Banned Muslim scholar back in U.S., to speak on Capitol Hill

By Michelle Boorstein Prominent Islamic scholar Tariq Ramadan, back in the U.S. after a six-year exile, is scheduled to meet … Continued

By Michelle Boorstein

Prominent Islamic scholar Tariq Ramadan, back in the U.S. after a six-year exile, is scheduled to meet with folks in Congress on Monday, when he’s in Washington. We’re hoping to tag along.

Ramadan is scheduled to speak first at Georgetown University, where he’ll also do a round table with journalists. In the meantime, Ramadan, whose grandfather founded the Muslim Brotherhood, remains a lightning rod for those who think anti-Muslim sentiment is overplayed and the breadth of radical Islam is underplayed.

  • acpress

    Muslim scholars spend too much time trying to defend and too little time reforming Muslim communities. Unless a few Muslim countries/ communities can prove that they an devlop themselves there is little Muslims can expect from other civilized nations. Quran says Allah only helps those who help themselves. We need more of people like Muhammad Yunus of Bangladesh and less of people who cannot make a living without inovking Islam. This is not to ignore the Western crooks who constantly abuse Muslim countries and encourage moneylaundering to fund their banks.

  • amanavoice

    It was wrong to reject Muslim scholars to enter the US! Yes we do not need radical Muslim leaders around our kids but some Muslim leaders like Tariq Ramadan and other good leaders should not be rejected!

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