Should we defend DOMA?

House Republicans will soon announce how they will proceed in the defense of the Defense of Marriage Act. The three … Continued

House Republicans will soon announce how they will proceed in the defense of the Defense of Marriage Act. The three most likely outcomes are a vote authorizing outside legal counsel by the Bipartisan Legal Advisory Group (BLAG), a full vote in the House on a resolution to defend DOMA, or unilateral action by Speaker Boehner. BLAG consists of the three top Republican leaders, Boehner, Cantor, and McCarthy, and the two top Democrat leaders, Pelosi and Hoyer. While there is little doubt that Republicans will ensure that DOMA is zealously defended in the courts, a question remains.

Is it worth defending the Defense of Marriage Act?

DOMA has been the law of the land since 1996 when it was passed with wide bipartisan support and signed into law by President Clinton, a Democrat. To date, DOMA has survived legal challenges and, barring repeal, the Supreme Court will ultimately decide its constitutionality. When the Democrat-dominated 111th Congress voted to repeal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, there was no coordinated effort to repeal DOMA. Now, months after the Republican takeover of the House, President Obama and Attorney General Holder have reignited the debate about the federal government’s role in defining marriage.

Congressman James Lankford (R-Okla.) pointed out that, “Weeks ago, some members of the press suggested that Republicans would ignore the budget and focus on social issues. I find it ironic now that the president has submitted a budget that will raise the national debt to 26 trillion dollars by his own numbers and he has decided to change the national debate from fiscal issues to social issues and gay marriage.”

The president has every right to express his opinion about the nation’s laws, but also has a constitutionally-mandated duty to “take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed.” Moreover, the Department of Justice pledges, “to enforce the law and defend the interests of the United States according to the law.” So we should trust the federal government to continue to enforce a law they refuse to defend?

If President Obama did not want to defend DOMA, he should have said so at the beginning of his term and allowed outside groups and attorneys to come in and defend the law rather than waiting until cases progressed, crippling intervention.

President Obama is attempting to placate progressives without getting too close to the gay rights movement. As Congressman Tim Huelskamp (R-Kan.) wrote, “in the case of marriage (and on many other issues), President Obama knows his position is so out of the mainstream that not even the liberal-controlled Senate would vote to repeal DOMA.” Maybe that is why President Obama is officially opposed to gay marriage. Even if it this is one big political calculation by a president with his eyes on 2012, Americans are not into playing politics with the rule of law.

The defense of DOMA is about more than the definition of marriage. At any moment, Congress can repeal DOMA and each state has the authority to legalize gay marriage.

When government neglects its duty to defend the nation’s law, those of us concerned about the Constitution and separation of powers will step in to fill the void. Supporters of President Obama should be careful what they wish for. If President Obama can call off the defense of DOMA, a Republican President can decide that the DOJ will quit defending ObamaCare.

As Congressman Lankford said, “This is not the way to deal with the gay marriage debate.”


Jordan Sekulow and Matthew Clark Jordan Sekulow is executive director of the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ). Matthew Clark is an attorney at the ACLJ. Follow them on Twitter: @JordanSekulow and @_MatthewClark.
  • sjaramillo

    What is our president up to. i hope the people that voted him into office are happy with all the changes he wanted to bring. Many voters who are Christians are not happy with the president they choose for office. I thank God that i did not vote for him, i had a feeling something was not right. To good to be true. We need to ban together and stop him, before he makes to many changes against Christians.

  • tberru

    Regardless of the position I have re: DOMA, I think it is reprehensible that the President would unilaterally announce his position on DOMA as unconstitutional. He cheapens the office he resides in by looking like a rookie, so far from the informed and presidential figure he should reflect. Makes the images of the Chicagoland political perspective of the past more real than anyone ever wanted to get close to again.

  • heartland7

    The voters have spoken clearly on this topic every time they had a chance. Hopefully we will respect these voices instead of “polling” or riots on the streets.

  • GodlyOpinion

    Pray for a Christian President for 2012 to replace OBummer. There should be no need to consume time defending the definition of marriage – can’t Congress pass a law to make words mean things? Or should we switch from English to Hebrew for certian word definitions? Maybe instead of taking a defensive position all the time, we should stand up and call for a Christian state obeying the Gospel as Law. The Bible is included by reference in the Constitution Sec. 7 just above the signatures the same way the Declaration is included by reference as established law. So why don’t we take the high ground and demand the country obey the founding documents?

  • 007pilot

    This move by our imposter Pres is more than his usual shell game. He is attempting to re-gather his radical leftists in preparation for 2012. The good result from this latest fiasco is that he may have just gone over the top in giving the house the pile of evidence they feel that they need to IMPEACH.

  • jonathanwnc

    The President is playing politics. He trying to prepare to be re-elected securing the gay vote. The issue is clear. This country was founded on Biblical Principles. Scripturally God is against all sin period and gay behavior is a sin just like any other. The sanctity of marriage is unchallenged. It should be between a man and a woman. How are we to multiply and replenish the earth. Sexually its impossible with two men or two women. We are in the last days and Satan is putting his people in place including people in high offices. So it is not surprising of the stance on this issue.

  • Doulos1

    President or King? I think he is confused. He does not have a choice in this matter and that call is above his pay grade.

  • alloursenses

    Is my understanding of a President’s oath of office incorrect, that he will uphold the Constitution…and the laws of The Land? Therefore if he doesn’t, is he subject to impeachment?

