Daisy Khan: “When will Muslims be accepted?”

Daisy Khan is shocked. In a phone conversation with her minutes ago she said she couldn’t believe that what had … Continued

Daisy Khan is shocked. In a phone conversation with her minutes ago she said she couldn’t believe that what had started out as “a community center for everyone in the neighborhood, to scale up and build up people of all religions has become so skewed. It’s hard for us to imagine we are in the thick of a controversy like this. The Republicans are really going after us.”

Daisy Khan, along with her husband Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, is one of the co-founders of Cordoba House, which has proposed to build a mosque more than two blocks from Ground Zero, causing a political and religious furor.

She says she and her husband will not back down. “There is too much at stake,” she says. “Constitutional rights, the development of the Muslims here, how the world is watching the United States. We tell people America upholds religious freedom. We should not compromise those values.”

Khan says that it is “evident that there is still healing that needs to happen. There are bigger issues here and it’s also about how Muslims are perceived. When will Muslims be accepted as plain old Americans?”

Khan says that there are huge ramifications to closing down or being forced to relocate. “We are debating about having a healing dialogue, building bridges and this whole thing has turned into the opposite of what we have envisioned. ” She says that they are now having discussions with 9/11 families. “We will have a dialogue with them. ” But she says, “It is private property. To walk away without taking everything into consideration would be irresponsible.”

Some of the most serious considerations, she says, are the fact that the publicity would hurt Muslims in the rest of the country and that religious freedom is under such serious attack. Not only that, but Khan says that the vilification of the plans for the mosque “have only strengthened our supporters. None of them have caved. They are circling the wagons around us. They know they could be next.” She mentioned supporters of all faiths.

As far as funding, fundraising has not yet begun because “On the advice of our attorneys we wanted to clear the civic hurdles first. Now that it is clear we find ourselves in the midst of this controversy.”

She and her husband have been in contact with Muslim communities across the United States. “It’s a major concern of the Muslim communities because it has sparked anti-Islam and anti-moque feelings everywhere. Six mosques have already been prevented from being established. We have to be careful about every step we take. There are huge stakes in this.”

She and her husband have been the target of major death threats since the controversy began and they are ramping up as is the hate mail. “We are working with the police on this.”

“What gives me strength,” she says, is that “we are in a history making moment. Our ideals must prevail. We have to fight for a bigger society.”

Daisy Khan says she is afraid these days to open the paper or turn on the TV. “It’s hard to see yourself portrayed this way daily. But to me it’s an indication that the post 9/11 controversy is not finished. It’s not over and neither is the healing. This is a teaching moment. A healing moment.”

Her husband Imam Feisal is on a State Department tour around the Middle East. She says that so far they have not had too much interest from the Muslim community abroad but that the ones who they have heard from are waiting to see what will happen. “I am sure while the imam is abroad that that will generate interest in the subject.”

As for now, “We have too important a moment to back down. We have to take our opponents and transform them. We have to convince people that not all Muslims are extremists. We have to educate them on being able to distinguish between us and on the issue of Islamophobia. This is a bigger fight. This is a defining moment for us”

Sally Quinn
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  • MrBoggle

    When are Muslims going to acknowledge what their fellow Muslims have done. Have a little respect for the Americans who lost their lives in 9/11. Muslims have only themselves to blame for this controversy.Hard to pick up a t*rd from the clean end, isn’t it.

  • bpai_99

    No organized religion over the course of human history has displayed more bigotry and intolerance than Christianity. When you consider how Christian leaders advocated for the Crusades, the Inquisition, slavery, genocide, apartheid, etc., this is entirely consistent with how so-called Christians have conducted themselves for centuries. Christ would have no approved but they don’t care, they use his name to justify their actions, not because they follow his teachings.”It is necessary for salvation for every human creature to be subject to the Roman Pontiff.” – Pope Boniface VII.

  • PennyWisetheClown

    One of our defining moments was when 19 Muslim terrorist smacked 2 planes into the World trade center and killed 3000 innocent victims.So go ahead and have your defining moment Daisy but remember it will always be tainted with the blood of those 3000 innocent people.

  • bpai_99

    At least Muslims are considered citizens (until the conservatives revoke that right). It could be worse – they could be atheists.“No, I don’t know that atheists should be considered as citizens, nor should they be considered as patriots. This is one nation under God.” – Vice President George H.W. Bush, 1987

  • peterd

    We shouldn’t back down either, because the hour is growing late …Here are some suggestions for those of us who care to save our American republic:1. Put Obama, Moochelle, Pelosi, Reid, and their sycophants on a permanent vacation. (Don’t rule out incarceration.)2. Hold your local officials, union bosses and religious leaders accountable.3. Get sober before you vote again.4. Put Islam, the race extortionists, and the gay caballeros on hold for the moment. (Kind of like the FAA instructions to place the oxygen mask on your face before attempting to help your children.)5. Get active! Now is the time for all good men and women to come to the aid of their country.6. Gather information while you still can, because censorship is coming.7. Love your children and teach them that the truth can no longer be found in the media.8. Don’t be intimidated. We must hold our ground.9. Be kind to your neighbors. We are under attack by our government and many people are suffering. We need to help each other get through this difficult time. Like WWII, victory is not assured.10. Pray to your God, if you have one. Even if you don’t believe in God, dedicate your life to defending our Constitution and the Bill of Rights.We’re not “The Greatest Generation,” but this is our moment to be patriots.

  • Elisa2

    “Our ideals must prevail.”Which they have clearly stated is the spread in the USA of Sharia Law. Sharia Law is Extremism.

  • lcarter0311

    Do not back down Mrs. Daisy Khan. All Muslims cannot be held accountable for the travesties of 9/11 just as all White Americans and their ancestors cannot be held accountable for the U.S. Atlantic Slave Trade during the 1700’s and 1800’s.

  • catzack

    Gee maybe we ought to have her stoned and him beheaded.

  • mx11

    Hey uber Christians, we killed more innocents in Iraq. A war started on the basis of a total lie by that “Christian” President. So keep your holier than thou judgement of Muslims to yourself.

  • svengerald

    Whine whine whine. This is not about religious freedom, its about kicking the USA in the teeth again. All this bloated talk about dialogue. Dialogue is a two way street, can you hear what the people of New York City, the state of New York and the American people are saying Ms Khan. Oh thats right, this is not about dialogue, it is about having your way, and your way is islam.

  • iamerican

    Bush and Cheney committed 9/11 (Viz. “The New Pearl Harbor,” Griffin, Ph.D.), and the Gay Old Pervert party’s anti-mosque efforts are nothing but a subterfuge to distance Bush and Cheney from the likelihood of justice and to enhance the power of their sectarian, anti-American faction whose transgenerational treasons are manifest: Kennedy and King, the Fed, Vietnam, finance of Hitler, Waco, Murrah Fed Bldg, etc. This uproar on proven lies to protect treason is nothing short of fractal cancer on America’s body politic. All that said, there is good reason in the Arc of History that no Muslim had a thing to do with the covenanted founding of the United States’ American Exceptionalism by Black and White, Jew and Gentile, and broad relearning of the meaning of the three mottoes of Our Creed will do much to provide a path for assimilation for them all.”Annuit Coeptis” demands that Truth and Justice lead the sovereign People. The truth is Bush and Cheney committed 9/11, a truth recognized by all but our ruling false elite and their wannabe minions and dupes.Build the mosque/community center…but try to become Americans and worship none but G-d, the Creator of the universe…and remember Mohammed lusted after a five-year old girl and married her when she was six. Read Herodotus’ “History of the Persian Wars,” Mitchener’s “Caravans” and learn why “birds fly over Kandahar with one wing” to know the truth of the culture of Arabic Islam…same as Rome’s institutionalized pedophilia and perversion. Think those women in the harems are straight? Look at the Temple of Kamasutra…a Moslem holy site. See what the “configurations” are? Only G-d is G-d. “Annuit Coeptis” is the key to the civil religion founded by whig utopians. Get on board, help to inform Americans of Bush’s and Cheney’s treason (per Emeritus Professor Griffin’s sedulous proof), or get out and take the Roman Anti-Christ’s “Fifth Column,” which did all this to you, with you.

  • aksunder

    Good work, Ms. Khan. The bigots posting on this board clearly have no concept of what your group stands for. There is so much misinformation posted by these people it is shocking. Honestly – stop trying to win them over. They are losers, deadbeats and racists.

