Gingrich’s Move to the (Religious) Right

It doesn’t rank with last year’s Exorcism of Sarah Palin, but the Blessing of Newt Gingrich is an early contender … Continued

It doesn’t rank with last year’s Exorcism of Sarah Palin, but the Blessing of Newt Gingrich is an early contender for Church-Based Political Moment of the 2012 presidential campaign. It’s also the clearest evidence yet that Gingrich is positioning himself to the far Christian Right of fellow 2012 presidential hopefuls Sarah Palin and Mike Huckabee.

Gingrich’s latest venture into the conservative evangelical world came when he spoke/preached at Lou Engle’s “Rediscovering God in America” conference last Friday, hosted by Rock Church in Virginia Beach and broadcast on GodTV. “The first thing we need in America is spiritual,” Gingrich told the congregation. “The first job we have as Americans is to reach out to everybody in the country who is not yet saved, and to help them understand the spiritual basis of a creator-endowed society.”

Spoken like a man who wants the Republican Party nomination for president in 2012. But can Gingrich the new Catholic convert outflank ex-Pentecostal Palin and Southern Baptist pastor Huckabee on the party’s religious right?

Gingrich was a favorite among conservative evangelicals when he helped the Christian Coalition craft and push the “Contract with America” in 1994. But after three marriages, a confession of an extra-marital affair, and a congressional reprimand on ethics charges, the former House Speaker’s evangelical profile has been eclipsed on the right by Huckabee, Palin and others.

Gingrich’s Christian Right rehab began with his 2006 book “Rediscovering God in America.” In 2007, he went on James Dobson’s radio show to apologize for his marital infidelity and he spoke of “the growing culture of radical secularism” at Liberty University’s commencement.

Last year, as a featured speaker at the Family Research Council’s Values Voters Summit, Gingrich delivered a rousing attack of the media’s treatment of Palin. “There is a secular – at a minimum, skeptical to religion, at a maximum, overtly hostile to religion – bias in the mainstream media,” Gingrich said.

Last month, Gingrich made a very public conversion to the Catholic faith of his wife, Callista. As Gingrich continues his rediscovery of God in America, watch for more quotes like this one from last Friday’s conference: “I am not a citizen of the world,” he said. ‘I am a citizen of the United States, because only in the United States does citizenship start with our creator.”

Gingrich seems to have learned what George W. Bush showed John McCain in 2000, and what James Dobson helped McCain understand in 2008: The path to the Republican Party presidential nomination begins at the church — in this case, Rock Church in Virginia Beach.

“Lord,” Engle prayed as Gingrich bowed his head and opened his hands, “extend his influence for righteousness in this nation, lay your supernatural hand of God upon him and deliver him from the evil schemes of the enemy.”

Not quite the “every form of witchcraft” from which Palin’s pastor sought to protect her, but then positioning for 2012 has just begun.


  • ccnl1

    And the ranks of the adulterous preachers and “propheteering/ profiteering” evangelicals continue to grow!!!

  • NotGood

    Gingrich is a media hog trying to stay relevant when he is no where relevant or in touch with human life. The media should not give him so much hype. Gingrich wouldn’t know what the everyday person is going through if someone hit him in the head. Don’t waste any space of this guy.

  • mburix

    Gingrich is a joker. I mean a serial adulterer preaching the virtues of fundamental Christian values is simply too much to bear.

  • MarieDevine

    We have a president whose administration could be stopped at any time because he had REFUSED to release identity papers to prove he is eligible to be president, in spite of numerous costly court cases. That means there could be another election WELL before 2012.President Obama mentions God from time to time as do other politicians. The word of God says, “the devil will come as an angel of light.” He will come with good words, but not with plans using the word of God for solutions and change in lifestyle. We must be careful to know what the word of God truly says and to desire God’s way no matter what we seem to lose; then we will see the power and glory of God for the abundant life.Sarah Palin’s prayer to protect her from all witchcraft was because Barack Obama is a Harry Potter book lover (witchcraft-sorcery). He is in the devil’s territory until he denounces it. The devil is a liar and father of lies and all who join to his territory will conform to lies. President Obama quoted the Qur’an “Be conscious of God and speak always the truth.” God is against abortion, ho-mo-s-exual relationships, women seeking riches and honor instead of being home with families, debt, insurance and more. President Obama honors the progress of gay, lesbian, bi-s-exuals, abortion rights, same gender marriages, and has endorsed and uplifted human rights above God’s word. Truth is not what he lives. There will be no change in US-Muslim relationships. These are the things radical Islamists fight to keep out of their countries. When we select our leaders, they must be people who will bring us closer to true godliness, regardless of their background; God is all about changing people and saving them from wicked ways. Pray for our president and our nation.

  • jpk1

    Ah, Newt. Teach me about the right, that I may see the right, and do right. No doubt that includes pressing your wife to sign divorce papers while she’s in the hospital for cancer surgery. Apparently Newt’s vision hasn’t prompted him as of yet to discover anything wrong in that. Anything inconsistent with Jesus’s teachings.

  • manning120

    Those of us opposing Mr. Gingrich must not forget to question him about how his faith would influence public policies he would promote as a candidate and president. Would he make planning for the Second Coming a national priority? Would he assist Israel so that Armageddon would come sooner, thus bring the advent of the Anti-Christ? How would he identify the Anti-Christ? What would his national policy be regarding the Anti-Christ? Would he outlaw homosexuality, aligning the U.S. with Muslim countries in that regard? And would be require all school children to pray to his God every day in publicly funded schools?

  • MillPond2

    Mr. Gingrich stated that “only in the United States does citizenship start with our creator”. He needs to read more of the writings of the founding fathers; I would direct him to the writings of Thomas Jefferson, who was very skeptical of the role of region in government. That particular comment is a statement of personal belief: to assume that it should apply to all other citizens of this country is presumptive. His actions and statements are a clear example of how the Republican Party has marginalized itself in terms of its ability to resonate with the American electorate.The tragedy of all this is that, rather than being relevant, Mr. Gingrich is merely a political anachronism.