  • brandon091405

    Heh. I wonder if the government will ever refuse to recognize anything that two consenting adults decide to do together in the privacy of their own home as a genetically determined minority grouping characteristic that we have to financially endorse

  • tld3

    I’m very dismayed regarding Obama’s efforts to distract the nation from the “fiscal issues” by setting his sights on undermining the constitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). The legal process used to pass the DOMA is there for a reason… to prevent individuals within the government from taking actions contrary to that of the nation’s wishes and best interest. I hope all Democrats and Republicans are paying attention instead of falling asleep at the wheel.

  • newtonfarmer

    Jordan Sekulow knows the law. First off the D.O.J. only has so much money to defend laws. They have to decide were best to put their time and money. secondly because of the full faith and credit clause in the constution, D.O.M.A. is unconstutional. If a states allows a man to marry a 14 year old girl and then They moves to another state they must reconize that marriage. Social Conservatives are just upset with the decision. They don’t want gays to be alowed to marry. Where were the Social Conservatives when Obama and (the D.O.J.) decited to no longer go after citizens who where using Marajana for medical reasons. Don’t Waist time and money on a law that is obviously unconstutional.

  • Patriot_Son

    Our “rule of law” as it has been defined and re-defined since 1776 has morphed into a kind of hideous legal beast which continues to change aspect and reconfigure itself with every new presidential administration that comes along. Legally speaking, the people of the United States are the sole purveyors of “our” rule of law and in that capacity they alone are authorized to elect representatives to enforce the law(s) that are constitutionally mandated. The point here is that Americans are responsible for their own legal and moral well being and when they abdicate that responsibility they get Obama, Clinton, Carter, etc.. Crazy as it sounds; such poor social/national behavior and the cure for it are all written about in the King James bible!

  • jamesx-sell

    I had serious doubts about the intent of this man when he was running for pres,and now my doubts seem to be realized, this man and those with him are so far left that they have become Anti-Americans of their own country and is showing less and less moral values for our society, but we will not forget the policies of this administration come 2012, America, we have to bring our country back from the PIT.

  • scotmon

    obama is a common criminal… how else can you look at him… our prisons are full of people who don’t want to follow the law !!!

  • Truthbetold3

    Section 3 of the DOMA contravenes the Equal Protections Clause of the US Constitution. And the DOMA also contravenes the Full Faith & Credit Clause. In fact, it contains language that EXEMPTS ITSELF from these Constitutional provisions.I would love it if someone – ANYONE – could explain to me how any law that exempts itself from the Constitution could be considered “Constitutional” in the first place.In fact, as its original author, Bob Barr points out on his website, the DOMA creates a “one-way Federalism”. While its original intent was to ensure States’ rights to decide for themselves, it has, in effect, forced the Federal Government NOT to recognize those legal marriages from States that have decided to permit same-gender marriages. Barr thinks it should be repealed, and I whole-heartedly agree.And will continue to agree until someone can explain why SOME citizens should not be given ALL of the protections of the Constitution.(‘Religious’ answers to either of the above requests will not be accepted. Not in a land that prides itself on freedom of religion for ALL.)Thanx in advance.

  • Truthbetold3

    Hey all you people talking about “Obama’s efforts to distract the nation from the “fiscal issues””, you do realize the Republicans have filed more anti-gay, anti-choice, anti-poor, anti-union (i.e anti-PEOPLE) bills since the mid-terms, when, in fact, it was the Republicans’ “promise” to only work on fiscal issues and “JOBS! JOBS! JOBS!”How many jobs does fighting equal rights produce, eh?

  • Truthbetold3

    Jeez Louise,”It should be between a man and a woman. How are we to multiply and replenish the earth.”You’d think that allowing gay couples to marry somehow prevents heterosexual couples from doing the exact same thing. A little logic, please.It’s not like gays getting married is going to make all heterosexuals sterile.Sheesh. No wonder your side is losing this debate.

  • Truthbetold3

    “The voters have spoken clearly on this topic every time they had a chance.”Putting SOME peoples freedoms and human/civil rights to a vote is an obscenity.Just ask the Lovings.

  • iwwj2

    President Obama is acting as if he is a king who picks and chooses what he wants as laws. He is really a President of a Republic of our nation who must not go above he laws of the land. He has no right to pick and choose what laws he wants in place or to take away a law that has gone through the proper process to be implanted in our great nation. Period!!! We the people of this great nation have to abide by laws and so does our President. The ones who do not are called outlaws and are prosecuted in court. What President Obama has done is breaking the law and he should now be prosecuted for this infraction of justice that he has committed. Period!!!

  • Truthbetold3

    Ms Sekulow, Rep. Lankford’s speech was based on his “Biblical world view”. This invalidates any argument he may come up with (the video didn’t contain any) against treating ALL citizens equally before the law – REGARDLESS of his – or ANYONE’s ‘religious’ beliefs.Or does America no longer “promise” freedom of religion to ALL of its citizens?When did THAT happen?He’s entitled to his beliefs. Why are other citizens not given the same?

  • harflo

    DOMA definitely needs to be defended. It has nothing to do with individual rights to do as you wish in your private life and everything to do with 1. the rule of law and 2. the definition and support of an age-old institution which is vital to a stable society.I am even more concerned, however, with the idea that a President thinks he can dictate which duly enacted laws he will enforce! That is clearly unconstitutional and opens a real question of impeachment.

