Is Terry Jones the real problem?

The problem is not Terry Jones. In countries with real freedom, there will be plenty of provocateurs. It is the … Continued

The problem is not Terry Jones. In countries with real freedom, there will be plenty of provocateurs. It is the media and organizations —Politico reported in the case of Jones that it was the Council of American-Islamic Relations that first focused on the planned “burning”– that have the ability to decide who gets attention. CAIR has now condemned the violence that resulted from Jones’s actions.

I do not believe that burning Korans is at all necessary to make a case for the concerns many of us have about radical Islam. Since the Jones controversy started, I have publicly disapproved of his stunt.

However, will the same people who rush to condemn Koran burning also condemn art or commentary that mocks the Christian faith? (Panelists John Mark Reynolds makes the same point, here) If not, is it because they feel there is no need to condemn Christian-bashing because Christians pose no risk of organizing a mob, storming an international organization’s building, and cutting people’s heads off, as was done in Afghanistan?

Koran burning has the potential to set off a fire in the Muslim world; that is why it is being condemned. That statement alone, which I believe just about everyone reading would agree with, is reason enough to be leery about the radical elements of Islam. Instead of focusing on an obscure pastor of a small church in Florida, we should condemn Muslims with big platforms, specifically President Zardari of Pakistan and President Karzai of Afghanistan, who made this an issue – they have blood on their hands.

Yet, these atrocities demonstrate a bigger problem the Muslim world must aggressively confront. If two Muslim presidents condemn a Florida pastor for burning a Koran and subsequently innocent people are killed, it is easy to understand why so many Americans believe Islam has a significant problem.

In America, we have the right to burn holy books, to mock religion, and criticize our government. We may not like this kind of behavior, I certainly do not, but the right to do it is a part of what sets America apart from the rest of the world.

Religious people in America have the right to peacefully protest whatever or whomever they deem to be disrespectful. I would expect Muslims to protest Koran burning, but now we are almost certain that some will violently respond to anything that is an affront to their faith. It is a frightening reality.

  • graftedolivebranch

    What has happened to sound reasoning? I agree with Jordan that this religious group will find any excuse to incite violence and uses it to thier atvantage. As a Christian I do not think that the Koran is any more Holy than a fiction novel or any other book. I would not burn it but I would burn witchcraft books and maybe we should be concerned that this religion is bent on terror and evil under the guise of religion. The God that we as Christians serve is a God of love who gives us a free will to choose whether to serve Him or not. The Muslim God is the exact opposite. We should not be afraid of offending this religion. As Christians we should be afraid not to speak and stand up for the truth. I think that Terry Jones was just trying to make a statement and we in this nation better be listening.

  • 1970baldguy

    Truth, do we still know it? Jesus Christ the living word, the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. If we say we do than we shouldn’t be surprised at all by the signs of the times and the resulting doctrines of devils, in fact, we should be quickened by their appearing.

    Joel Richardson,Anti-Christ Islams awaited messiah, (Pleasant Word 2006) brings a eye opening understanding of the parallels the title represents, while Brandon Howse, Grave Influence(worldview weekend publishing 2009) reveals the occult methods conditioning the masses through multicultural ecumenical education to accept him, though not bringing the exact same conclusion. Get them, read them, share them.

    It not about nations its about eternity!

    Psalm 2…

  • ginnymoss2

    You are so correct. If someone like “CAIR” had not reported to the radical Islamics in Afghanistan, they would never have known about the incident with Jones.
    I’m so tired of all those who want to tip-toe around lest they ‘upset’ some radical Muslim. It’s like living with an alcoholic, and not knowing how to deal with them. Bah! These people need to go to a few “Alanon” meetings.
    No, I don’t think burning anything is a way to make a point. But, we do have that ‘right’ as Americans, so far.
    Jones was on American soil, under American laws, and it’s ridiculous to even entertain the thought that Afghanistan radicals should have any say-so about it.
    Btw, how many of these ‘radical Muslim minorities’ are there? Seems they far out-weigh and out-number the “peaceful Muslims”.

  • WBTessore

    No my friend, it is not the propensity for any radicals to over react with senseless lethality that is fearsome. History is replete with swift and effective dealings with such individuals and groups.

    No, what is truly to be feared is the inability to swiftly and decisively eliminate the source of such criminal conduct..