  • beddie

    Good one Mariedevine. Good thing she had that protection, or Obama could have used one of the Harry Potter spells to do some serious damage. What if he used Wingardium Leviosa, and made her float. What a tragedy.

  • Chops2

    Are the religious right that stupid that they cant see they are getting played for the fools they r?Is Newt that thick that he cant see that religious extremism is exactly what the U.S. is fighting against and plays perfectly into the narrative of Muslim fundamentalists to use as propaganda in framing this as a religious war?Wake up Newt u serial philanderer hypocrite who changes religious denominations like he does mistresses.

  • mb56

    I honestly don’t know which is more offensive – the massive hypocrisy of Newt Gingrich or that of the far right Christian community that will apparently embrace anyone, no matter how unethical, who will promise to deliver America to the Christian alter.

  • sfbarna

    Mariedevine, your little diatribe on the impending doom of the world with Obama as President is as old and tired as you probably are. I wouldn’t have given your moronic and completely misguided assertions much of a thought, except for the fact that there are way too many people in this country with an obtuse view of the world as you. And that, could possibly mean reverting back to the stone age on the next election (i.e. a second “Bush era” with another brainless religious zealot).”Harry Potter book lover?” HA HA HA. In their wisdom, our founding fathers were very careful to not stamp religion all over the fiber of this great nation of ours. People like Newt, O’Reilly, Limbaugh, etc, are a disgrace to this country. People like you are just plain sheep that know no better than to follow a blind shepherd through a field of manure. Pitiful…

  • caebling

    Newt Gingrich the divorced Catholic is trying to position himself as the “great white hope” of the religious right? This could only happen in America where our attention span is measured in minutes rather than years.

  • thebobbob

    “There is a secular – at a minimum, skeptical to religion, at a maximum, overtly hostile to religion – bias in the mainstream media,”.As there should. More evil has been done under the banner of overt and public displays of Religion then has ever been done under the name of Democratic, Constitutional Government.As long as one claims to have a monopoly on morality and righteousness because of a self-professed religiosity, one should be suspected. A promised paradise in an afterlife in exchange for obedience in this one?? What a great scam.

  • abby0802

    I am a Christian and am heartily appalled and disgusted by hypocrites using their “faith” to their own political and professional advantage.Jesus did not come into this world for people to use him as a means to grab political power.Any candidate who uses his/her “faith” in such a manner proves that he/she is a Pharisee and totally unworthy of elected office. In fact, it is people like Gingrich, Palin, Limbaugh, etc. that scare the daylights out of me because they are more akin to the Taliban than to Christianity.Why do you think our founding fathers insisted on a separation of church and state?I’ll take an honest atheist over the likes of Gingrich, Palin, Limbaugh, etc.

  • dccamp68

    ‘I am a citizen of the United States, because only in the United States does citizenship start with our creator.”Uhhh… wouldn’t creator-oriented citizenship be the territory of any theocratic government? (Iran, Pakistan, etc….)Does it ever feel like these guys are trying to get the old band together again?They are the only team in history to use the same exact playbook that got them creamed in the season before.Ok, got to go now….I’ve got to rush out of here to my “Harry Potter Pagan Witch Craft for Beginners” class at the JC. I am going to unleash some mighty spells when I finally get certified. I’m comin’ for ya’ Newt, you’re right after Rush.


    This move to religion by the guy who dumped his cancer stricken wife when it became convenient for his personal pleasure to do so. I’ve seen nothing to place the moral fiber of Barrack Obama down to that level of self centered behavior but it is clearly the mantra of talk radio morons and beltway cretins of both political persuasions. This is largely the fault of an uneducated America more impressed with stylish stupidity rather than solid substance. The tears shed over the loss of paper assets is proof positive that the Limbaugh lunatics are the majority and we shall soon return to the dark ages of religious persecution, or are we already there?

  • rys95gsx

    Wow! All this GOD talk is amazing! I’m just glad to see that there are so many arrogant/ignorant/capitalist/christians in this country. It really makes me feel proud to be an American, “land of the free” right? Shouldn’t that include religon? Hm wierd… I personally can’t ignore modern science and become an obediant drone following blabber that may or may not be true. Yes I said may be true. That’s because nobody knows for sure so the only resonable belief system to have is doubt. That’s right DOUBT, having a great all seeing GOD would be wonderful but unfortunetly it’s kinda crazy sounding if you take a step back and rationally listen to your self. My outlook is GOD or no GOD be true to yourself, be kind and helpful to others, and do what the Jesus did give uncondtional love when ever you can. But seriously if your running for public office above all have some brains! Please! Trust me this country needs it.

  • jaynashvil

    So politics’ most famous philanderer is now a fave of the Christian conservatives. Every time I think they can’t be snookered AGAIN, they prove me wrong. Yeah, he’ll say what they want to hear but he’s about as sleazy and dishonorable as the worst politicians. They’ll make lovely bedfellows.

  • bobfbell

    bottom line: Newt sucking up to the evangelicals and religious conservatives is tantamount to throwing water to a drowning man from a practical political perspective. The Republicans lost the last election for a variety of reasons one of which was the party’s making religious purity and elevating social issue (aborition, gay rights, etc.) above issues related to governance. They drove away moderates and independents in droves. Looks like they like it that way and haven’t learned to stop digging when you are in a hole. The White House and DNC must be seeing all this with glee. With enemies like this you don’t need friends!

  • jimfilyaw

    i agree–the road to the republican nomination does run through the fundamentalist tabernacles of frauds like dobson, robertson, and falwell. the problem is that, after thirty years, a majority of the american electorate have come to appreciate just how dangerous and incompetent those people are, all of which makes the nomination not worth a warm pitcher of spit. another thing that is becoming common knowledge, these sanctimonious jackasses don’t own the franchise, patent, or copyright to christianity any more than macdonalds owns the exclusive right to make hamburgers.for my part, i hope that the g.o.p. keeps going the way it started in 1980. extinction cannot come soon enough!