  • azulu1

    I think Ms. Khan’s comments are a bit foolish and self-involved and self-aggrandizing. Nobody is saying they can’t build a mosque or community center – the question is whether they can build it there. And, the question of the funding should be answered. Also, do they not realize the name – Cordoba House – is inflammatory? Cordoba, being the capital of the Spanish Caliphate and reminding everyone of the mosque built on top of a church as a symbol of Muslim victory over the Christians is offensive to some. If they truly just “want to build bridges” of peace and understanding, then why not be understanding and sensitive of others as well?

  • Cobalt1

    Let’s call this what it really is:Calling it the “Ground Zero Mosque” is misleading on three counts: 1) it’s not at “Ground Zero” it’s just too close… for some xenophobic sentiments;So let’s just call it what it is: The Lower Manhattan Muslim-Free Zone.

  • NatGreene

    BPAI_99 (I suspect that is not his real name) tries to demonstrate Christian intolerance using an intolerant quote from “Pope Boniface VII.” Boniface VII was not a pope; he was a pretender to the papacy, called an anti-pope. Boniface VII died in 985. That’s 1,000 years before the invention of New Coke. Will BPAI_99 now cite the 10th-century atrocities of the Vikings to make his case that Norwegians are prone to violence?

  • kenk3

    The US needs Muslims like a fish needs a bicycle

  • right_as_rain

    Ugly American terrorists on parade here. Islam is not the problem. Intolerance is the problem. Fighting intolerance with intolerance has been shown to not work. It doesn’t work.Terrorists occur with every background. There is no faith that creates terrorists. There are failed people that claim to do horrible things in the name of this faith, or that party, but it’s delusional and everyone sees that. Some seek the truth and others ply lies.There is no harm and only good that will come from supporting all faiths, of giving tolerance to all.

  • dottie_b

    She says it’s about the Constitution, but no one has denied them the right to build the thing. She says it’s about how Muslims are perceived, but I can’t imagine a better way to make Muslims look callous and disrespectful. I’m as liberal as they come, and I’d like to think well of Muslims, but this idea is really, really bad public relations! Ms Khan should apologize and withdraw gracefully.

  • yenta1

    I think that everyone who supports religious freedom should send the mosque $1 to make sure it does get built. In the long run, I think this hatred stoked by right wing Republicans, who have forgotten about what religious freedom really means, will end up helping the mosque’s fundraising.I am outraged at the hatred spewed here.By the way I am, for the record, of Jewish background.

  • iamerican

    An aspect of “liberal” (the highest praise in Scripture) is to embrace education and the “perfectibility” of the sovereign individual…you know, what America is all about? So how about reading “The New Pearl Harbor” – a free Google Book – and grow your brain and American patriotism?

  • novaescapee

    A true community center modeled after the all-faith worship space located in the Pentagon would not be objectionable. Is Daisy Khan prepared to accept Jewish and Christian prayer services being performed in this space? I’m okay with that.

  • souljahzonfiya

    Many of my fellow American simply forget or don’t even know that Al-Qaeda and the Taliban-style religious extremism is America’s self-created problem. The Taliban and Al Qaeda were originally fringe elements in Afghani and Pakistani society (as extremist Christians are in America). But they were nurtured and provided millions in our tax-payer funds as well as high-tech weaponry–some of which was the most sophisticated on earth; and they were used as a means for the US to stop the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan by proxy. After the Soviet pull-out, civil war ensued in Afghanistan. And of course, the Taliban won, putting in place one of the most brutal regimes Afghanistan has ever known. 9/11 victims are indeed victims of Islamic extremism. BUT ISLAMIC EXTREMISM AS WE UNDERSTAND IT WAS ORIGINALLY SPUN INTO POWER TO SERVE AMERICAN NATIONAL INTERESTED ENDS. It is for no reason that extremists are bombing shrines all over Pakistan that are devoted to Muslim saints who preached love and tolerance.

  • Martial

    One of our defining moments was when 19 Muslim terrorist smacked 2 planes into the World trade center and killed 3000 innocent victims.So go ahead and have your defining moment Daisy but remember it will always be tainted with the blood of those 3000 innocent people.POSTED BY: PENNYWISETHECLOWN | AUGUST 19, 2010 5:46 PM When are Muslims going to acknowledge what their fellow Muslims have done. Have a little respect for the Americans who lost their lives in 9/11. Muslims have only themselves to blame for this controversy.Hard to pick up a t*rd from the clean end, isn’t it.POSTED BY: MRBOGGLE | AUGUST 19, 2010 5:41 PM ___________Bigotry sometimes conceals itself as factitious patriotism. Builders of the Park51 Mosque are not responsible for 9/11. A relative was in building 6 and escaped alive; I do not blame American Muslims for that tragedy. All who believe in religious liberty must stand behind the Park51 Mosque. Remember this: tomorrow it may be YOUR religious faith that bears the brunt of prejudice. Ms. Khan must stand firm against these un-American individuals, not just for Muslims, but for all those who value freedom.

  • anon621

    Unfortunately, she is doing nothing to further the cause of the American Muslim by taking this position. I don’t doubt that the mosque will be a place of peace and tolerance and that those responsible for it in no way support or condone the acts of September 11th. However, if she really wants for Muslims to be accepted as “plain old Americans” she should recognize that for the vast majority of Americans, their only exposure to her faith was through the terrorist acts of September 11th and Islam comes with a very painful association. They don’t know anything else about Islam or Muslims and this IS her chance to teach them. Unfortunately, she and her husband are failing. Resistance to the mosque is based on ignorance, sure, but her blind refusal to acknowledge the pain or engage those who resist the mosque is doing nothing to build bridges between the communities. She needs to acknowledge the injury, be respectful of it, and move the communities past it. Indeed, she is only furthering negative perceptions about American Muslims and furthering the division. It is a teaching moment. And she needs to be mindful about what is being taught.

  • Ombudsman1

    I love Daisy Khan’s sister Chaka.Her song “A Night in Tunisia” is one of my favorites as are her greatest hits.If you don’t like Chaka, you have no soul.

  • souljahzonfiya

    Oops, I meant to say: It is for NOT for no reason that extremists are bombing shrines all over Pakistan that are devoted to Muslim saints who preached love and tolerance.

  • Dave115

    Is there not a chess player in our midst? Let’s revisit Hannibal’s victory at the Battle of Cannae. Build a temple, build a thousand. A temple, like anything, in the end, is subject to the Higher Power (Repo Man). As long as they can’t airlift the real estate to the Middle East, we own it.

  • iamerican

    Bush and Cheney committed 9/11. Quit being a moron or a full-blown traitor, saying otherwise. Pray on it and/or read “The New Pearl Harbor.” G-d will inform you of the truth either way.

  • JBUD

    Keep up the fight for the Cordoba House. It is important work you are doing in fighting to uphold American values, values that I feel should be universal to all humans in our efforts to create a better world.

  • Desertdiva1

    aksunder wrote “They are losers, deadbeats and racists”We are also your neighbors, employers, bank/loam officials, child’s teachers, and health care professionals. Go ahead and build that mosque but understand the suffering of other muslims who get paid back for your arrogance.

  • algasema2

    YENTA1 is right. It isn’t even about the “mosque”. It’s about whether America is going to be taken over by the bigoted right wing nuts who hate Muslims, Hispanics, and everyone else except white Christian fundamentalists. The best way to preserve all of our freedoms is to support Park 51. By the way, I am also from a Jewish background.

  • yarbrougharts

    You are right, Do not back down, the law must prevail. The issue is just too important. Islamophobics can not be allowed to have their prejudices triumph. They will lose as the rest of America wins by confidently holding on to one of our foundational rights.

  • iamerican

    “Arrogance” to claim the protection of The Bill of Rights, when any literate American can have complete moral authority in the knowledge that Bush and Cheney actually committed 9/11? The curse comes not without cause: Live and speak a lie, let it manifest itself in your body and soul. What other sort comes up with cancer?

  • cleancut77

    Sally you are a joke as a journalist. Did you ask her since the outreach aim of their mosque has now been squashed what the real aim of the mosque is going forward?I’m not surprised by the unwillingness to negotiate this is exactly the behavior anyone with a semblance of understanding of how Islam works would expect. We are infidels and we are daring to confront them thus according to their book we must be eliminated. I’m glad I don’t live in NYC anymore because the wrath of the moderate Muslims is coming and it wont be cute.

  • qualquan

    As one born in a Muslim household I want to know who is really behind all this unnecessary mischief. This controversy has all the American Muslims very worried and frightened. She and the Imam should open up all their books on funding to make sure they are not paid tools of anti Muslim group/s who are thoroughly enjoying the ugly spectacle.

