People want more religion news coverage (now a statistically proven fact)

By William Wan There’s no way to post this item without seeming a little self-serving, but news is news. According … Continued

By William Wan

There’s no way to post this item without seeming a little self-serving, but news is news. According to a new study, 41 percent of Americans say the media doesn’t provide enough coverage of religion and spirituality.

The new report by the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism mainly focuses on the multi-platform nature of news these days — how consumers are getting their news on cellphones, personalized home pages and participatory/social media means.

But buried in the report is this golden nugget of a statistic: “Asked what subjects they would like to receive more coverage, 44% said scientific news and discoveries, 41% said religion and spirituality, 39% said health and medicine, 39% said their state government, and 38% said their neighborhood or local community.”

Now we just need to forward this little piece of news to all the newspaper editors throughout the country!


  • bpai_99

    I’m all for more coverage and exposure of corrupt televangelists, pedophile priests and conservative PACs evading campaign laws by posing as religious organizations. Also, more articles on how religion has impeded the advance of science and the rights of women. More religious coverage, please!

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