  • squier13

    The only person more dishonest than a faith healer is his patient.

  • Counterww

    The Pubs lost the election for one reason, one reason period.The economy. Bush was in power and Obama was successful in pinning Bush’s bad policies and the bad economy on McCain.It absolutely has nothing to do with evangelicals or conservatives from a religious perspective. Mccain was leading in the polls slightly before the credit crisis hit.

  • shawnp220

    Newt’s marriage vow – “To have and to hold, from this day forward, for better for younger, for rich for richer, in youth and in health, to love and to cherish, till sickness do us part.”

  • teddi_ohio

    Newt and the religious right. I suggest you go back and review 1995 through 1999. Newt & Kasick from Ohio with his little hammer, lead the free market republican revolution, a contract with America, corporate America. who wants to go back to Newts corporate oligharchy and more Wall street crooks.

  • clonedlamb

    The Newtster and his new church are far more corrupt and threatening to our human survival than most people realize. I’m also disgusted that “Catholic” Callista, who was eager to commit adultery and use Catholic-banned contraceptives and maybe even abortions before she officially snared her sugar daddy, now is positioning herself as America’s next First “Lady” with Vatican blessings. Contrast that with the Catholic Church firing ordinary non-gold digging unwed pregnant teachers and Newt dumping his first wife because “she was too old and ugly to be First Lady” and suffered breast cancer from BEARING HIS DAUGHTERS. Does anyone honestly believe Callista is now obeying the Vatican by using only rhythm abstinence? Of course, a church that condemns millions of women to grisly childbirth injuries and death to keep its pedophile priests supplied with fresh molestable altar boys would appreciate the hypocrisies and killer ambitions of Newt and Callista. The pedophile-serving church also welcomed multiple wife-dumpers Deal Hudson and Randall Terry because they too bash the love lives of gays and right to life of any mothers not hooked up with fascist celebrities like themselves. Meanwhile, the Vatican hopes nobody notices that Catholic Hitler was never excommunicated and Nazinger is actually the THIRD Nazi pope–the second overlooked one being Paul VI, author of the invalid MOTHER-KILLING anti-contraception encyclical, Humanae Vitae. The CIA and pedophile Cardinal Spellman not only helped Cardinal Montini (Paul VI) smuggle 100,000 Nazis to North America, they also helped him cover up his Nazi Catholic Croatian genocide of a MILLION Serb Christian “heretic abortionists” in WWII. The Newtster, the Hudster, randy Randall and Poop Ratso deserve each other. I just hope the world musters the courage to waterboard them all for matricidal terrorism.

  • ElectricBill

    Gingrich is just another opportunistic Republican who wants to manipulate the superstitious in order to garner votes. There is nothing in his persona to make me think he is a good man, not that being religious has anything to do with being a good man.

  • coloradodog

    “The first job we have as Americans is to reach out to everybody in the country who is not yet saved, and to help them understand the spiritual basis of a creator-endowed society.”Coming from an adulterous old Rovain dinosaur, it sounds like another Randall Terry Republican theocratic political agenda to me.America voted out theocracy last November.

  • doughboy96

    How many times has this Leader of Men and Women been married?? How many times has this Leader of Men and Women been taken to the Ethics Committee??? This Leader of Men and Women has now changed from one religon to another religon. It seems to me that Newty is the Poster Child for “Flip Flooping”. Can such a Leader of Men and Women really be “Trusted” to Lead a Nation such as “The United States of America”?????

  • dtroutma

    I just saw a news report that PETA is protesting the Seattle fish market throwing dead fish (a local attraction) as defaming dead fish. That, plus Newt Gingrich’s commentaries, prove we are a great country that allows any view. Newt is the Republicans hope for the presidency? Happy second term, President Obama.

  • jetfrank

    Its embarrassing that this is the best the republicans can do – the party of ethics and Christian behavior…McCain dumps his wife to marry a rich beer heiress who will further his political career – Newt has divorce papers served on a wife who is in the hospital recovering from cancer surgery? And this is the best that the republicans can do…….the sad thing is that the lazy thinkers who vote for them eat this stuff up – I heard a woman at a Cato event today complain that Obama was going to take her 64 Vette away from her cause it didn’t meet CAFE standards……..perhaps it was Mariedevine?

  • onestring

    Newt Gingrich delivered divorce papers to his wife on her cancer ward hospital bed.Those are his Christian credentials of morality and ethics.Newt was fined tens of thousands of dollars and rebuked by congressional ethics watchdogs. Those are his moral and ethical trophies.Newt is a hypocrite criminal the likes of which only fundamentalist NEOCONS can embrace.Who would Jesus deliver divorce papers to in a cancer ward?Who would Jesus defraud?Who would Jesus persecute?What political lies would Jesus tell?

  • herealongtime

    if I get married 5times and divorced 6 times and cheat on all of my wives at the same time would that make me a muslim or a republican???

  • herealongtime

    hey if i cheat on all my wives get married and divorced and is dumbs can i runs fo president as a goper???…!! i got a gun and hand writes da bibles

  • tigers1

    It doesn’t matter whether it is Gingrich or some other posturing hypocrite. The Republicans’ intellectual bankruptcy is exposed in terms of policy by their continuing one-note obsession with cutting taxes, and in terms of political campaigning by their continuing manipulation of Christian fundamentalist resentment against the modern world.

  • coloradodog

    “only in the United States does citizenship start with our creator”News for you, you adulterous hypocritical Gollum, my citizenship didn’t start with “your creator” or any other of your other Rovain “moral values”My citizenship started with being born in the US of American parents who were my creators. I re-earned it by volunteering to fight and die for your right to hate and exclude and by paying one hell of a lot of taxes over my lifetime.Slime back into your Randall Terry Republican sewer and join your new found Catholics in hiding a few hundred pedophile priests. You’re more disgusting than O’Reilly, Hannity and Limbaugh combined. Only the fat evil Rove or the international war criminal Cheney come close to being more disgusting.