  • Miovski

    I pray to the God of Christianity and Islam for healing between the adherants of the religions.I pray for religious tolerance, understanding, and acceptance…by Christians for Muslims.I pray for religious tolerance, understanding, and acceptance…by Muslims for Christians.And I thank God that the First Amendment to our country’s Constitution guarantees freedom of religion for Muslims as well as Christians (and adherants of every other religion).

  • iamerican

    There is only One G-d, Creator of the universe.

  • mike85

    The US government needs to designate Ground Zero and all of the grounds within half a mile of a war momorial, and not permit any construction that would desecrate it, including a monument to the murders of 9/11.

  • victoriafalls100

    If “ground zero” is so sacred, why has it been allowed to remain a giant ditch for nearly nine years? Yes, people can go there for spiritual reasons, but it’s still a hole. And, when finished, it will be an office building with some places for remembrance, but still an office building. If the place is so holy, there should have been religious institutions there already. There is more than a whiff of hypocrisy in the talk about the place. But for the purpose of this comment, let’s assume virtue on the part of the millions of people who are so upset.Look on the bright side. If the mosque really becomes a Moslem version of a “Y”, then tremendous strides will have been made in interfaith relations. Best of all, our democratic institutions will have been validated.On the other hand, the people planning the mosque, the leaders, showed a great lack of understanding about American feelings regarding ground zero, hole or not. They should have had the common sense, the courtesy, the decency to reach out. Either that or they did understand and decided to be utterly tactless and insensitive, a great affront and reason to be concerned.The leadership of this group is, at bottom, the main issue. Are they ultra-conservative jihadists? Or are the leaders just learned religious clergy as found in all faiths? What are the values of the leadership of the mosque? How will they guide their flock? They also need to state their position about terrorism, to address seriously the fears that Americans have. After all, John Kennedy was forced to give his “I’m an American first, Catholic second” speech. What’s wrong with expecting something similar from Muslim leadership? In any case, it’s curious that Imam Rauf is off on a state department tour, leaving his wife to try to mop up. All religions have had their fanatic rabble rousers in this country. Consider Father Coughlin in the ’30s. He finally had to be stopped by the Catholic hierarchy – to their credit. What hierarchy would stop a Moslem rabble rouser? The leaders of polygamous groups are moral reprobates; efforts are made to stop them. Ditto the leaders at Waco. And the crazies in the wilds of our western states. Would we, as a society, have the courage to close down a similar Moslem group?I am concerned. But I’m also willing to let the mosque be built. Give them a chance to assimilate. It’s the American way.

  • iamerican

    Would it not be easier and more productive to simply try and fry Bush and Cheney? After all they did commit 9/11.

  • jm125

    Daisy “the islamist dog” Kahn asks;

  • veerle1

    Instead of ridiculing an entire religion, put the blame where it squarely belongs: Bin Laden and his messed-up followers.Every religion has its share of sociopaths.

  • rdtshop

    Posted by: Cobalt1 | August 19, 2010 6:14 PMLet’s call this what it really is:+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Ms. Khan’s statements are self-centered and insensitive. Can she guarantee this will serve as a Victory mosque for many radical Muslims? No.They have every right to build it, but it isn’t right to build it. You can’t build bridges by ignoring 2/3 of the American public’s opinion.

  • iamerican

    The Roman hierarchy (now promoting and protecting illegal immigration as invasion for conquest of America – Viz. “The National Pastoral Plan for Hispanic Ministry,” Doc. 199-7) silenced Coughlin because they feared Americans’ “connecting the dots” on his support for Hitler, considering Prescott Bush’s finance of the author of “I Paid Hitler,” papal baron, Fritz “the Rockefeller of Germany” Thyssen, from the Rockefellers’ Vatican correspondent bank coffers – filled by RC collection plates in America. It is no coincidence Prescott’s son, GHWBush, “can’t recall” his whereabouts upon hearing of John Kennedy’s assassination, though two FBI memos prove otherwise, or that W. was “off the grid” for three days after his loss to McCain in N.H.’s primary, as a dozen credible witnesses saw and heard JFK, Jr.’s plane explode on approach to Martha’s Vineyard. Can’t see that which Jefferson, America’s Founder, Author and Prophet, called “the real Anti-Christ?” Looks like your un-American eyes are on something other than G-d. Haven’t figured out “Annuit Coeptis,” yet?

  • carlbatey

    Meet me at the White House for some hate, betrayal and ribs.Muslims will be accepted when they stop their poisonous way.

  • wfwf

    @Sally QuinnPlease do not call this a mosque, it is not. From a Financial Times article August 13 2010:“We insist on calling it a prayer space and not a mosque, because you can use a prayer space for activities apart from prayer. You can’t stop anyone who is a Muslim despite his religious ideology from entering the mosque and staying there,” said Imam Rauf’s wife and partner, Daisy Khan, who runs the American Society for Muslim Advancement, from an office housed on the Upper West Side’s famed Riverside Church. “With a prayer space, we can control who gets to use it.”

  • lloyd2

    Magnificent statement, position well taken by Ms. Khan… She has nothing to be ashamed of. As a Catholic, a confirmed American, I salute her.Lloyd Winburn

  • magnifco1000

    What scares me the most are the huge Christian Mega Churches dominating the American Midwest. Some are legit, some just businesses for corrupt “pastors,” but others you have to wonder about. Are they stockpiling guns, preparing for “the Rapture,” and Armageddon, preaching violence and hate. Repressing women by insisting the Bible says women have to put up with violent husbands and cannot work outside the home. The “Christian Identity Movement,” and the rest of them. I fear them much, much, more, then these NYC Muslims.

  • FormerRepublicant

    Sadly these fake Christians blacken Jesus’s eyes with their utter all-consuming hatred.

  • jiji1

    They talk about having a ‘healing dialogue’ and ‘building bridges’, but this is having the opposite effect. It’s dividing people, not bringing them together.Also, how they they expect to get any location, especially in NYC, without financing?

  • FormerRepublicant

    Nice work on your use of ‘they’, bigot JIJI1, like Muslims are some kind of alien race. Your master Glen Beck is proud.

  • playfair109

    Khan says …” When will Muslims be accepted as plain old Americans?”——————————When they stop murdering innocent Americans, stop the barbaric practice of honor killings, stop with their intolerance of other religions, stop the notion of Sharia law, and stop torturing their women with mutilations, and turning them into slaves for men.

  • FormerRepublicant

    “——————————When they stop murdering innocent Americans, stop the barbaric practice of honor killings, stop with their intolerance of other religions, stop the notion of Sharia law, and stop torturing their women with mutilations, and turning them into slaves for men.Posted by: playfair109 | August 19, 2010 8:14 PMSounds a lot like evangelical Christians and their minority-hating homosexual-hating intolerant ways. You walked right into that one, bigot.

  • flipper49

    Let’s one thing straight: the reason people think Islam is a peaceful religion if that most of them aren’t truly practicing Muslims. They don’t know the Qu’ran and therefore don’t really understand the true mission of Islam! If they were true to the Qu’ran, they’d live a lot differently!…A lot nastier!See:This mosque issue has NOTHING to do with racism, “freedom of religion” or other such things which ignore the true issue itself. That issue is that Islam WANTS America. If they can’t coerce us they WILL take it by force if we let them. Again, READ the above-linked article before you ignorantly say otherwise! I AM tired of people taking the word of a*party* or even friends about this serious an issue and stating what they hear as fact without READING about it and actually verifying it from knowledgeable sources! Obama’s birth certificate was PROVEN by*several* sources to be a fake (both by medical and legal personnel!) yet people stupidly believe those who swear it’s real. That’s the kind of ignorance that will destroy us.POSTED BY: RIGHT_AS_RAIN: No, “Right,” ignorance exactly like what you just wrote is the problem. I don’t mean to be rude, but you obviously don’t understand Islam. (*READ* THE LINK!)POSTED BY: SOULJAHZONFIYA:

  • nyadrian

    Perhaps Ms Khan would like to explain to we unenlightened Americans why Islam is so drenched in violence? Why is it that in different corners of the world, time after time, muslims massacre innocent civilians as an act of religious piety? How close were we to losing another 200 innocents with the underwear bomber? And how long before the next Islamic atrocity against the West??

  • gurudev16

    Not a Muslim. Just an American citizen but at this point I’d say to the Daisy Khan-is please don’t back down, don’t capitulate to these racist bigots, who have so little actual believe in the creed of this country. Before it did not matter where to me one bit where this community center should be sited. After hearing and reading these sick racist tirades- it ought to be, can only be where it was originally proposed. What stronger message could be sent to the Muslim world and the reactionary racist in this country.

  • kenk3

    America needs muslims like fish need bicycles.