  • bail_ed

    President Obama is not immune to pressures common to presidents. However, from the beginning, it seems that his love for this nation has been in question whether deliberate or perceived. His efforts to undermine the People appears to be an attempt to sneak a larger agenda under our noses. A mention was made about President Clinton signing DOMA into law. He did us no favor, it was the result, if I remember correctly, of Republicans supporting the moral voice of this nation, a nation that still goes out of our way to bless others in the world and is recognized as a moral compass both to those who hate (are jealous of) us and those who still see us as a lighthouse. Consider this; if he succeeds in overturning the law, against the will and voice of the people, what would follow? Here is a worst case scenario: People who are victims of gender dysphoria, rapists, murderers, child molesters, and serial killers will all argue that they are born that way, and deserve the same rights as others. Once the nation is in turmoil, a forced medical plan, run by the government, will not be far behind. Those who understand the War of Independence, and the Civil War, will understand how those who hated this nation and wanted a piece of it had a lot to do with the direction of both. Thank you George Washington. Thank you Abraham Lincoln.

  • wittw

    A law or command is what should be done, it does not impart the ability to obey.

  • georgiagal1

    The DOMA should be defended. Our President does not have the authority to dismiss it just because he doesn’t like/want it. It seemed to me when the union strike in Wisconsin wasn’t going to plan exactly like he “just knew it would”, he realized he might have a problem with getting the huge funding he’s used to getting from them, so he went to the next category of trying to immediately appeal to the gay rights – knowing he gets huge funding support from that group as well. He’s on a campaign trail right now and does not want to lose “any” of the comfortable funding he’s been used to. He knows 2012 will be here before he knows it and he’s trying to appeal to certain groups right now. With all the lawyers we have, I can’t understand why it’s so hard and/or takes so long to get “impeachment” on the table with all the ways he goes against the grain.

  • TzS26

    DOMA must be upheld, as is the law. The President has a sworn duty to uphold the law. In fact it is his sworn duty to uphold the law of the United States of America, by the oath he took when accepting the Presidency. If the President does not, as his sworn duty, uphold the law then he is in grievous violation of his duties and believe he must be impeached.I do not believe in “gay Marriage”, but I do think that gays should be protected under the law from unfair taxation which DOMA created when it removed the terms civil union and/or domestic partnership, which afforded protection from estate taxation laws. Perhaps our legislative branch needs to rethink the present DOMA law, but until then, the President has a sworn duty to the citizens of the United States to uphold the law as it stands. If he does not he must be brought before the proper authorities and charged with violation of his sworn duties.

  • countrygirl10

    Why has no one moved to impeach this President? I thought it was bad when we had a former President having sex in the oval office, and they wanted to impeach him. What about a President who is a leftist, who has czars in the White House, who thinks our Constitution is a joke for him to ignore??? What’s wrong with our representatives in Washington? Wake up while America still has a fighting chance.

  • dawnfreligh

    A union between two people of opposite sex (as in A man and A woman) is what defines the word “Marriage” and is its one and only foundation. There is no other. If gay people want to be ‘matrimonially’ united, that will have to be done under a new term. The word “Marriage” is already in use. Any human with a half way functional brain cell upstairs should have no problem comprehending that. P.S:A Genuine Thanks to the ACLJ for the outstanding efforts put forth to maintain this country’s Souvreignty and Identity.

  • TruthTracker2

    The question: Should we defend DOMA? It is the 1996 Law passed by the Congress that represents “We The People” and signed into Law by the elected POTUS Clinton.The Defense of Marriage Act represents the opinions of the vast majority of the American citizens. Some 86%+ of Americans favored the DOMA legislation, and they respect our Constitutional form of government that provides for citizens’ input through our representatives in DC.The DOJ and the POTUS cannot invoke the use of “Presidential, Secretarial, or Adviser Orders to circumvent the will of the majority. That’s UNconstitutional.Therefore, we should, we “must” defend DOMA!

  • ekkim1958

    When Obama was elected to be president he promised change. Change is what we’ve gotten. Now it is time for another change, he needs to be impeached and removed from office before he can totally ruin America.In the meantime we need to keep letting him know that we are not going to be changed into some communinist or sociaist country. We are AMERICA and we need to stand up to this man who thinks he is above the law.The world does not need aother dictator. We have enough of them and they are being pushed out of their countries, we can do no less than stand up for ourselves. Use the courts and legislature to stop him.Christians Unite!!!

  • mt_brown

    I agree about DOMA. First of all, we all need to pray for President Obama that GOD will help him, heal him and pray for his salvation. GOD want us to love them and pray for them for healing. Yes, it should alway be one man and one woman for marriage, not one man and one man or one woman and one woman. GOD hate homosexualuality (sin). If President and those gay people dont change their ways and dont believe in Jesus, then they will be lost in eternal hell. The Bible explain about that.

  • oldtimestrings


  • rspencer9573

    I thank GOD I did not vote for President Obama.

  • dsshudark1

    Well our founding fathers are rolling over in there grave over this stuff, What does the Bible say and that is it. Keep getting further from God and see where it gets you.there is only two places Heaven or Hell, looks as though He choose already.