  • Speaktruth

    Newt Gingrich is a man wholly without honor or integrity. He is a snake, willing to say anything, do anything, that will get him what he wants. This is nothing new for this man – he has ALWAYS done whatever would satisfy his personal ambition and personal cravings. Want political advancement? Pander to the evangelical right by claiming to be religious. Want a little sex on the side? Get a mistress and lie to your wife. Is your wife’s cancer inconvenient and not sexy enough? Divorce her while she in the hospital and use your position to get another mistress. Get drummed out of Congress because of your ethics violations, and the embarrassing failure of your leadership? Hang back and say anything to make people afraid of vague, unnamed threats. Need a hook to get back into the limelight, Newt? Easy as pie – fall back on the religious right. Change religions, claim to have found God, and give speeches about America needing to find spirituality-all the while hoping no one notices the forked tongue flicking out of your mouth, nor the 666 branded on the back of your neck. When are we, as a country, going to re-discover outrage and start tar and feathering charlatans like Gingrich?? Instead of tar, feathers, and a railroad “rail” to run this guy out of town on, this fraud shows up on “Meet The Press.” When will we stand up and say, “ENOUGH!”

  • scac1

    It is truly hard to understand how any Republican can think an oger like Newt Gingrich can change.

  • lcarter0311

    Many people will argue that we must keep Church and State separate, and yet we have Politicians using so-called Christian churches to further their agendas. When will Republicans stop manipulating the far Christian right for their own political agendas and when will these so-called Christians Churches stop using politicians to push their so-called christian beliefs. Both behaviors are deplorable.

  • Carstonio

    The issue is not necessarily the sincerity of Gingrich’s beliefs, or the treatment of his wife. The issue is that the dangerous commingling of sectarian belief and patriotism. When politicians talk of Christianity and Americanism as though they were the same thing, or should be the same thing, religious freedom is threatened for all Americans, Christians included.

  • EarlC

    Let the religious right continue to tolerate their adulterous leaders and watch them continue to lose elections. Hypocrisy of this magnitude is too much in the face of most Americans, whether they are Christians or not.

  • zjr78xva

    Oh, pfff tee hee hee. Haw haw haw ho. Palin. Exorcism. Knocked up teenager. Oh, ho ho ho ho. Oh, how superior and sophisticated I feel mocking Gov. Palin. Oh, am I ever a sophisticate. Ho haw tee ho hee hee.

  • zjr78xva

    Oboobma repeatedly and explicitly invokes the name of Jesus in his speeches (something his predecessor rarely if ever did).

  • bevjims1

    bstanton55 wrote: “The very values that you hold are rooted in the Judeo-Christian ethic that demands a creator. You like to keep the ethic but remove it’s source because the source of the ethic (God) might require something from you. I have no problem with anything Newt said because it’s true – as much as you wish it were not.”I don’t deny the source of western ethics, which are rooted in christianity, but you did not answer my question, which was where in the Constitution or founding documents does Gingrich get the idea that:The Declaration of Independence’s mention of a creator being the one who defined man as being created equal has nothing to do with citizenship starting with our creator. Citizenship starts with its definition in the Constitution which only happened with the 14th amendment. Before that it was up to the states to define state citizenship, with federal recognition based on a state’s recognition of citizenship. Dred Scott showed how flawed that was, but Dred Scott passed even though it violated the Declaration of Independence’s “created equal” statement, showing how the Declaration is not a document this nation’s government is based on. The Constitution, which the government IS based on, had no provision for citizenship, and so the 14th amendment was required to clear it up.If you and Gingrich will point to the Declaration as a legal government document that requires recognition by this government of a creator, you ignore all of the Constitution. Gingrich’s words are anti-constitutional. Values are derived from many places, and christianity is certainly a major place Americans derive their values, but that has nothing to do with citizenship starting with a creator.

  • bpai_99

    Any true supporter of “family values” that is fooled by Gingrinch’s new piety is a fool. He’s admitted cheating on both of his first 2 wives, and was hypocritical in criticizing Clinton for adultery when Gingrinch himself was in the middle of an extramarital affair (got to admire that degree of moral flexibility, by the way). Does he really think religious conservatives are that dumb?

  • bevjims1

    spidermean2 muse: “For as long as the Republican base hold on to godly values, they will remain as the party who will rule America for a very long time.”Well, that explains why the republicans have lost the White House, House and Senate after turning toward “godly values” a decade or so ago. May they continue to hold to their “godly values” and reap the political rewards they now enjoy, forever and ever, amen.

  • LiberalBasher

    he’s a hypocrit and a liar. All he does by entering the race is make the republicans look like the democrats even more. Liars and hypocrits. Please, Colin Powel. Run for president. Someone honest, someone that isn’t a liar. Someone that is a moderate. Not far left as in the btch speaker of the house, and someone that isn’t far right like the morons Newt/Rush.Someone that can show what hypocrits and liars that the left really is.But, anyone but Newt.

  • Rationalista

    Newt, by deliberately choosing to conflate religion and politics, is cheapening politics, which can be a noble endeavor. I think MarieDevine’s comments capture perfectly the stone age, ignorant, homophobic (or ho-m-o-phobic) and xenophobic character of most religions. Marie doesn’t even know the difference between a religious text and a work of fiction (if she did, she’d know that “newt” in whole or part, is a common ingredient in magic potions). Such breathtaking ignorance. Of course, Marie has a vote to cast, but I wonder if Newt is miscalculating how many psycho-Christians go to the polls in any given election. People like Newt the politician and Marie the voter are the reason why Americans should regard with suspicion the mixing of religion and politics.

  • iampdavis2

    It’s true that Newt has been a real smudge (searching for an appropriate term here) on the proverbial flag, and his (self-righteous, self-serving) actions to date belie his new rhetorical slant. The world is full of men using religious desire to believe as a political weapon.

  • Rivery

    As a lifelong Catholic, I’m puzzled by Gingrich’s conversion to Catholicism and his continuing bond with evengelicals. Seems a little opportunistic. How does a twice-divorced guy get to join a church that decries divorce and philandering within marriage?