  • andym108

    It’s always nice to read comments like these in order to be reminded of just how far we have to go as a country. But as the saying goes, “We’re not what we should be, and we’re not what we will be, but thank God we ain’t what we used to be!” Take heart, Ms. Khan—We’ll all eventually look back on this as little more than one transient moment of national embarrassment. Segregationists had long standing majorities on their side, too.

  • AntonX2

    Had it been Christian fanatics who crashed planes into the WTC, I guarantee you most Americans would be totally fine with a Christian church right ON the site, nevermind two and a half blocks away. The ignorance of Americans doesn’t really surprise me, since most of them fail to see the obvious. A religion did not attack us on 9/11, a few fanatic followers of that religion did. Smearing all for the actions of a few is something I think we all learned is totally wrong, yet this is what most of us continue to do. Shamefully, most Americans are not as open minded as they think themselves. Push comes to shove, most Americans only appreciate their liberties when they are the ones benefiting from it. Good for Khan for not backing down — I support her 100% and hope the project goes forward as planned.

  • hitpoints

    desertdiva1 wrote, “We are also your neighbors, employers, bank/loam officials, child’s teachers, and health care professionals. Go ahead and build that mosque but understand the suffering of other muslims who get paid back for your arrogance.”Yes, desertdiva, many Americans felt very much the same way about the audacity of black children attending previously all-white schools. Everyday Americans, the neighbors, employers, et al, were wrong then, they are wrong now.Imagine, thinking that living up to the 1st Amendment is arrogant. Muslims are the new “uppity” to these fools.

  • tonyjm

    I think most folks in his country are in favor of freedom of religion. But the knife cuts both ways…everyone has to consider the emotions of all people and in the case of the building the Muslims want to build, they are not considering the feelings of the people. It is that simple.

  • joy5

    The real issue here is a conquering religion/cult like Islam is out of sync with today’s politics, much as the conquering religion of Christianity of the mid-1800s would be out of step today. The ‘Follow the Sun’ White Race/Aryan superiority model used by McKinley/(Theodore) Roosevelt/Taft and company got us into horrible trouble with Japan and China (go ahead..look up the real truth of who profited from the Opium Wars..Queen Victoria is down on record as the biggest drug dealer in history) over the conflicting Open Door policy with China in the mid 1800s yet the exclusionary policy with chinese in the US. Aided and abetted by the christian and catholic church in the US. And we’re allowing similar mistakes with Islam…make no mistake…Islam is a conquering religion with the eventual aim of enslaving the entire world to Sharia law. Stop the mosque now.

  • jiji1

    So anyone who opposes this mosque is a racist and a bigot, and anyone who considers it insensitive is just a racist? Do I have that right?

  • FormerDemocrat

    Muslims will be accepted in America when they stop celebrating terrorism or wanting to build memorials to extremist attacks against our nation by Muslims.

  • washpost29

    Good answer to those, such as Howard Dean, who, with the best of intentions, hope for a willing compromise of principle as a means toward furthering mutual understanding.Much, much more is already at stake — constitutional principle, foreign policy, religious belief — than some ill-informed people’s uncomfortable “feelings” about Muslim Americans.As Kathleen Parker wrote the other day, “Feeling is emotion, which isn’t necessarily bad, but it bears watching. Reason tells us something else.”Reason must prevail.

  • Petras123

    Daisy says they won’t back down ?So Daisy… the offer by the Governor to help move the Mosque to reduce tension is still unacceptable to you ? How is this “bridge-building” ?Tell us again, why the Hamas-backed mosque MUST be built on the 13th floor overlooking Ground Zero ?Surely its just a coincidence radical Jew-hating and American-hating Muslims like Hamas WANT it built overlooking Ground Zero ?Why would that be ? Surely it is NOT a victory Mosque like the ones built in Jerusalem, Istanbul or India ?Daisy, please tell us that the millions of American-hating 9/11 loving Muslims will NOT be praying at the mosque ?Daisy, please tell us the mosque will NOT draw thousands of eager militant young Muslims… eager to celebrate their sickening VICTORY over the dhimmis Americans. Please ?

  • erik1

    But you keep buying their gas. If they are so bad, why do you keep buying their gas and make them rich? Is it because you might have to pay more to help America? Or would you rather just biitch.

  • James10

    So anyone who opposes this mosque is a racist and a bigot, and anyone who considers it insensitive is just a racist? Do I have that right?Posted by: jiji1 | August 19, 2010 9:19 PM No, Islam isn’t a race you’re just an ignorant bigot. The ignorant bigots are also trying to stop a mosque being built outside of Nashville, TN. Is that too close to ground zero also?Ground zero is phoney, it’s not being built at ground zero and neither is the mosque in Nashville. It’s ignorant bigotry. That’s all it is, that’s all it ever was.

  • NoWayNotNow

    Oh, Daisy, Daisy. Why weren’t you and your ignorant hubby inside of one of the Twin Towers on 9/11?

  • akumar61

    Many of those who object to this mosque/community center suggests that it dishonors the memory of those who died on 9/11.Should it be moved under pressure, what does that tell the families of the many muslims, both US citizens and allies, who have died in service to the US? Doesn’t it terribly dishonor the memory of their loved ones? And what of the memory of those who have fought not for soil of the US, but for the values imbued within the US constitution. Doesn’t blocking the mosque dishonor their memory?Are those Muslims so much less American that their place of worship must be 2 miles from Ground zero rather than 2 blocks? Or perhaps 20 miles would be better? Or, let’s be honest, perhaps we would be better without them altogether…like Japanese-Americans during WWII?Newt Gingrich has said that the countries of the middle east don’t allow churches or synagogues…quite so. Isn’t that the point? Do Americans now aspire to be comparable to Iran, Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan?

  • sightseer

    This controversy continues to grow because of endless pandering by Post reporters/columnists and their like. It is ironic that all the Post’s lefties were accusing anybody who opposed the mosque as bigots by definition. With 70% opposition, and even big name lefties like Reid and Dean joining the opposition, it is more difficult for the Post to dismiss opponents with such smears. Thus, the switch to softer sell like this piece. My gosh how surprised she was to encounter opposition! Give us a break. She wasn’t a bit surprised but for the fact that the phony mayor had assured her he would try to shame New Yorkers into going along by calling them all bigots if they didn’t. The old race card transformed into the freedom of religion card. Aside from the fact that it would be disgraceful for a mosque to be built at Ground Zero that would become a rallying point for the bad guys, there are serious questions surrounding this woman’s husband and the mosque’s backers that are not the product of bigotry. When the facts are known, the supporters of this mosque may look like fools and knaves. And the only remaining supporters will be the lefties who normally are the first to thumb their noses at any organized religion. What irony.

  • fstewart61

    Ms. Khan,I am saddened that so many of the comments here. I’ve served in the U.s. military for over 20 years to help protect our freedoms, including freedom of religion. I am a Christian but I have deep respect for Islam and for what you, your husband and your community have done to oppose terrorism and build understanding. I pray that God will bless you all and will make your center the blessing to the community that you intend it to be.

  • NoWayNotNow

    The blood of thousands of innocents will forever lie at the foundation of the Ground Zero mosque and Islam will forever have their blood on its hands. We will never forget, Daisy, what your oppressive and murderous cult of the pedophile Mohammed has wrought.

  • lonquest

    I can’t believe so many Americans are back to believing in holding a whole class of people responsible for the crimes of a small group. This is exactly why we should never have elevated terrorism by making it into a military issue instead of the law enforcement issue it deserves to be. In short, accusing Islam itself of the crimes of 9/11 is incredibly ill-considered.The kind of thinking on display in far too many of these posts can create nothing but endless sorrow. To take revenge on a whole class of people for the actions of a few would be obscenely immoral.Some days, my people cause me great shame.

  • dave19

    Kahn asks “When will Muslims be accepted as plain old Americans?”When ALL plain old Muslims TOTALLY repudiate the Koran’s clear command that all Muslims should either CONVERT all Infidels (meaning anyone who is NOT a Muslim) or KILL them! In fact I would modify the Oath of Allegiance all Immigrant Muslims have to make before they are made American citizens to include adding “…allegiance to the Constitution of the United States AND NOT TO SHARIA LAW… and after “..enemies foreign and domestic, INCLUDING ALL THOSE WHO OBEY THE KORAN’S COMMAND TO CONVERT ALL INFIDELS OR KILL THEM…”

  • jblast2000

    Daisy Khan is shocked. The Republicans are really going after us.”The Republicans? Really? “This is what the controversial Islamic community center and mosque being planned in Lower Manhattan means to Ehab Zahriyeh: not having to play basketball in church leagues.”This is what the controversial Islamic community center and mosque being planned in Lower Manhattan means to Islamo terrorists: Having a Victory Monument next to their victory site where ala akbar can be heard daily and of course a great recruiting tool for them. Let them play basketball somewhere else. Mayor Patterson has said that he would help them find another place. If it was ONLY about basketball they would not have refused his offer. Accepted? Daisy Khan, you’re a con…

  • NoWayNotNow

    “Some days, my people cause me great shame”Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, then. “My people”–what a pretentious twit.