  • itsmoi

    I agree with Congressman Lankford: this is not the way to deal with the gay marriage debate – but more than that – it’s cowardly, as was the repeal of DADT right before Christmas. The “president” who is not even a United States citizen should be impeached for not upholding the Constitution as sworn: first, even as he took the oath he was breaking it since the Constitution demands that only a natural-born citizen take the office; and second, for not upholding the federal law of DOMA. He should be impeached, and the REPEAL OF DADT should be NULL AND VOID.

  • zionslion777

    This is the reason I did not vote for Obama. I knew he was going to be dangerous for our Country! He was too much of a talker and someone who seemed more concerned for power-than for our Nation–of the people, by the people, and for the people! Of Obama–by Obama and for Obama. Hmmm….Homosexuality is an abomination! That is the reason God spoke to Abraham…to let him know what He was going to do–Destroy it! Abama–Nation! I don’t want Obama’s Nation/ I don’t want to live in a land where males can marry males legally and where females can marry females. It’s an abomination before God almighty. I pray for the sake of our Nation–America–that we will have a new republican president who is truly like unto George Washington and Abraham lincoln. I had an idea for a good animatied film–one where George Washington and Abraham Lincoln are displayed in all their American Godly Christian Character and morals, and in a conversation being stunned at what President Obama is doing!! Maybe that would help wake America up from slumber! A President who is okay with a Mosque being built at Ground Zero!!! It’s unheard of! He is siding with the enemy–not only of the United States, but Israel’s enemy. We must remain allies for the good blessings of God to remain in this Land that we love. We need to pray…and seek God’s face…maybe He’ll repent and leave us a blessing? Joel Chapter 2! That is the only hope I can see for America–is a National repentance like one that Ninevah experienced when Jonah preached the Word of the Lord to them. When they repented God’s wrath was also turned! Please pray my fellow Americans and God’s people everywhere–let us all pray–and let us pray for these upcoming elections in 2012! Romans 2:26For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use for that which is against nature:Romans 2:27And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the women, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompense of their error which was meet.

  • zionslion777

    I think we should defend Doma. And I think that we, the people of the United States of America should defend our constitutional rights! We have that right!! I’m certainly thankful to God for Jay and Jordan Sekulow! Thank you Jordan and Jay for standing up for DOMA and the very many other ways that you are fighting to uphold Justice!! May the Lord bless and reward you!!

  • sclauther

    The right thing to do is obvious to anyone who can THINK!DOMA is duly enacted law, so the President and the DOJ have NO RIGHT to disregard it. Unless a law is CLEARLY unconstitutional, the President has a duty to enforce the law, even if he does not like it.The Full Faith and Credit Clause reads thus: “Full Faith and Credit shall be given in each State to the public Acts, Records, and judicial Proceedings of every other State. AND THE CONGRESS MAY by general Laws PRESCRIBE the Manner in which such Acts, Records and Proceedings shall be proved, and THE EFFECT THEREOF.” So it is not unconstitutional for CONGRESS to PRESCRIBE that a gay “marriage” performed in one State has no EFFECT in another. Without DOMA, the Full Faith and Credit Clause would be used to force North Carolina, for example, to recognize a gay “marriage” performed in Massachusetts.By refusing to defend DOMA, President Obama has violated his oath and is worthy of impeachment. However, it’s doubtful that enough Democrats in the Senate will vote to convict.

  • ThomasBaum

    GodlyOpinion You wrote, “Pray for a Christian President for 2012 to replace OBummer.”If Jesus Himself, God-Incarnate, came down here and became President how many “Christians” would even recognize Him?You then wrote, “Maybe instead of taking a defensive position all the time, we should stand up and call for a Christian state obeying the Gospel as Law.”Not only is this against the Constitution of the USA but it is against everything that Jesus taught.Christianity is about willfully choosing to follow Jesus, it is not about forcing one’s “version” of Christianity on anyone.Jesus did NOT become One of us and do what He did, for us to set up a theocracy in His Name.See you and the rest of humanity in the Kingdom.Take care, be ready.Sincerely, Thomas Paul Moses Baum.

  • ThomasBaum

    bail_ed You wrote, “Those who understand the War of Independence, and the Civil War, will understand how those who hated this nation and wanted a piece of it had a lot to do with the direction of both. Thank you George Washington. Thank you Abraham Lincoln.”Have you ever thought that if those that were involved in the “War of Independence” and in the writing of the Constitution and Bill of Rights would have actually followed their own writings that the issue of slavery would not have come up, since slavery would have been abolished from the get-go, that the Civil War just might not have happened?Take care, be ready.Sincerely, Thomas Paul Moses Baum.

  • ThomasBaum

    dsshudark1You wrote, “Well our founding fathers are rolling over in there grave over this stuff, What does the Bible say and that is it. Keep getting further from God and see where it gets you.there is only two places Heaven or Hell, looks as though He choose already.”Isn’t there something written about “new heavens and a new earth”?See you and the rest of humanity in the Kingdom.Take care, be ready.Sincerely, Thomas Paul Moses Baum.

  • kjordan1

    Even if you were an Obama supporter before, this latest act proves that Obama is an OUTLAW.It makes the charges of “thuggery” against him more plausible.And it moves him away from being an “idealist,” to being a puppet of minority special interest groups. In other words, Obama clearly is playing to the “organized” voting blocks: Gays, Minorities, Unions and others. Anyone who can tip the scales will get a favor. That’s all this is. Once you understand that mindset, everything Obama does will make sense.