  • jimeglrd8

    I don’t really think that Mr. Gingrinch plans to run for President. I think he is going to run for Governor or US Senator in Georgia. It sounds as if he already has the

  • RPW3

    I hope the Republicans do run on a religious right ticket in 2012. That will guarantee another four years for Obama! What America needs is not religious narcissists in power denying reality again, but a more noble and fair minded leadership that knows how to halt the decay of the US economy.

  • arancia12

    As a lifelong Catholic, I’m puzzled by Gingrich’s conversion to Catholicism and his continuing bond with evengelicals. Seems a little opportunistic. How does a twice-divorced guy get to join a church that decries divorce and philandering within marriage?I hear you. I’ve noticed a new kind of Catholic that I call the evangelical Catholic. It certianly isn’t my Father’s Catholicism. I think evanglecals have affected the Catholics far more than the Catholics affected them, despite everyone’s angst after Kennedy was elected. Or maybe Newt just wore out his evangelical street cred and has to find another religion to exploit.

  • ravitchn

    Gingrich, along with all his negatives like lying, scheming, and prevarating, also is now a Catholic. That cannot appeal to the bible-thumping evangelicals. I suggest he run for mayor of New Orleans.

  • daved1

    Newt is in love with his own voice. Thinks of himself as an intellectual, and sees Brad Pitt in the mirror when he shaves every morning. What he is a fat bag of crap being elevated to sage level by a media that makes news not reports it. God help us.

  • arancia12

    The Declaration of Independence says,The values I hold are rooted in Judeo-Christianity. They are also rooted in the Code of Hammurabi, but we are not Babylonians. The tenets of democracy come from the ancient Greeks, but we do not believe in the Greek Gods. The Greeks, the Romans, the Assyrians, the Celts, Native Americans, all demanded creators. The founders easily could have (and did consider) replacing Creator with God, but they did not. My creator may be a big cosmic bang for all anyone knows. And it makes not one single iota of difference. We are all endowed with rights that are not dependent on belief in a Christian or Judaic God.

  • HCNY1105

    Gingrich the man actually has a couple of ideas, unlike his Republican competitors. Gingrich the politician is just another santimonious gas-balloon, like the rest of the evangelical Republicans.

  • misterjrthed

    The very idea of Gingrich having a sincere religious thought is enough to make a cat laugh.Then there’s the matter of his opting for the Roman church, which many evangelicals see as worse than atheism, just before seeking the nomination of a party that’s never come close to choosing a Catholic.Could the lithium (or is it lamotrigine?) be clouding the judgement of the GOP’s “idea man?”

  • [email protected]

    Gingrich is a human cockroach divorcing his wife while she fought cancer.Now he pretends to be a Christian and a Patriot. I am sure God would throw up at the sight of this thing.Why are all Christians phoney?

  • mdenny1

    Of course Newt is going reach out for far right Christian voters. Who else is gullible enough to beleive him? Look how Rove and Bush were able to con them into violating Christ’s teaching in support of pre emtive war. It is really not all that difficult to do. You just need to say you’ve repented, start going to an approved church, talk to them in their coded language, then spin and con till your pockets are full of cash.

  • onestring

    Let’s hope the rump of America takes Gingrich as their leader!Then BOTH will wind up unrepresented in government!Only 20% of America agrees with them.80% of America REJECTS their brand of hypocrisy, intellectual dishonesty, lack of ethics, lack of morals, history of illegal political behaviors, and broken laws, censure, and overt crimes against citizens, and against the constitution.NEOCONS break the law because they believe they are above it. And fundamentalists will adopt anyone into their fold who mouths the right words on sunday TV.AMERICA WANTS NEITHER AND HAS ALREADY REJECTED BOTH !!!

  • lgaide

    “We have a president whose administration could be stopped at any time because he had REFUSED to release identity papers to prove he is eligible to be president, in spite of numerous costly court cases. That means there could be another election WELL before 2012…”It makes you wonder how some people can generate enough brainpower to keep their heart beating.Vote OBAMA in 2012!!!

  • practica1

    Of course the evangelical right wants Newt – he is a philandering, self-inflating, contemptuous arrested adolescent who believes he is chosen by the Almight – or whoever it is that he thinks does the choosing. One more narcissist, the rightwingnuts and especially the religious ones are very comfortable with chicken-eatin’ preachers and chicken-eatin’teachers.The right has done its best to nullify the Supreme Court, and Newt intends to benefit from his work.We need better foils than Pelosi and Reid, though….

  • practica1

    Gingrich can’t even receive Communion if he is a Catholic divorced from his previous wives. The Church has, for two centuries, insisted that the only power of annulment it has is that of annulling marriages between Catholics, or between a Catholic and a non-Catholic.What’s the deal, here? If Newt and his “Catholic” wife weren’t married in the Church, they are living in adultery. If his marriages in other Christian communions hasn’t been annulled, he is, in the Church’s eyes, both a bigamist and an adulterer.Where’s that old guy, Cardinal Bernard Law, when the Church needs him….?

  • ravitchn

    Ever since Henry VIII was denied a divorce/annulment after many other rulers were accomodated by the Holy Church of Rome it became clear that the Church could play the game any way it wanted. Who knows what deal Gingrich made with the holy fathers?

  • JohnS8

    It would seem to me that anyone born on this planet is a citizen of the world. Since Newt is denying his citizenship and his responsibility to the planet on which he was born, does that not make him an illegal alien from outer space? Perhaps we should deport him on the next space shuttle mission (sans spacesuit).

  • Nosmanic

    I’m Catholic. I know that the church believes that they are socailly and economically, or at least they say. But I don’t think Newt Ginrich understands what being Catholic. Catholic is a world religion there are many Catholics is Europe, Central/South America and Africa. Plus the leader isn’t American he’s Europen. Catholics are looking to engage at a global level. So when he said “I am not a citizen of the world” I think he should have run this by his priest first before he implies that the pope has no authority over him.I love for the church to lean on him on some issues like Muslims rights, interactions with Islamic states, and workers rights but I know they won’t.