  • jblast2000

    Why doesn’t the Imam disclose the funding? Why doesn’t this Imam condemn Islamo terrorists?Why doesn’t this Imam consider Hamas a terrorist group?Why did this Imam blame America for 9/11? Why does this Imam get sent around the world on the Tax Payers dollar?

  • bryan37

    Muslims are already accepted. But is she surprised that people are touchy about building another mosque near a site where a gang of Muslim thugs slaughtered thousands of people in the name of Islam? Maybe she isn’t the person Muslims want to present Islam to America, but she lacks real sensitivity and understanding.

  • sparkyone

    She asks “When will Muslims be accepted as plain old Americans?”Simple answer – when Muslims stop trying to kill plain old Americans.

  • flamingliberal

    Ms. Khan,I’m an American and I’m sorry for your pain and the pain the right wing, conservative, white, Republicans has caused you, your family and your community. These people are filled with hate. They always have been. Why just last week they were going lynch, deport or jail every Mexican without papers they could find. Their hatred just moves rapidly from group to group to group. Just like their close cousins, the German Nazis.

  • esch

    I thought we were a better country than we are. Many of the posts are as hate-filled as the writings of the White Citizens Councils that were established more than 50 years ago after the Supreme Court decision in Brown v. Board of Education, which ordered the desegregation of the schools. The posts exhibit the same level of irrationality and blind hate as those writings. We survived the White Citizens Councils and we will survive this effort to turn the country against Muslims.Our Constitution guarantees freedom of religion and the right to freely exercise religion. That includes the right of a religious group to build places of worship and schools and community centers. That is one of the greatest parts of our heritage and the area where we have lead the rest of the world since our founding. It is a right that all Americans have. If we deny this right to Muslim-Americans, we harm ourselves as much as we harm them.

  • jblast2000

    Daisy Khan: “When will Muslims be accepted?”The question Khan should be: When will Muslims accept women? “It will have a real community feel, to celebrate the pluralism in the United States, as well as in the Islamic religion…”How sweet and lovely this is, it almost brings a tear to your eye.

  • rbmagee

    The First Amendment says that government may make no law impeding the free exercise of religion. Okay, that takes care of government, any government, Federal, state, or local. As for private groups and individuals that may dislike the building of a mosque or Catholic church or synagogue or Buddhist temple near Ground Zero, it’s none of my business. It’s none of your business, either.

  • rbmagee

    The First Amendment says that government may make no law impeding the free exercise of religion. Okay, that takes care of government, any government, Federal, state, or local. As for private groups and individuals that may dislike the building of a mosque or Catholic church or synagogue or Buddhist temple near Ground Zero, it’s none of my business. It’s none of your business, either.

  • rbmagee

    The First Amendment says that government may make no law impeding the free exercise of religion. Okay, that takes care of government, any government, Federal, state, or local. As for private groups and individuals that may dislike the building of a mosque or Catholic church or synagogue or Buddhist temple near Ground Zero, it’s none of my business. It’s none of your business, either.

  • hakam1

    Imam Faisal Abdul Rauf’s 2004 book had two different titles – one in English and the second in Arabic. In the U.S., his book was called, ‘What’s right with America is what’s right with Islam.”The same book, published in Arabic, bore the name, “The Call from the WTC Rubble: Islamic Da’wah from the Heart of America Post-9/11.”

  • hakam1

    Mosques have always been used as symbols of rising from their enemies defeat. They are sorepoints around the world as a spot to infest neighborhoods and promote social unrest, and violence. Though they might have a religious component the largest effort and money goes to undermining the host country and by it written doctrine to spread islam and islamic goals. The Koran states it is permissible to lie and be manipulative and deceitful while waiting to gain power and momentum to overthrown islamic opposition. They act docile till the time is right and then the long knives come out. Let them do this in another country To better understand why there is opposition to this affront to decency and the United States read the books of the muslim doing this, there will be no mistake, his books his words. Go to Borders, Waldenbooks, Amazon etc

  • hakam1

    Qur’an:9:29 “Fight those who do not believe from among the people of the Book until 
They all surrender, paying the protective tax in humiliation and submission.”
Qur’an:8:39 “Fight them until all opposition ends and all submit to Allah.”
Qur’an:8:39 “So fight them until there is no more Fitnah (disbelief [non-Muslims]) and all submit to the religion of Allah alone (in the whole world).”

  • Martial

    I can’t believe so many Americans are back to believing in holding a whole class of people responsible for the crimes of a small group. This is exactly why we should never have elevated terrorism by making it into a military issue instead of the law enforcement issue it deserves to be. In short, accusing Islam itself of the crimes of 9/11 is incredibly ill-considered.The kind of thinking on display in far too many of these posts can create nothing but endless sorrow. To take revenge on a whole class of people for the actions of a few would be obscenely immoral.Some days, my people cause me great shame.POSTED BY: LONQUEST | AUGUST 19, 2010 10:01 PM _____________Only in Elysium would those able to use words avoid this logically erroneous thought pattern. One would hope this blatant an example of bigotry would be too embarrassing to commit.

  • jblast2000

    Why doesn’t the Imam disclose the funding?Why doesn’t this Imam condemn Islamo terrorists?Why doesn’t this Imam consider Hamas a terrorist group?Why did this Imam blame America for 9/11?Why does this Imam get sent around the world on the Tax Payers dollar?”When will Muslims be accepted?” WHEN WILL MUSLIMS DENOUNCE ISLAMO TERRORISTS?

  • jblast2000

    64 percent of New Yorkers oppose the mosque project.POSTED BY: SCREWJOB19 According to Daisy Khan, they’re all Republican.

  • jblast2000

    “When will Muslims be accepted?” WHEN WILL MUSLIMS DENOUNCE ISLAMO TERRORISTS?

  • hrayspitz

    Islam will be “accepted” when Saudi Arabia (and other “Islamic” nations) allow Christians to safely proselytize, worship, and build Christian Churches in their countries and Muslims to safely convert to other religions. Until then, consider the “UnWelcome” mat to be out.

  • LaLydia

    Keep talking, Daisy. You are chatting with Sally Quinn about constitutional rights, healing, tolerance, dialogue, etc. but what you are saying, and what we are hearing, is: “We are are here, we are in your face, we are smarter than you, we don’t care about your feelings regarding this mosque, we don’t care about your 3,000 dead, and we are going to put this mosque where we damn well please while preparing to cram your constitution down your throats. Screw you, you ignorant dhimmis.”

  • rbmagee

    Is it possible to get a list of all the people, and their businesses, who disapprove of, and are even prepared to do violence to, the mosque to be built near Ground Zero? If I know the businesses, then I can refuse to do business with them. I can take my business, and my money, elsewhere. No hard feelings, I just don’t want to do business with people whose feelings border on racism, or are plainly racist. Some of those people have posted here.

  • abrahamhab1

    Daisy asks:When they show some loyalty to the country that took them in. There are many manifestations for that loyalty starting with limiting their citizenship to only this country, and desisting from trying to change our laws and way of life to make us look like the failed societies from which they had escaped.

  • rohit57

    When 70% of independents are opposed to the mosque, then Daisy Khan’s “It’s hard for us to imagine we are in the thick of a controversy like this. The Republicans are really going after us” is a delusion.She is unable to see what the problem is, and that it is not just anti-Muslim fanatics who are opposed.She is being misled by liberals, and by people like Gingrich, who both give the false impression that all opposition comes from bigots or from Republicans. A lot of it is coming from ordinary Americans.This dispute has done a great deal of harm to the nation. We need to understand that coming together requires patience and understanding from both sides, and hysterical anger has come as much from liberals as it has from Republicans.I would say that the blame rests not primarily with the Imam and his wife – they are not politicians. Much of the blame rests on Bloomberg who is indeed a politician and should have anticipated the brouhaha. If he had tactfully steered the Imam and his wife away from this site, we would all be resting much easier, the mosque would be on track at some more congenial location and there would not be all this hysteria.

