.

11-11-11 adds up to the ultimate master number of 33 which is a number of benevolent leadership and ultimate service to others. This is a time when we should endeavor to live in harmony with others, for humanity is on the threshold of entering a new Golden Age of universal brotherhood and compassion.

Patricia McLaine is the author of a memoir, Cosmic Conspiracy – Psychic to the Rich and Famous and The Wheel of Destiny – The Tarot Reveals Your Master Plan. Her Web site: www.patriciamclaine.com.

  • walter-in-fallschurch

    you realize that there is nothing “cosmic” about today’s being 11/11/11. that’s just an artifact of the totally random calendar system we use. heck, it’s supposed to be based on jesus’s birthday… but pretty much everybody agrees “jesus” wasn’t born in year 1, do the year is arbitrary. the fact that we have 12 months, of which this is the 11th is arbitrary. the day is arbitrary in that we could have had a different number of days in any of the previous (arbitrary) months…

    have fun with it, though.

  • Sajanas

    Well, its a shame that its year 2011, rather than year 11 then isn’t it? This only seems significant because of our calendar short hand.

  • FreetoThink

    Why does the Washington Post bother to publish this superstitious nonsense? Oh, wait. This is the religion section.

  • lacantwell

    “In the Tarot Major Arcana, which happens to be my specialty, Key 11 is assigned to Libra and is called Justice…”

    Except that in many Tarot decks, Justice and Strength (Key 8) are swapped. I’m kind of surprised that someone who claims to be an expert didn’t mention that.

  • usapdx

    The next big date will be 12/12/12 but when you turn around the middle segment you have the biggest party night or departure night, 12/21/12.

  • usapdx

    J.C. was born more like in late March or early April account of the sheep were haveing lambs. 12/25 was picked to be in with a Roman holiday.

  • PhillyJimi1

    11-11-2011 is just another day.

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