  • jromaniello

    “I am not a citizen of the world,” he said. ‘I am a citizen of the United States, because only in the United States does citizenship start with our creator.”Wow, not only is he a bloomin’ hypocrite, he’s an arrogant, myopic curmudgeon! If you are not a citizen of the world, where did you come from, Newt? The moon? Mars? Pluto? What an idiot. Do we really want THAT to run our country?

  • heuristic77

    Our “first job as Americans” is to save people for Christ? Not save the economy and the environment and end two wars abroad??? Just what we need: another religious lunatic spewing hatred and bigotry. The Republicans’ witch burning crusade continues. Go for it Newt, (an animal that closely resembles a worm). I want to see you thoroughly denounced and defeated as the corrupt little man that you are.

  • commonsense101

    New Gingrich–serial adulterer! Cheated on #1 with #2. Cheated on #2 with #3! Now he’s pushing “Rediscovering God in America?” What hypocrisy! Last man on earth to speak about Godliness.

  • Mnnngj

    You can’t win in America today with the kind of twaddle he is spouting off about. People are more intelligent than that and we all know about the “Godly” Bush who seemed like he was more on the devils side, if we are to talk religious speak.

  • kevrobb

    Gingrich: ‘I am not a citizen of the world…I am a citizen of the United States, because only in the United States does citizenship start with our creator.’What’s most unpleasant about American evangelical types is that they mix their Christianity with a nasty brand of ultra-nationalism.In fact, it’s not just the rabid fundamentalists who talk like this. The same people almost invariably support vast military budgets, never saw a war they didn’t like, and believe America should “lead” (rule) the world.It’s not just Americans and their constitutional freedoms who are threatened by these people. Not even the Iranian Ayatollahs believe that God has a special plan for Iran to rule the world.

  • beachbum1938

    Beware of false Prophets….Have we Christians not heard this before? Are we deaf, dumb and blind? Newt, GO AWAY and stop with the negative political bashing that you and the Republican Party are noted for. It is because of you and your “Contract on America” that got the Republican Party ousted. You are a disgrace!

  • texassideoats

    Out here in the middle of the country, neither Palin nor Gingrich could knock Huckabee off the favorites list. Even those of us on the left can see that Huckabee has the advantage of appearing to be a decent, honest individual, something that one never hears in reference to either of his rivals.

  • bevjims1

    commonsense101 wrote: “What hypocrisy! Last man on earth to speak about Godliness.”Aye, there’s the rub. You see, in some religious circles, the further one has fallen and then “sees the light”, the better christian they are when compared to someone who lives by the bible’s values, helps other people, prays, does good, etc. Those people need to listen to the likes of Gingrich because he actually had to work for his redemption. Its the same reason pedophile priests were forgiven/protected, adultering pastors have been forgiven and ex-drunk GWB could be seen as on a mission from God. What they forget however is that Christ was good from the beginning and never had to sink low to then see the light and become moral. Somehow, its not being LIKE Christ that makes one Christ-like in right wing christian circles, its being unlike Christ, then saying you’re sorry, that gets you endeared to that group of fanatics. Gingrich is not dumb. He knows why Bush is loved by the evangelicals, why Palin is loved by them. He knows his past is only an asset. The more he says he’s changed his way thanks to God, the more they swoon.

  • aohoney

    If the Republican Party has no one one on the horizon, who is superior to Newt Gindrich, Mr. Obama can certainly be a two term president. I can think of no one in Washington who is as conceited,imoral and less liked unless it would be Carl Rove. I do believe that Carl Rove’s values are better than Mr. Gindrich’s, and that is truly a mouth full. Why is the Republican party tolerating such deceit as this. Of course, the constituion does give us the right to free speech!!!!

  • SteelWheel25

    Newt is making the same mistake Romney & McCain made. Once Newt attaches his sail to the religios fanatics the independents will not consider him for president nor will they embrace him if he ever have a second awakening. This is really pathetic! It has been proven completely that this approach does not work anymore on the national level. Sure he can win the republican nomination but he will get creamed in the national election. The audience Gingrich is trying to reach has already sold out to Palin and she isn’t going to do anything fruitful with this support except take center stage to showcase her deep rooted stupidity

  • Dr_JES

    Will it work? As a comedy sketch? For those of us who remember the “Contract on America” and the slimey personal life of its spokesman, Newt is a sick joke.

  • IpiTombi

    Could you please spare us the profiling of this joker? Gingrich is a joke, only taken seriously by few Republicans on the fringes. He has as much chance of becoming relevant or president as the nutty Tancredo or the ding-bat Palin.

  • beachbum1938

    Let’s see, the Taliban wants a religious based government and all of them believe in God. Now Newt wants a religious based government and he (so he says) believes in God. Is there any thing different than one is a Muslin and the other a Christian (so he says). Is it any wonder that the founding fathers also wanted a separation of church and state? Gingrich, go away!

  • summicron1

    Gingrich sincerely hopes we’ve all forgotten that he’s working on his third wife after cheating on the first two.Really, has GOP politics gotten so bad that all you have to do to get an audience in that crowd is say the right things? Well, what the heck, Rush and the others prove that’s the case, why shouldn’t Newt join in.

  • retiree11

    Gingrich has already lost the religious right because of his conversion to Catholicism. The religious right do not recognize Catholics as Christians.How do I know this? My friends who belong to far right Christian faiths tell me so.The far right folks believe that only 144,000 of them will be “raptured” to heaven when the “end times” come.They strictly follow the talking points of Glenn Beck and others who are equally as ignorant.Remember, Roger Williams broke from the Puritan groups in 1636 because he believed in freedom of religion. Our founding documents (1st Amendment) suggests that there will not be a state sponsored religion.The religious right believes that their particular brand of religion is the “only way” that one can have a religious faith.The Republicans will lose again in 2012 if they believe that they have to cater to the religious right.