  • AgentG

    The salient point is that terrorist abuse religion for their own twisted ideological purposes. The so-called ‘Islamic’ terrorists are male chauvinist sectarians, who seek tyrannical power over their subjects. This is very similar to nativist Christian ideologues representing the hard radical right in the USA, they have totally lost sight of true Christian teachings and principles, in favor of concocted americanized versions of puritanism and neurotic ambitions of economic profit.The mosque controversy in the USA simply reflects how ignorant a portion of our population is — like the 20% who believe Pres. Obama is a Muslim. But it should not even matter what his religion is. Our press and media should finally stand up against all religions that seek to impede in the political domain, which is clearly a most un-American notion, but one which the nation has had to constantly struggle against to survive and thrive.

  • rohit57

    can’t believe so many Americans are back to believing in holding a whole class of people responsible for the crimes of a small group. This is exactly why we should never have elevated terrorism by making it into a military issue instead of the law enforcement issue it deserves to be. In short, accusing Islam itself of the crimes of 9/11 is incredibly ill-considered.————————And asking to move the mosque a few blocks, is it in your mind a “revenge” comparable to slaughtering several thousand people?If so, you need to see a therapist.

  • sinz52

    Daisy Khan asks: “When will Muslims be accepted as plain old Americans?”I’ll accept them as “plain old Americans” when:1. When Muslims in Dearborn Michigan stop supporting Hezbollah, which is listed by the U.S. State Department as a terrorist organization.2. When Muslims all across America state once and for all that violent jihad has no place in the United States. Not now, not ever.3. When Muslims all across America state that U.S. civil law will NEVER be subsumed by Islamic law of Sharia. Not now, not ever. Now if and when American Muslims are prepared to agree, without the usual weasel words and hedging and b.s. we’ve come to expect from all Muslims, maybe then they can be accepted as “plain old Americans.”But some of us have just had our fill of Muslim duplicity and disingenuousness. We watched Yasir Arafat play such games in the Middle East for years and years.This is America.This is OUR country.

  • jeanryan1752

    Hey… “my people cause me great shame, Lonquest”, try immigrating to Saudi Arabia or Iran or Indonesia with all it’s Christen churches and Jewish temples and rights for women and “kill the infidels” sentiments and show us some real action on that SHAME. Put your money where your mouth is.

  • diagasi

    Bukhari (83:37) – “Allah’s Apostle never killed anyone except in one of the following three situations: (1) A person who killed somebody unjustly, was killed (in Qisas,) (2) a married person who committed illegal sexual intercourse and (3) a man who fought against Allah and His Apostle and deserted Islam and became an apostate.”

  • tourist011

    Why on earth is Sally Quinn permitted to insert herself into this controversy? Let’s build a mosque next to her Georgetown mansion.

  • tlwinslow

    When will Muslims be accepted in America? When you change and quit trying to change us. Next question?Unlike other religions, Islam is also a political ideology that comes with an all-embracing way of life called Sharia that comes straight out of the Quran with divine backing, and is totally at war with the principles of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights because it demands that Muslims subvert all govts. on Earth in order to make Muslims superior to non-Muslims and men to women, and trample the rights “infidels”. Sorry, but until there is an Islamic Reformation parallel to the Christian Reformation, the American people don’t have the word dumb-bunny stamped on their foreheads and will never be able to truly accept them into the body politic as part of We the People. Instead, the mistake of allowing several million Muslims to immigrate straight from Muslim countries where intolerant supremacist Islam is the official religion and Sharia rules is being realized by more and more millions, and hopfully the city gates will be shut to more until Islam itself proves it’s changed, else each Muslim American is a ticking time bomb like Maj. Nidal Hasan and the Times Square Bomber. Try the Historyscoper’s free online Islam history school to see the long consistent track record and why it needs to change.

  • saelij

    The more the backers dig in their heels, the more I wonder about their motives. I also beg to differ with Ms. Khan that it is the republicans that are mounting opposition to the project. 70% of Americans oppose the project and not all of them are republicans. This is starting to to look like an “in your face” movement than a project to build understanding between cultures

  • cm2chapman

    When you show us the same consideration and respect that you not only demand from us but try to wrest for yourselves via legislation and the courts.When you feel you can grow up and become an actual contributing member of American society who doesn’t just contribute for the good of Muslims.When you question the wisdom of your own actions which has effectively pi$$ed off the entire nation at you and caused THEM to question where your loyalty truly lies.When you openly disclose the source of all your funding and it doesn’t include Al Qaeda, Taliban, Hamas, Hezbollah or other groups with American blood on their hands.When you respect MY right to open a strip club, a gay bar, an adult bookstore, or a ham deli next to it, I will respect YOUR right to open a mosque anywhere you damn well please.If I’ve offended you with my bluntness. I AM sorry. The only real condolence I can offer is a plane ticket back to the Middle Eastern hellhole of your choice….

  • Secular

    Ms. Khan:

  • Secular


  • Hempy

    Sufi Muslims are vastly different from their fundamentalist counterparts of Islam by about 180 degrees. Just as the Gnostic Paul and Gnostic Christians are about 180 degrees different from what goes under the name of Christian orthodoxy.In both instances, orthodoxy is essentially a repudiation of their founders teachings and practices. Gnostics and Sufis affirm a common Father of humanity. Both are guided by the gnostic principles of loving your neighbor as yourself, and practicing the Golden Rule.Unfortunately, orthodoxy (fundamentalism) is based upon the belief that you have to hate your enemy (anyone who doesn’t share your beliefs) and deny your neighbor liberty and justice.

  • farnaz_mansouri2

    Secular”Khan typically is a muslim last name. Most of the Khans hail from the sub-continent. For example the infamous Yahya Khan, nick named the butcher of Bangladesh, who had usurped the pakistani presidentship from the other infamous (self proclaimed field marshal)Ayub Khan. Who had of course usurped the power from civilian authorities way back few years after its so called Independence.”But what does this have to do with the topic? With Rauf and Daisy Khan?

  • SeedofChange

    OBAMA is sending the Imam around the world and giving him Big Bucks to go. George Bush did it before him. And with the American Taxpayers money!!!May be the few THOUSAND DOLLAR to try to send a message to isolate the extremist from rest of the population is a SMART investment!

  • SeedofChange

    Islam recognizes two types of people: believers and infidels. If the infidels can not be converted to believers, the Koran says they should be killed.How is that for tolerance?If Islam order all Infedals, why are there still Christians left in those countries. They did not apparently convert while Islam ruled them!Islam ruled India from 1500 (?) AD to 1750 AD; why are all Hindus still alive in India and the Hindus are still 80% of the population!

  • SeedofChange

    Islam recognizes two types of people: believers and infidels. If the infidels can not be converted to believers, the Koran says they should be killed.How is that for tolerance? America and Australia are the only known cases.Spaniard tried do the same in South America and did not completely succeed.

  • jailkkhosla

    Will Daisy Khan please answer this question.Daisy, given the Islamic apartheid practiced in Saudi Arabia will you still do the hajj?

  • yasseryousufi

    In human history there had been cases where local population was anihilated by the invasion forces….America and Australia are the only known cases.Spaniard tried do the same in South America and did not completely succeed.————————————And not to forget Jerusalem after the first Crusade when the pious Christian sacrificed EVERY single inhabitant of the city for the love of Christ and by their own admission walked knee deep in the blood of saracens~!

  • concerned1231

    When they join the human race.


    The Christian right are neither. They are doing exactly the opposite of what Christ taught us. Love thy neighbor Sarah and Newt!!!

  • revnate

    Dear Daisy Khan, I’m moved by your comments and my heart goes out to you and your family who have been the recipient of such hateful communication. This is a time where much fear clouds our ability to love thy neighbor. My intention is to publicly contribute to this dialogue with words that promote reason, tolerance and peace. Thank you for doing the same.Peace,Reverend Nate Walker

  • Secular


  • fionalowther

    I am sorry that Daisy Khan and her husband have received death threats. As always, in any group, there is a pocket of sick and closed minds — like those of Fundamentalist Islamics who took down the WTC buildings. But when she says “Our ideals must prevail,” I wonder how open her own mind is. If, as claimed, Park51 is supposed to bridge a chasm between Islam and non-Islam, they’re going about it the wrong way.

  • jdcarmine

    I sure hope we finally get to see Mohammed on South Park. If Muslims really want to be Americans then it is time to BE treated like Americans. Perhaps we can finally look at Islam without our PC blinders. Let’s just compare the books: New Testament vs. Koran vs. Old Testament. If it is really truth time, well let’s just let the Koran enter into the same arena. I want to see Mohammed just like we see Jesus and Moses.

  • TomHartman100

    Let us know ASAP how to make contributions. I cannot think of a more all-American cause at this time.

  • quark75

    The debate generated in the present context is certainly a good indication of unity that is to come. I pray happiness and good health for all. I pray that after the mosque is built, no one need to check blood pressure every Friday afternoon.

