Killing bin Laden is the act of ultimate justice

I am celebrating the successful mission launched by U.S. Armed Forces to kill Osama bin Laden. Like millions of Americans, … Continued

I am celebrating the successful mission launched by U.S. Armed Forces to kill Osama bin Laden. Like millions of Americans, I am happy that he is dead and very honestly, hope that he will spend eternity in the fiery pits of hell. Maybe it is not the Christian thing for me to wish for but it is a real emotional reaction that I bet many of you feel too. Bin Laden never asked for forgiveness and had no great change of heart.

Killing bin Laden is the act of ultimate justice that can be carried out by man. Until he was killed, thankfully by a bullet fired by a U.S. solider, bin Laden and his al-Qaeda organization continued to plot acts of terror. Although his authority may have been severely hindered over the last nine years, he remained actively involved in a war against the West. While we promote freedom, bin Laden and his followers spent their time and resources devising ways to terrorize civilians and disrupt the world.

As a laymen, I still holdout some hope that there is a special place in hell for bin Laden. Regardless, he died a coward’s death, hidden away in a compound and reportedly using one of his wives as a human shield. Terrorists take note, America will not stop hunting you until we kill you.


Jordan Sekulow and Matthew Clark Jordan Sekulow is executive director of the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ). Matthew Clark is an attorney at the ACLJ. Follow them on Twitter: @JordanSekulow and @_MatthewClark.
  • akhtarman

    Typical rightwing Christian fascist hatred. I suppose others have the right to define who is their ‘terrorist’ and hunt them too!!!

  • JimTrott

    “Eternity in the fiery pits of hell” is a sine qua non for your particular sect, the Southern Baptist Convention. Though it is not now politically correct for them to declare it, your theologians when pressed will admit that devout Catholics face that same punishment—e.g. Albert Mohler euphemized “a sincere concern for the spiritual state” of the dying Pope John Paul II. Of course, the non-*true*Christian, Anne Frank must suffer similar eternal torture.

    Speaking of torture, on your radio program, you just gloatingly berated the ACLU for their position against torture, implying I assume, that it was torture which led to the discovery of Osama bin Laden’s hiding place. Took a while, didn’t it?

    I wonder if you are among the *true*Christians who feel cheated by the notion of not being able to view the suffering in Hell from your rightful place, ruling with Jesus.

    You do spend a great deal of time cultivating political/cultural/economic fear. I wonder if your proclamations of “Lord, Lord” will be enough to save you from the evangelical terrorism in which you gloating partake.

    You and your boss, Pat Robertson, are examples of why the Founders gave us a separation of church and state. This is a land of religious equality; the Constitution and Government do not endorse one man’s God over another; they have no opinion on God. Leaning toward neutrality is the only prudent approach.

  • smooothlegs


  • smooothlegs

    Lord Jesus Your Kingdom come your will be done Exodus 15:11

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