  • bhickson

    None of this matters for Newt or any Republican 2012 hopefulls. 2000 was a “perfect storm” that we will not see aagin for several generations and 2004 was more about fear and security than religion. McCain got nominated because he was the only one reasonable and moderate enough to win in the general. Remember how pissed off conservatives were about McCain, so much so that he was forced to pick Palin to placate the far right. Assuming the Economy continues to recover 2012 will be about two issues: Immigration and Health Care. Unless Republicans can come up with policies on these issues that speak to moderate and independent voters the religious right will not matter.

  • bobmoses

    Yawn. Different day, same OnFaith tripe.Uber-liberal bashes conservatives, hateful bigots then follow by bashing Christians.

  • Diogenes

    Palin, Romney, Huckabee and now Gingrich. The Republican right must be proud of this group. Of course, there isn’t one among them with the slightest chance of becoming president. Not to worry, though, they all pass muster with the looney right.

  • bevjims1

    Bobmoses wrote: “Uber-liberal bashes conservatives, hateful bigots then follow by bashing Christians.”Does it follow that if one bashes a conservative, citing their own words, they are uber-liberal? And if one bashes “christians” they are by definition hateful bigots? If so then what do you call someone who bashes liberals as Gingrich has done, or bashes non-christians? So far an abortion doctor has been killed by an uber-christian-conservative and just a few moments ago a hateful bigot fired shots in the Holocost Museum. Where are the violent liberals? Who is doing the shooting and who is doing the dying and what does that say about liberals versus conservatives, christians versus non-christians?

  • mtnmanvt

    POSTED BY: BOBMOSESUber-liberal bashes conservatives, hateful bigots then follow by bashing Christians.Read what BEVJIIMS1 wrote…that about says it all.

  • coloradodog

    In Bob Moseslandia there are no Uber-conservatives or hateful bigot “Christians” who bash others.Go upstairs from your mother’s basement and masturbate to Fox News while she’s at the supermarket

  • durk2

    The religious right have NEVER had a problem supporting liars, people w/ half a dozen marriages & divorces, hypocrites, racists, and general wingnuts. Why should they not support Newt?

  • gmcduluth

    Dear Lord, grant your son Newt much fawning media coverage, many blindly loyal followers and several more bodacious Trophy Wives…amen.

  • ScottChallenger

    Newt is Moe, Palin is Larry and Hucklebee is Curly. This is serious comic relief, The Three Stooges reborn. Or “born-again” may be the better analogy.

  • coloradodog

    More domestic political and religious terrorism at the Holocaust Museum by another good Christian Randall Terry/Gringrinch Republican exercising his Second Amendment rights incited by his favorite cable “News Channel” (hint: it wasn’t MSNBC)

  • jamesgshannon

    Newt is an opportunist—pure and simple. If his research had taught him that becoming a Sikh would be the most likely religion to support his coming Presidential Candidacy, we would now see Newt (every damned weekend) on some Fox sponsored TV show sporting a new head-wrap. It is almost impossible to comprehend how anybody of intelligence can think Newt cares about anything beyond his own personal gain. The fact that Newt is a “leader” of one of our major parties is simply proof that our political system is broken beyond repair.

  • kevinrardin

    I wouldn’t begrudge the serial adulterer his salvation. However, if Newt Gingrich is serious about his conversion, wouldn’t it be best for him to at least live it for awhile before he attempts to use it as a springboard to political power?

  • micron26

    It may well be that the “…path to the Republican Party presidential nomination begins at the church.” Fortunately, the path to the presidency also ends there in the post-GWB era.

  • JPRS

    A two time adulterer, and disgraced former Speaker of the House like Gingrich can pander with the best of ‘em. Gingrich and the evangelical leadership are like a match made in a Las Vegas.

  • bobfbell

    Newt proudly prolclaims he is not a citizen of the world. His attitudes and beliefs and past legislative “accomplishments” indicate he is,first and foremost, a citizen of Georgia and whatever other geographic region if happens to be located in second, third, etc. and convenient to the political opportunity of the moment.By Newt’s logic he isn’t even a resident of the universe unless it is Newtonia, that mythical place where everyone is white, rich and reads a Bible every day even if they don’t live by its principles at all.A demogogue, a racist, ego maniacal narcissist and a dangerous man. Just ask his ex-wife, how much she trust Newt on matters of morality and principle.

  • West3

    I’d truly like for those on the religious right to explain why they consider men like John McCain, Newt Gringrich, Rudy Guilliani, etc., who cheat on their wives, and then force them and their children through divorces to be ideal Christians while they condemn men like Bill Clinton who seek forgiveness and spiritual guidance and choose to stay in their marriages. It seemed particularly hypocritical to me that James Dobson – whose work through Focus on the Family has included efforts to strengthen and save marriages torn apart through adultery – to endorse John McCain as president while he at the same time continues to denigrate Bill Clinton 10 years after Monica Lewinsky.

  • hyjanks

    As an atheist since birth (which, of course, is how everyone came into this world), I’ve long since given up trying to decipher what goes on in the religious head. Prayers, figuratively drinking the blood and eating the flesh of one’s god, murdering infidels in the name of the Prince of Peace . . . all seemed strange to me as a child, but as an adult I’ve come to understand how religion can be used as an effective tool to control the masses; make them do and say anything members of the religious hierarchy chose.

  • gibsonpolk

    I am always astonished by the amount of time people expend arguing about a 2000-year-old tribal myth-cycle that belongs on the shelf next to Zeus, Thor, and the Trickster. If you are reading this: You get exactly one life. You should be very grateful for that astonishing fact, and go out an enjoy it.

  • patmatthews

    Like many modern Christians, Newt can just be Born again, and start his career over and the Evangelic Christian MUST give Newt a second chance as that is what their bible says, and he knows it.Someone with Newt Gingrich’s prior record of moral ineptitude and disregard, should be seen in that light, but Evangelic’s will not see that, they will put on their Rose Coloured Glasses with Tunnel Vision, and vote for anyone that is anti-abortion, pro-white, pro-NRA, pro-small government, pro-low taxes, anti-social programs, anti-health care programs, pro-illegal immigration, pro-corporation, and any other elements of society that are focused on a small minority group of American’s; the rich and wannabe rich.Patrick

  • Paganplace

    After yet another hate-shooting, today maybe it’s time for Newt an Palin and the rest of the Right to tone down the whole ‘surrounded by “pagan” enemies’ rhetoric, ‘wars for Christ’ and all the other nonsense.