  • Nabihah

    please check out

  • kchses1

    I live in New York City and hope they build it. Don’t give in to these people who spread lies and hate. If you appease them now they’ll be back with more demands and one day it will be violence.

  • libertymeanslife

    When the muslims can state HONESTLY that all religions are free and welcomed in the middle east and other countries controlled by the muslims, then they can be accepted in America. “Moderate” Turkey has persecuted almost all of the millions of Greek Orthodox Christians therefore only about 2,000 remain in that country, tho Constantinople (now Istambul) was where this Christian religion started. If a “MODERATE” muslim country will not allow the free practice of Christians, why should our country accept the Islamic muslims who are determined to control western civilization and lie to us all the time? They want their shari’a laws in the U.S.A. and other western european countries. They are not peace loving people.

  • shovandas

    Ms. Khan,I would appreciate a simple ” yes ” or ” no ” to my simple question :Since this is going to be an inter-faith center, will you / your husband allow prayer rooms for Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists and other faiths ? Just a few very small prayer rooms.Thanks

  • TruthBKnown2

    To Fiona Lowther who asked why the Muslims don’t build “their center” in extreme fundamentalist areas where there “really needs to be some bridging,” the answer is they do! If you availed yourself of international news coverage, you would see that these folks are terrorized and murdered everyday abroad. You would see that white Americans do not have a monopoly on terrorist victimhood and that not only do these extremists terrorize Muslims in Islamic countries, but they did target Muslim Americans here on 9/11 just as they targeted everyone else whom they deemed evil. We have no standing to pick at the splint in anyone else’s eye when it is so clear we have logs in our own. When nearly half of Americans polled by CNN said that they wouldn’t approve of a mosque being built two blocks from their own houses, whether they lived in Kansas or Alabama, we need that center now more than ever.

  • miriamac2001

    When will Muslims be accepted?

  • farnaz_mansouri2

    The center will be constructed, although we don’t know when. No funding sources have thus far been ruled out, including Iran.As for Saudi Arabia, look first to Georgetown, then check carefully ME studies programs around the nation that accept donations from SA, Qatar, and other terrorist-funding nations. That is simply the way of things. The thought of SA funding a Sufi center is hilarious, but then again so it their funding John Esposito at Georgetown.The center will be built because its construction is consistent with local laws and it is Constitutionally protected. What, then, is the point of this endless “opining”?

  • jiji1

    1) When ONE THOUSAND MUSLIMS MARCH and demand that OTHER MUSLIMS stop flying planes into buildings full of innocent people.2) When TEN THOUSAND MUSLIMS MARCH to demand that Churches, Synagogues, and Buddhist and Hindu Temples be allowed to be built in muslim countries without having to worry about “infidels being attacked.3) When ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND MUSLIMS MARCH and demand OTHER MUSLIMS stop stoning women and beating them raw for horrid crimes like going to school.4/ When muslims like Khan and her lying husband STOP THEIR TAQIYA / interfaith scam job and APOLOGIZE for EVEN TRYING to build a JIHADI VICTORY MONUMENT ONE BLOCK from the graves of 3000 innocents slaughtered by HER CO-RELGIONISTS.And btw Sally Quinn, you and the ENTIRE MEDIA GARBAGE CREW who sided with the DEMOCRATS ON POKING AMERICA IN THE EYE with this issue WILL pay the price. We will drive the traitors out of office who are pushing this garbage and we will drive you out of business.Go get your resume ready for Al Jazeera. (they want you in a burka).

  • bpai_99

    I can only guess how many death threats these people are receiving from “Christians.” Christ would be proud of them.

  • farnaz_mansouri2

    “Daisy Khan is shocked,” writes Sally Quinn. Well, if so, I wonder why she didn’t put that in writing herself. She has blogged here before.Why not let Daisy Khan speak to us directly? Although I have no reason to distrust Quinn, I think it always preferable to let folks talk for themselves.People have questions for Rauf and Khan. Why not invite them to blog here and answer them, Sally Quinn?

  • juliadee

    There is no religion more intolerant of other religions than the Muslim faith. That is a fact, not hate speech. Ms. Khan however, is wily enough to follow the simple-minded media’s playbook- when all else fails, blame it on the Republicans. Whether Ms. Quinn and Ms. Khan like it or not – and no matter how hard Ms. Quinn scours New York for those to interview who agree with her – the majority of New Yorkers feel that this mosque would be insensitive to the families and memory of those who died on 9/11. The media should be ashamed of themselves for turning this into a political issue, and Muslims who are supporting the building of this mosque should be ashamed of their selfishness.

  • Athena4

    Muslims died on 9/11 too, ya know. Some of them were first responders, just doing their duty. Some were employed in the Towers. Some worked at Windows on the World. The proposed community center has a 9/11 Memorial as part of the plans. But, I guess that regurgitating Right-Wing talking points is easier than actually READING about the Community Center. Ms. Khan and her husband are Sufis. Sufis are non-violent, and preach tolerance for all faiths. They’re kind of like the Unitarians or Quakers of the Islamic world. They are the exact opposite of the Wahabbi/Al Qaeda philosophy. Do you people realize that the goal of Al Qaeda is to provoke a clash of civilizations that will unite all Muslims against “The West”? That’s why they committed the 9/11 attacks. In a way, we played right into their hands. And we’re continuing to do so. By declaring ALL Muslims to be terrorists, you’re actually doing Bin Laden’s work for him. How does that feel?

  • rednova

    SalaamAlaikum,Keep up the good fight Daisy. There is ABSOLUTELY NO COMPROMISE when it comes to our basic Constitutionally protected rights to practice our religion freely and without intimidation.The Republican hate machine has revealed itself to be again a party of divisiveness, xenophobia, intolerance, and hate.I’ll donate $1,000 to the project as soon as the fund-raising begins.

  • rednova

    Someone said: Its not just the Republicans but Dems aswell like Harry “I have no moral backbone” Reid who caved into the wrong-wing talking points.His and other feeble Democrats moral and Constitutional cowardice doesn’t expunge the fact it was Republican politicians like Lazio, Palandino, King, Gingrich, Palin that started this dehumanization of Muslims and then inflamed through Republican hate radio and Republican FakeNews who just so happened to donate a million dollars to the Republican Governors Association. The association is clear for everyone to see, and no self-respecting human being not tarnished by hate would ever support this modern day hate party for as long as they live. For I am sure I will never!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • farnaz_mansouri2

    Secular,”Sorry wrong article. You windered Muqtedar Khan as being jewish. I could not get to post anything here due to website probs. I was trying let you know that Khan is different from Kahn.”I think you may have misunderstood the exchange between another blogger and yours truly–you may have read through it quickly. I know who Muqtedar Khan is, know very well. And I am well aware of his religion.But thanks anyway!Farnaz

  • areyousaying

    Maybe the same “divine hand” that inspired Ms. Kahn to plan the center where they planned it despite their insensitivity is from the same small and shallow Abrahamic god who inspired Elder Beck to piss off Blacks by having an intolerant evangelical white supremicist rally at the Mall on the anniversary of the MLK speech and Will to become a Krauthammer wannabe AIPAC shill.

  • areyousaying

    Gotta love the mock outrage when the same RepuBPlicans suckle the teats of Saudi Arabia for America’s oil addiction while obstructing alternative energy at every turn for fear of it’s impact on big oil profits.How ironic they look the other way at the sexual terrorism of Catholic clergy buggering little boys. Why don’t we hear of them protesting placing Catholic chruches near middle schools?This is nothing more than another divisive, hateful Rovian political wedge issue and the 25% of Americans who slurp up Limbaugh hate radio and RNC Fox News are too damn stupid to see through it.

  • cysusa

    The narrative of the GOP being the ones out to stop this mosque is wrong. Polls show the majority of New Yorkers and the nation object to the site. A drill down of the polls show the issue crosses political, religious and racial lines.The majority understand the legal right to build it but there is a question of is it the right thing to do? Many Muslims and Muslim organizations have expressed their objections to the site, they do not think it is appropriate. But they do not get the same media coverage. The Imam in the weeks following 9/11 said America was a party to the attacks and that Bin Laden was made in the USA. He also wants America to become Sharia compliant. I ask that people please look into Sharia law. With all do respect to Mrs. Khan, tolerance is a two way street. Moving the mosque would not be giving in – it would be acknowledging the sensitives of the victim’s families and the survivors. It would be a magnanimous gesture.