    From the thug robbing a Subway sandwich shop to international terrorists destroying lives, property, and peace of mind the EFFECTIVE response is the same.An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, etc.

    Anyone or any nation unwilling or unable to meet terrorism in this way are doomed to reap the bitter fruit of the thug’s contempt.

  • kennethfowler

    Why is everyone condemning Terry Jones? He did what he had a Constitutional right to do. The Koran has numerous passages instructing Muslims to kill non-believers. They have openly said that they will turn the U.S. into a Muslim nation, yet everyone who should be condemning the Muslims are condemning the very ones who speak out or act against this plague. Until the people of free nations realize that Islam is a form of government with religion as its engine, using that element of Islam as its authority to kill, terrorize, and ultimately take control, we are going to see more people killed, more suffering, leading to more capitulation to their demands.
    Had Hitler declared Nazism to be a religion, and had the people in that day had the mindset of what seems to be the prevalent mindset today, he could have waltzed into the United States , set up shop and commenced to take over. It could not have happened with the mindset of that day because people were patriotic enough to not let outside ideology corrupt America, and certainly not give them the freedom to move the country toward their beliefs with the belief that they have the Constitutional right to do so. Can anyone that has enough sense to remember what they had for lunch today really believe the framers had this in mind when they authored the 1st Amendment?
    Since everyone that has reported or remarked about this thing Terry Jones did, no one except Jordon, that I have heard or read mentioned his Constitutional right to do as he did. So, he excersized his right and is condemned. President Obama can ignore the Constitution and the law, The War Powers Act, and he gets a pass. My point is, we’re picking and choosing who the Constitution applies to and who it doesn’t.
    I would like to hear of all those condemning Jones condemn the nilitary when the soldiers Bibles were confiscated in Afghanistan and burned.

  • brandon091405

    Yeah, we do need to be careful not to offend Muslims. It’s not too hard, just don’t talk about the Koran or Mohammad and stuff. It’s not like those are big topics on my daily “things to think and talk about” list anyway. Christians need to relax and stop trying so hard to convince the godless rulers of planet earth that Islam makes no sense. It is obvious to even atheists or Hindus that this reaction of Muslims to a Koran burning is irrational. Christian martyrs get crucified, Muslim martyrs suicide bomb busloads of Jewish children. Malcolm X: Muslim. Martin Luther King, Jr.: Christian. If allah is really God and isn’t a jerk then he has most likely enlightened his people with a belief system that makes rational common sense to rational thinking civilized logical human beings. Otherwise there would be no way for his people to convince infidels with rational functioning brains to convert to Islam and save their souls. We should let the Muslims practice and preach their religion as much as they want to and just leave them alone. And we likewise will just continue telling people the good news. If Jesus wasn’t smart enough to give us a religion that has any greater appeal to a rational human brain than allah’s religion, then Jesus is the One that is going to be responsible for the eternal destiny of anyone who converts to the wrong religion, not us.

  • MrCool1

    So called, Pastor, Terry Jones, is no man of God, but rather a self absorbed man of no Faith. Mr. Jones, only burned the Koran as a publicity stunt, to bring attention to himself and his own twisted beliefs, Mr. Jones, is no Christian or man of God. Muslims, and people of other religions, need not to blame the Christian community which does not support Mr. Jones actions, Mr. Jones, is responsible for his own actions and is obviously not of sound mind. Muslims, need to remember, Allah loves the compassionate and the Christian community does not condone or have any part in the acts of Mr. Jones or his foolish actions.

  • yasseryousufi3

    Those bleeding hearts crying out after the death of 12 foreigners in Afghanistan, where is your humanity when the trigger happy ‘Christian’ soldiers of NATO and US bomb wedding parties, shoot children picking up sticks and kill Afghan children for sport (see the ‘Kill Team’ ). Where is a series of articles bemoaning this lack of respect for (muslim) life amongst the American soldiers. What motivates these SOB’s to kill children and the mutilate their corpses? cut off genitals of children? and that too with the full knowledge of their chain of command. Isn’t it that the culture of hate for muslims that permeates US society and is manifested in the character and actions of soldiers raised in that society? So as long I do not read articles in WaPo trying to find reasons behind the hate of these ‘Christians Soldiers’ I do not believe you really care about all humanity, just those with a similar skin color.