    This issue really isn’t about whether the President or any citizen agrees with the DOMA law. This is about the President saying he doesn’t think it is constitutional, therefore, the DOJ will not defend it. It could be ANY issue this President does not agree with!

  • EarsToHearDotNet

    Obama is undermining God’s design of marriage just as Satan undermined the first marriage.Martin Luther King Jr. – Excerpts from his Letter from the Birmingham Jail April 16, 1963 “How does one determine whether a law is just or unjust? A just law is a man-made code that squares with the moral law or the law of God. An unjust law is a code that is out of harmony with the moral law. To put it in the terms of St. Thomas Aquinas: An unjust law is a human law that is not rooted in eternal law and natural law.”Note: Slavery or racial discrimination, and marriage are two totally different issues. Allowing same-sex unions and marriage would violate “the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God,” where the abolition of slavery DID NOT, and therefore, to have these “Rights” of freedom “entitled” was justified. What new and improved wisdom do secular humanists use to justify violating “the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God,” which was the foundation laid out in America’s Founding Document on how “unalienable Rights” were to be “entitled?” What is his foundation? How do secular humanists determine the rules and boundaries if not by “the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God?” What is basis of secular humanists for determining laws and “Rights?“ So, how do secular humanists justify “entitling” a “Right” for same-sex relationships?

  • MrCool1

    It is a matter of States Rights, the Federal Government has no business in this area. Each State must decide how it recognizes marriage as defined by the constitution of that State. The Federal Government must remain in the limited scope it was designed and not in areas of State matters.

  • dawnfreligh

    That is true, we do have to pray for every body, that is what Jesus has commanded (“love your enemy and pray for those who persecute you.” -Matthew 5:44-). But on the other hand, as my Pastor says: “Pray like David and fight like Joshua!” …Love that!!!!Speaking of how do (they) justify the demands of being allowed to legally How does one justify, anatomically, spiritually, mentally, emotionally,

  • amcswan

    It is sad the our elected officials so thoroughly refuse to accept the message that was sent the last election day. Obviously, a large part of America do not support the current administration’s ideals. Now, the admin is stirring the pot once again. Do they just love controversy? Marriage has been defined as a man and a woman long before there was an America. Out forefathers were smart enough to know that and President Clinton was smart enough NOT to change it. If we have to have a Democrat in charge, then go back to Clinton.

  • dawnfreligh

    I used to vote democrat, but not any more. Never again. I live in California, in LA, the unemployment rate was at the time of mid term elections over 14 %, and here is this airhead they call boxer, during her compain claiming that she is “working hard to create jobs!!!”. Yeah, that’s some “working hard”. The republicans need to get their act together and do what they must to avoid for the liberals to continue being voted in because of the republicans’ screw ups. If only they have the guts to be honest for justa little while, the democrats will be no more, garanteed!

  • ThomasBaum

    dawnfrelighYou wrote, “But on the other hand, as my Pastor says: “Pray like David and fight like Joshua!” …Love that!!!!”Wasn’t Jesus’s invitation to “Come follow Me”?Take care, be ready.Sincerely, Thomas Paul Moses Baum.

  • Truthbetold3

    Comparing loving, consenting, committed, adult, human relationships to (and I quote): “rapists, murderers, child molesters, and serial killers” is an obscenity. Have you no concept of HARM?And this is supposed to be a “Christian” response? PUKE-making, and you should all be ashamed of yourselves for such vile thoughts.DOMA is demonstrably UN-Constitutional, and not only that, contains language that EXEMPTS ITSELF from provisions of the Constitution. How can ANY law that exempts itself from the Constitution be considered “Constitutional” in the first place?Maybe some smart “Christian” lawyer could ‘splain me that, ‘cuz it don’t make ANY senese at all.YOu folk seem to wallow in your hate for God’s gay and lesbian children, bearing much false witness about themIf you have to lie to ‘win’, you’ve already LOST.(Isn’t lying a seeyun anymore?)

  • Truthbetold3

    “It is a matter of States Rights, the Federal Government has no business in this area. Each State must decide how it recognizes marriage as defined by the constitution of that State. The Federal Government must remain in the limited scope it was designed and not in areas of State matters.”Um, you may not have noticed, but five states DO legally recognize same-gender marriages. Plus D.D. The DOMA prevents the Federal government from recognizing perfectly legal marriages from those jurisdictions.The original author of the DOMA, Republican Bob Barr admits that it creates a “one-way Federalism” (which is yet ANOTHER reason it is UN-Constitutional). And even he says it should be repealed.

  • Truthbetold3

    “President Obama knows his position is so out of the mainstream”This is not true. Several of the latest polls show the country is almost evenly split (45% for, 46% against). Hardly outside of the mainstream. In fact, even Prop H8 was decided 52%-48%.DO BETTER.

  • WBTessore

    The question shouldn’t be, “Should we defend DOMA?” Rather, the question should be, how long will We The People tolerate misprision of justice under color of office on the part of the foremost sworn constable of Constitutional law before We move to demand impeachment? NO ONE is above the law.

  • dawnfreligh

    Thomasbaum, Yes, He (Jesus) said that. Didn’t He also ‘fight’ all the way to the very end, and in the process of sending His desciples into the world, asking them to baptise people in All Nations, He indirectly asked them to fight (reference to the part where He said you are sheep among wolves)? there is fighting and there is fighting. Also Paul Said “I fought the good fight”. There is nothing wrong with fighting so long that it is done clean-ly. Yes, Joshua was a literal warrior. Back then warriorship was either spiritual or military. Today it exists on several completely different platforms and levels. Jay Sekulow is An Excellent Fighter (different type of Fighter. Would you suggest to him to stop fighting? I don’t think so. Peace be with you.

