Charter school founder to speak at Metropolitan A.M.E

Kent Amos, founder of the Dorothy I. Height Community Academy Public Charter School, will speak at 9 a.m. on July … Continued

Kent Amos, founder of the Dorothy I. Height Community Academy Public Charter School, will speak at 9 a.m. on July 31 at a worship service at 9 a.m. at historic Metropolitan A.M.E. Church,1518 M St. NW. The event marks the conclusion of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity’s Centennial Conclave in Washington, D.C.

Amos will be the featured speaker at the service that also is part of Metropolitan A.M.E. Church’s 173rd anniversary celebration.

“Our sanctuary and church have been restored and modernized, and all the while we have honored the labor of those (enslaved African Americans) whose original handiwork and devotion made our church the great edifice that it is,” said the Rev. Ronald E. Braxton, senior minister.

Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, founded about l00 years ago at Howard University. The service concludes the organization’s five-day convention in the nation’s capitol.

A graduate of Delaware State University, and Omega Psi Phi’s “National Citizen of the Year,” Amos is also a former executive for Xerox Corporation. He opened the charter school in 1998. It now has 1,800 students in grades pre-school through eight on five campuses.  

The community is invited to the service.  Free parking is available.


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