  • truthisgood4u

    Oh, yes. It’s only REPUBLICANS who disagree with this…more PROPAGANDA. Senator Harry Reid, big name DEMOCRAT, opposes it, but we mustn’t mention him, must we? Goes against the PROPAGANDA agenda.You media people have committed suicide. Newsweak was sold for a buck. Yup, one buck. Think the Post is immune, Comrade Quinn?

  • truthisgood4u

    And yes, why is THIS location so damned important? Gov. Paterson offered to find another location and help fund it. By THEIR resistance to compromise we see their motive clearly.

  • woodstock-41

    Eboo Patel & CO:ALL, EVERY & ANY {American Based} “iShlamite”s and or “Esuaite”s {aka PELEG-ians, aka, Stanic VerUS lovers of the “ELDERS OF AL-TAQIYAH” et al] islami’s should Become “METHODISTS” or Mormon’s..PS: “Nation Of Islam” don’t like “white-Crackers” let alone Kafirs. Please go clean-up Chicago ill-inois. Move Cardoba CULTture/SECTion House there.Note: G.W. & CO; TOld Ye/Yo’s a Big-Lie! He & they know the “Art of DO-n-Then-Deny”. Heck; Even (another Methodist) Bill Clinton, from Ala-mater George Town University, Know this tool (Wordmerchantizing; “Persuasion-Packaging” i[WE] call it). Note again:I’m Go’n Fish’n! {WE use sand-Worms n Spearings for Baith). Interesting. Did Ye Know that it is now proven that fish Listen n talk? But WW[i] Apocalyptic-ON’s; Not Pre-Apocalyptic-offs, art not Fish! “QUOTE” The old adage used to be; There is a Sucker Born’th every minute” [similar]; but, but now it’s more like ; “There a sucker Born every 15-Seconds” or So.

  • bhoffinger

    BS”DOnce it was clear the Jews would not accept him, Muhammad began tominimize or eliminate the Jewish influence on his beliefs…. and renounced theJewish dietary laws (except for the prohibition on eating pork)….he said the Arabs were descendants of Abraham throughhis son Ishmael, but in the Koran Abraham’s connection to the Jewsis denied, with Muhammad asserting that Abraham is only thepatriarch of Islam, not Judaism …”One of the immediate consequences of Muhammad’s frustration was theexpulsion of two Jewish tribes from Medina and the murder of all themembers of a third Jewish tribe (except the women and children,who were sold into slavery). But even worse for the long-termtreatment of the Jews were a number of …statements aboutJews that Muhammad made that appear in the Koran which, over theyears, stoked Arab/Islamic anti-Semitism.

  • OregonStorm

    I am outraged at the hatred spewed here.Well, wow yenta1 I suppose there is some hatred here but it is well deserved. People who are squealing about tolerance must have forgotten the lovely pictures of the Muslims in “The Arab Street” celebrating and dancing in those streets when they heard about the 9/11 atrocity. I haven’t forgotten it and never will. It is indelibly burned into my brain! Thank you to all the alphabet networks who showed us exactly who the Muslims really are. They can deny this all they want and Sally Quinn (the vapid idiot) can plead their cause all she wants and be an apologist for them as well but some of us have long memories. Islam by it’s very writings is a religion of hate and intolerance. We have a lovely example of just how tolerant Muslims are awaiting trial in the Fort Hood murder spree case. A tenet of Islam advances the idea that it is perfectly fine to lie to us “infidels”…I suggest that this is exactly what they are doing by asking us for tolerance. They don’t give a fat rat’s behind what we think.Most of us are as tolerant as this: Build your mosque anywhere else in the country EXCEPT at the location where the landing gear of the plane flown by Atta landed and crashed through the roof of the building there!!

  • emptysee

    Ah, yes, the good ole American Relio-fascists are at it again.They know full well that the individuals who slammed into the WTC do not represent all Muslims, and in no way Americans who also happen to be muslim.And, yes, to all you low-information mouth-breathers, ALL faiths will not only be “allowed” in the prayer center, but will be encouraged to come, whether they wear crosses around their necks or the Star of David.And Daisy is absolutely correct, they cannot back down. They must move forward and I will not only support them verbally when and where possible, but I plan to send $$ once donations start being accepted.To do ANYTHING less would give credence to the mindless minions that the AMERICANS and NEW YORKERS who are muslim and are building this equivalent to a YMCA were somehow connected with the terrorists.These bigots WANT to keep that bogus connection alive and they need to hate ANY and EVERY muslim because of this bogus connection.

  • emptysee

    BUT THEN, MAYBE YOU DON”T REMEMBER 9/11, SWIFTY !!!!Posted by: jeanryan1752 | August 20, 2010 12:20 AM ==========================Hey, jeanryan, exactly WHICH plane did the Daisy and her husband fly into the WTC? OR anyone from their community? Or any other American Muslim?WHICH one??That’s what I thought. If you have some evidence that any of the people who are involved in building this equivalent to a YMCA are connected to terrorists, by all means let federal officials know. Until then you are simply lying and believing lies in the name of religious bigotry.

  • bgblake

    I sent the following question to Ms. Khan via her website….I want to know exactly how much tolerance THEY will have for the Christian faith!RE: Building the MosqueI try to keep informed about all that is going on in my home town as well as in my country. With that being said, this morning on “This Week” you said “We need to learn tolerance for all religions and that is why the mosque needs to be built” My question to Ms. Khan would that tolerance include Christians who come to your mosque be allowed to express their religion by wearing a cross when entering your proposed mosque? Since you say this is going to be a “Community” based center and all are welcome.I hope to get an answer to this question, otherwise I will continue to NOT support this in any way as it is MY understanding through research that Islam/Muslims are not tolerant of other religions. Matter of fact the Koran expresses “hate” for other religions, not tolerance.

  • YTYT

    I support Daisy Khan and the community center/prayer space. It’s a shameful the way what they have tried to do has been willfully mischaracterized.

  • woodstock-41

    i[WE] have/”had a Dream”…………………. . . . . . . . / . . . . . . /

  • Rongoklunk

    I’m not fond of any religion that expects people to believe in an invisible man who lives in the sky. The fact that such ideas were invented when our species was young and foolish – clinches it for me. We shouldn’t be learning from the ancients – they should be learning from us. We are so much wiser and a lot more knowledgeable than the ancients could ever imagine. They were like children compared to us. It is totally ridiculous to believe gods exist just because the ancients said they do.As far as we know there are no gods, and Muslims could kill me just for saying that.

  • Navin1

    “If their “fellow” muslims had done something, I’m sure they would have. But in fact they have acknowledged that what the TERRORISTS have done and have repeatedly denounced it. – emptyseeSo when will you be like me? When you and me can look at the other and say, that person is like me, that person has ideals like me, that person has behaviors like me, that person validates truth like me. So long as you decide, that guy, that terrorist is not like me even though he reads that same god I read, dresses like I do, and calls the American as the other as I do. Well, then there is the seperation. If you can say as freely as an American – that crazy islamist bastard just oraganized a million dollar attack on my nation with the financial backing of nut case muslim donors from all over the world, to kill my fellow Americans in the name of a religious attack on my secular values… then there is no seperataion is there? But that is, of course, still a separation between the American and the nutcase bastards attacking America in the name of Islam. The real answer is that they are human beings just like you and me, those terroists have been perverted from the good (divinely of by nature’s god) inspiredIt is our fellow humans that are perverted by perverse ideologies of hate. So long as someone is defending the ideology of hate, whatever source it may have, then that person creates the otherness.hariaum

  • daniel12

    Daisy below:”We have to take our opponents and transform them. We have to convince people that not all Muslims are extremists. We have to educate them on being able to distinguish between us and on the issue of Islamophobia.” We have to take our opponents and TRANSFORM them? Telling choice of words. Sorry, the West does not have to be transformed. The extremists are in Islam’s midst. If a transformation is to occur it must be Islam becoming more liberal and in line with modern life. Building the mosque elsewhere would be a sign of good faith. Fighting for it to be built at ground zero just makes people think Islam has no good intentions at all. I find it ridiculous that supposed spiritual people, Daisy, her husband and so on, cannot grasp why Americans would be upset–the majority of them–and just move the mosque. It would help U.S. perceptions of Islam if the mosque were moved, and moving it does not mean Constitutional freedom of religion is compromised. No one is against a mosque being built, people are against where it is being built. Hell, the entire U.S. except ground zero is acceptable ground. There must be many places around ground zero that are available.

  • tomwilliamson

    “We are debating about having a healing dialogue, building bridges”How do you expect to have a “healing dialogue” when you are sticking your finger in the eye of half (or more) of America? If you are really interested in a healing dialogue, don’t start by offending the people you want to have the dialogue with! It is not that hard to figure out, Daisy!!