  • ThomasBaum

    dawnfreligh You wrote, “Jay Sekulow is An Excellent Fighter (different type of Fighter. Would you suggest to him to stop fighting? I don’t think so.”I think that anyone who “believes” or “knows” that God has chose them for something, should, if they accept, attempt to do it.You also wrote, “Yes, He (Jesus) said that. Didn’t He also ‘fight’ all the way to the very end, and in the process of sending His desciples into the world, asking them to baptise people in All Nations,”Jesus asked them to perservere in their proclaiming the GOOD NEWS and to baptise but not to force and Jesus never, ever, wanted us to set up a theocracy which many have tried to do thru the age.You then wrote, “He indirectly asked them to fight (reference to the part where He said you are sheep among wolves)?”Jesus instructed us to “fight” with the “sword of truth” not the “sword of man”.I am not saying that the “sword of man” can’t be taken up for some reasons but the “sword of man” should never be taken up to PROCLAIM THE GOOD NEWS.You also wrote, “there is fighting and there is fighting.”This could mean many things but violence is not an option in “spreading the GOOD NEWS”, remember when Peter wacked off that guy’s ear?You then wrote, “Also Paul Said “I fought the good fight”. There is nothing wrong with fighting so long that it is done clean-ly.”Jesus “fought” by going to the cross.If the GOOD NEWS is not for ALL, then it is not Good News at all.See you and the rest of humanity in the Kingdom.Take care, be ready.Sincerely, Thomas Paul Moses Baum.

  • dawnfreligh

    Hi Thomas, You wrote:”If the GOOD NEWS is not for ALL, then it is not Good News at all.”With all due respect there, you are wrong. Satan and its puppets does not think Jesus is good news. Does that mean that Our Savior is, in fact not Good News?!?! …again, I don’t think so. I agree with all you said, if meant within the right context and frame. Literal Military has it’s own goody good Use thank you Jesus for that. I personally want them to Exterminate for example teliban. Because if we don’t. Trust me, it will devour you and I.Peace.

  • ThomasBaum

    dawnfrelighHi, thanks for the reply. I wrote, “If the GOOD NEWS is not for ALL, then it is not Good News at all.”You replied, “With all due respect there, you are wrong. Satan and its puppets does not think Jesus is good news.”Just because satan and his cronies do not think that it is Good News, does not make it so.As I have said before, since Jesus is God-Incarnate and God is a Trinity and the god of islam, vehemently, denies this than it is quite easy to see that the god of islam is satan.islam is about “world domination” and if one actually reads what many of the “moderates” write, they spell it out quite clearly in what they write.I believe that the “founding fathers” were “divinely inspired” when they set up the “seperation of church and state” and I also believe that those that, in the past and in the present, have attempted to set up a theocracy in Jesus’s Name, have gone against what Jesus taught and about “why” Jesus became God-Incarnate.At the same time, it seems as if those that attempt to set up a theocracy under islam are doing what Muhammed said and what the god of islam wants, of course, it should be referred to as a theowannabeocracy, since the god of islam is a god wannabe.I have also said, that it doesn’t matter what beliefs one has or if one even has a belief since God is a searcher of hearts and minds, not of religious affiliations or lack thereof.Jesus asked us to PROCLAIM THE GOOD NEWS, not force anything on anybody.Jesus won the “keys” to hell and death and will use them in due time, God’s Time, the captives shall be released and the dead shall rise.God’s Victory is TOTAL and satan’s defeat is total, God’s Plan, which God has had since before creation, will come to Fruition.Take care, be ready.Sincerely, Thomas Paul Moses Baum.

  • LMTB4

    Hi Jordan,I think that President Obama feels no obligation to uphold his sworn duties to preserve, protect, and govern by our Constitution and neither to enforce the laws of the land. I believe I know why he feels he’s not obligated in any way. He put his right hand on the “Bible,” which is not the Holy book that he either believes in, nor even understands. He believes (in his own words) “the Holy Quran.” Therefore, putting his hand on the Bible and swearing to uphold the Constitution was meaningless to him and therefore, did not obligate himself in any way to be faithful and abide by our Constitution and our Rule of Law. So, he actually promised nothing to this country, but gave just what he did promise, which was “Change.” Didn’t anyone wonder what kind of change he meant? Anyone who voted for such a person is either totally insane, totally ignorant, or who doesn’t know how to read, or hear what this man was saying he was going to do. In not defending DOMA, he considers himself a conscientious objector of some sort. I guess the idea of marriage as it has existed from the beginning of time, and instituted by God Himself, between one man & one woman is so appalling & distasteful to him, that he can’t even go through with it anymore. Since he is so “intelligent,” and “enlightened,” does he know what happens to societies in which Homosexuality is rampant? That is the END of the society PERIOD. There will be total Chaos, and then, we’ll be taken over totally by a police state, complete dictatorship, martial law, Sharia Law (within which all Homosexuals are executed). Does the Gay Community want to be executed? Of course not. So, why do they support the Terrorists & Sharia Law? The end of Common Sense, and the new age of the Reprobate Mind. People can no longer reason, and they defy all logic.

