Islamic terrorism? Racism? Some Muslims turn to humor

By Michelle Boorstein Terrorism? Not your typical punch line fodder. But some Muslims, hoping to bring a bit of levity … Continued

By Michelle Boorstein

Terrorism? Not your typical punch line fodder.

But some Muslims, hoping to bring a bit of levity to an American season rife with anxiety about their faith, are planning to come to the Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert rally this weekend with signs including one reading: “Boo! I am a Muslim – and not just for Halloween!”

(Read more about other groups using the rally to bring attention to their cause.)

The excursion to the “Rally to Restore Sanity” is organized by My Faith My Voice, a new group that aims to counter prejudice against Islam with homemade video clips and other little social media snippets made by American Muslims.

Other signs you may see on the National Mall: “Juan To Meet a Muslim?” (a la commentator Juan Williams, fired from NPR earlier this month for saying he gets scared when he sees Muslims on airplanes) and “The 1950s called and they want their racism back.”

In a bit of random humor, the group will also be holding a “Jump Rope with a Muslim” event. “It’s just a pastime everyone can enjoy outdoors,” Rabiah Ahmed, one of the organizers, told me today.

This campaign reminds me of a spoofy site that was being zapped around the Web last week:

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  • AKafir

    How about:2) Hope kafirs like it scalding hot for they will have an eternity of it3) Allah says Islam will dominate the world. What is it that you don’t understand?4)Jiziya is Good for you and for us. A win win deal. 5)Only kafirs don’t want to live in 7th century Arabia.

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