  • ThomasBaum

    dawnfreligh Part III Just because God “knows” everything does not in any way take away from our free will but it can get one to think that if God truly did “will for ALL to be saved” then it must be quite a “Plan” that God came up with.You then asked, ” then why are we Christians here?”Jesus extended the invitation to “Come follow Me” and every Christian’s walk with Jesus is different, we are not called to be clones.I don’t know what your “walk” with Jesus entails but here is something to think about: on the cross when Jesus said, “It is finished”, that translates as PAID IN FULL.You then asked, “don’t we have a role to play in all of this?”Yes we do, Jesus asked us to be active participants in God’s Plan not just passive observers but ultimately it is God and God working thru us that will bring God’s Plan to Fruition.You then wrote, “He expects us to play it. We do, so those that are to be released get released.”Yes He does and I would say that what you feel and believe God wants you to do, you should do.You then wrote, ” I speak from experience, since I came to Christ from a muslim background and I know what is it like to be spiritually as well as physically released first hand.”When I was looking for “forgiveness” God the Father came into my heart and there have been other things that have also happened in my life and I believe and stake absolutely everything that God’s Plan is, ultimately, for ALL to be in God’s Kingdom.Whereas our making a choice concerning, “repenting”, “asking for forgiveness”, “taking responsibility for what we do”, may end with our physical death, this does not mean that God can not and will not exercise His Sovereignty, which we threw away and God “won” back, over us even after our physical death.Jesus went thru a whole lot more than just the “physical” on the cross when Jesus said, “My God, My God why have Thou forsaken Me?”, this was not just to say a psalm but it was the psalm coming true before our very ears and the ears of those that were physically there at the time.Jesus experienced not just physical death but also hell and spiritual death by taking ALL OF THE SINS OF ALL OF HUMANITY.Since Jesus died for us and Jesus asked us to follow Him, we are asked to die to our fallen natures and this may entail dying (physically) for PROCLAIMING THE GOOD NEWS.As I have said, If the GOOD NEWS is not, ultimately, for ALL, than it is not Good News at all.You then wrote, “Peace be with you Thomas.”I thank you very much and may God smile in your heart.Isn’t it something that God cared enough for us to actually become One of us, of course it was much more than just becoming One of us.Take care, be ready.Sincerely, Thomas Paul Moses Baum.

  • ThomasBaum

    dawnfreligh Part III wrote, “”Jesus asked us to PROCLAIM THE GOOD NEWS, not force anything on anybody.”"You replied, “that is true and who is forcing anything on anybody?”There are those presently and in the past that have tried to “shove the bible” down people’s throats and there are those that have tried to set up “theocratic” governments in Jesus’s Name.You then wrote, “isn’t it the muslims who claim to be in possession of the true doctrine in regard to the one and only god? they re the ones who are infesting the world with their mosques and their baggages. Try building a church in mecca or just in a fairly secular region in a muslim country, as they have their mosques everywhere, and see their reactions!I don’t understand why none of those phonies notorious Christians dare to bring that up. For each mosk they have build in the western world, Christians should demand that one church rise in the muslim world if these criminals want fairness and equality!!!”As I have said before, the god of islam is satan but the True, Living, Triune, Triumphant God is a searcher of hearts and minds, not of religious affiliations or lack thereof.Our “sword” should be the “Sword of Truth” not the sword of man.As far as “who is forcing anything on anybody?”, isn’t this just what you are proposing in “For each mosk they have build in the western world, Christians should demand that one church rise in the muslim world”?Jesus forced Himself on no one and He did not ask us to force our beliefs on anyone else, did He?islam is about world domination but God’s Kingdom is about new heavens and a new earth and God’s Plan which God has had since before creation is for, ultimately, ALL to be in God’s Kingdom.You added, ” if these criminals want fairness and equality!!!”You can be rooting for “fairness and equality” but I am looking forward to the Fruition of God’s Plan and the Salvation and Sanctification of all of creation.I wrote, “-”Jesus won the “keys” to hell and death and will use them in due time, God’s Time, the captives shall be released and the dead shall rise.”"You replied, “More exactly He didn’t win it since He always had it In His Hands since the very begining: a reference:”Before Abraham was, I am.”-John 8:58-, and if He will use it only in due time which is NOW since that is the only time God truly operates based on one of His Names “I AM”,”If one were to “wake up in hell”, so to speak, one will come to the realization that they built it themself and God knew that some would never “repent” that is why God came up with The Plan.I look at eternity as eternity and time as time, God created time but eternity is outside of time and that is how God can “see” anything past, present, future.When God became One of us, He came into time at a very specific time and place of His choosing.

  • ThomasBaum

    dawnfreligh Part I I wrote, “-”I have also said, that it doesn’t matter what beliefs one has”"You replied, “I am afraid you are contradicting yourself. Of course it does matter what one believes. If one believes homosexuality is fine, or that Jesus for example is a a mere dead ‘prophet’. You think that is irrelevant to Christ?!”Considering the fact, that faith is a gift that no man should boast, it is irrelevant to God that one does not believe that Jesus is God-Incarnate and the fact that one does not believe that Jesus is God-Incarnate is also irrelevant to the fact that Jesus Is indeed God-Incarnate. As I have said, God is a searcher of hearts and minds, not of religious affiliations or lack thereof, God is not the egotistical, blood-sucking tic that so many seem to think God to be.God looks at the person, not the “label”.Knowing God’s Name is not some kind of magic talisman.You then wrote, “!btw, that, by the same token, does not threaten Christ’s lordship over the universe in any way.”Seems as if you already agree with the fact that Truth is not contingent on anyone’s belief. You then wrote, “What it does is suppress the sayer from Jesus Kingdom, His blessings and His Truth, which is the One and only lasting eternal truth.”If you are trying to say here that you have decided just who does and does not get into God’s Kingdom, I would say that God Is your Judge, my Judge and everybody else’s Judge.You then wrote, “That is why the sayer of that sort of thing should be restrained because if he/she is believed and followed, they will end up dragging along with them, innocent people into death ditch and that is not what Christ wants.”Jesus never said anything about “restraining others”, He said to PROCLAIM THE GOOD NEWS, did He not?You then wrote, “His will is for every soul to have a chance at being saved no matter who they are and what is their background.”Actually, it says that it is “God’s Will that ALL be saved”, doesn’t it?Just because some may not even think that is possible, something to think about, “With man it is impossible, with God ALL things are possible”.You then wrote, “So I personally believe that someone who has reasonably been exposed to Who Christ is, and still persists in denying Him is the loser here.”That is not what Jesus said and I do NOT believe that God is a loser but that God’s Victory is TOTAL and that satan’s loss is total.Remember that it was said, “you will strike at His Heel and He will strike at your head”?satan will be TOTALLY CRUSHED, a tie is absolutely and utterly unacceptable, the “captives” shall be released and the “dead” shall rise.

  • dawnfreligh

    Thomas, 1/-you dont need to double and triple quote in order to answer a comment, just bring up the said comment and reply to it. In doing so you are wasting your time typing and wasting my time, me having to read what was already read in prior posts. 2/-don’t keep on typing “you then wrote”, that implies I am making conflicting comments where there are no conflicting comments if you care to read me within the proper context. 3/- don’t fix anything that is not broken. Much of your comments are needless. 4/-keep you replies short and to the point, you get a better chance of being reas and replied.5/- to answer just one of your retorts, I would say that one’s beliefs are relevant to The Christ, if they were not why there is hell and heaven then? Also, building 1 million unneeded mosque is stupid evil and greedy. On the other hand, to ask that one balances out by being allowed to build churches is not pushing anything down anybody’s throat. It’s however dictatorial to expect us to just shut up or else. That in and of itself is stupid and evil..

  • ThomasBaum

    dawnfreligh As far as “The Christ”, Christ means anointed and Jesus is not the only Christ or anointed mentioned in the bible but Jesus is the only One Who is God-Incarnate.As far as one’s belief in Jesus as being relevant, of course it is relevant to the person that believes but as far as the person who does not believe, do you think that God is so petty that God “holds this against them”, so to speak?As I’ve said, God did not create hell, if one one to die and wake up in hell, so to speak, they will come to the realization that they built it themself.As far as heaven and hell go, I look past heaven and hell to the promised “new heavens and the new earth”, just exactly what this is, I don’t know but if you notice hell is not mentioned.As far as the “demands” demanded in islam, it should be obvious that these demands are trying to be shoved down other’s throats and that islam is about world domination.As far as shutting up, I never said anything about shutting up, I did mention that Jesus asked us to PROCLAIM THE GOOD NEWS.And as I have said, if the GOOD NEWS is not, ultimately, for ALL, than it is not Good News at all.Rather that hoping to get the “best seat” in the house, so to speak, as some of the Apostles seem to have wanted, maybe we should be rooting for there to be “seats” for ALL.Whether we agree or not, Jesus asked us to use the “Sword of Truth” not the sword of man and He did say that His Kingdom was “not of this world”, did He not?Since God is a Trinity and Jesus is God-Incarnate and the god of islam emphatically denies this, yet tries to claim Jesus as his prophet, it clearly points to the god of islam as being satan.Seeing as it is written that we are all made in the “Image of God” and that God-Incarnate taught us that when we pray, pray “Our Father” than God could and has come up with a Plan that, ultimately, includes all to be in God’s Kingdom even if virtually no one at the present time seems to believe or even want it to be. Take care, be ready.Sincerely, Thomas Paul Moses Baum.

  • dawnfreligh

    Thomas,you’ve got to learn to give Substance and Content some relevance in what you continue to blubber. Without these two, volume means absolutely nothing (they don’t say for nothing “less is more”). You’d get the biggest balloon there is, fill it with hot gas, and you’d be just as effective and persuasive as you are now. An example: you keep on mouthing what islam is, did I ever say I don’t know what it is? or better, did I ever support it, knowing what it is, in the couple of posts I’ve put up here!? the answer is NO!!!!! then, stop defocating all over yourself. Based on the other garbage you spew, you are neither A Christian nor a courageous heathen who would at the very least have the gut to self identify as who he exactly is. I have no respect for cowardice under disguise. In regard to The Christ, you really haven’t got a clue as to Who, Exactly, Yashua is. And by the same token, I can crystal clearly see that you have never experienced Him. Because, you’d do that only once, and trust me kiddo, you’d know, once and for all that He is The One. The Alpha and the Omega, The Eternal High Priest, The King of Zion, The Bread of Life, The Living Water, The Master of the Sabbath, The Passover Lamb, The Son of God, etc, etc, etc.If you don’t know where to start, I would suggest you check out A bible.

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