  • Tomcat3


  • coloradodog

    Not a lot of support for Newt here, eh?No defense from Catholics or even from the psycobable Obama bashers. Not even from Spidermean. What could this portend?Maybe Gringrinch needs to take a pole among intolerant Dobson evangelicals and O’Reilly Catholics to see if his cheap exploitation of poor old Jesus for political power will work in the 21st Century again.

  • coloradodog

    poll – sorry

  • GordonShumway

    Newt had my vote as a moderate Republican, and I have always admired his intelligence and ability to quickly evaluate and make sound decisions. But, this one, moving to the far right makes him unacceptable to the vast number of voters who detest the extremes on either side. It is a real shame, because he has the talent. In my mind, Newt is off the table and the only one with credibility left is Huckabee, because Palin has shown she’s not mature enough to lead and Romney is just another right wing nut with no personality.

  • adrienne_najjar

    When are these idiots going to jettison the equally moronic religious nuts? Then maybe middle of the road citizens will have a real choice: the better candidate between the two major parties, or the crazed and superstitious jackasses who want to impose their morals on the rest of us.

  • GaryD3

    Well, now we know who Abraham Lincoln was referring to when he said, “You can fool some of the people all of the time.”

  • krising40

    Yet another example of conservatives looking backward rather than forward. But then isn’t that the essence of conservatism? Pining for “the good old days”? Thinking that your base of hard-line evangelicals is growing, isn’t starting to die off and fade into irrelevance? I mean, I certainly know oodles of 20 and 30-something fundamentalists. (NOT) I can find very very few, and I live in a state that is so utterly fundamentalist, that our vote in the last election was such a given that not one single county swung for Obama. In any case, the fastest growing religious “group” is “none”. Anyone who wants to win elections had better start talking to THEM.

  • TomfromNJ1

    Re the comment by MariedevineInteresting what items you list as what God is against. How conveniently you leave out the things He favors that seem to be stressed more in the Bible — like redistributing wealth from the rich to the poor (e.g., to the rich young man — take what you have, sell it, and GIVE to the poor), certainly to be against arming oneself (as in swords being turned into plows), turning the other cheek, forgiving your enemies, health care as in healing the sick, etc. I don’t remember that we were to pick and choose what we think He meant.As for Gingrich, apparently when he became a Catholic, he missed some of the classes because while some of his views might resonate with the Evangelical Protestants, they are NOT part of Catholic teaching (e.g., his comment on who is saved). One would think a man who claims to be a professor would have learned to study a bit more than that.And, of course, as has been pointed out, he should check the definition of “catholic.” It is nothing, if not universal. The point of the Good Samaritan is that EVERYONE is my neighbor and I am supposed to love everyone. I would suggest that not thinking of oneself as a citizen of the world is to not be loving Jesus who is to be found in all of the other people in the world.

  • wideblacksky

    “Sarah Palin’s prayer to protect her from all witchcraft was because Barack Obama is a Harry Potter book lover (witchcraft-sorcery).”Hi,You are a deeply insane person.

  • ravitchn

    Everyone knows that Gingrich has a wealth of interesting ideas and schemes but not one ounce of integrity or ethics.

  • mtnmanvt

    Anyone who falls for Gingrich is desperate or a fool or both. His new faux religiousity notwithstanding, the mans is a proven liar, hypocrite, and has zero credibility with any person who actually thinks.

  • mwohiovoter

    A few comments note that Gingrich served divorce papers on his wife while she was in the hospital for cancer treatment. If I remember correctly, he dumped both his first and his second wife while they were hospitalized. Can anyone here verify that?

  • demtse

    Newt is going back to the poison well of evangelical zealotry that got Bush elected. He’s hoping there is still enough witch’s brew there, to fuel another ascendency of rightwing lunacy.

  • demtse

    Newt is going back to the poison well of evangelical zealotry that got Bush elected. He’s hoping there is still enough witch’s brew there, to fuel another ascendency of rightwing lunacy.

  • demtse

    Newt is going back to the poison well of evangelical zealotry that got Bush elected. He’s hoping there is still enough bitteroot there, to fuel another ascendency of rightwing lunacy.

  • whocares666

    The man who would be pope.

  • captn_ahab

    It appears that the Republican Party of the 21st century wants to be the reincarnation of a 19th century American political party:The Know Nothings!In this case, they are show casing those in their party that really know nothing about anything. The Republican motto appears to be:Blessed are the ignorant, for they shall inherit political power.Exorcisms of beauty queens and Christian conversions of serial adulterers!The Republicans have become less a political party and more a standing joke.ROFL!!!!!

  • rcc_2000

    The basic problem the GOP is facing, and faced in the last elections is that the idea in a democracy is to get a majority of the voters to like you not to get a minority of the voters to REALLY like you. The GOP no longer has the values of Ronald Reagan or George the First. The GOP has become a marginalized party of ultra right wing, single issue, neo-nazi, zelots. A Christian version of the Taliban. What Gingrich and the GOP does not fully understand is that America is changing. The GOP is much like the Afrikaner Party of South Africa and will (and should) suffer the same fate. When a party stops serving the majority of the voters and their needs they become footnotes in history.

  • ghp60

    Gingrich likes to thnk of himself as a Republican intellectual. And he would be too, if the whole concept of a Republican intellectual were not an oxymoron. Turning to the religious “wrong” is to be expected. The religious movement who has no answers, no ideas, and who have demonstrated time-and-again have no idea who Jesus Christ actually was or what he taught, are a perfect fit for the equally confused Gingrich. Television news and comment programs are proving over and over what Gingrich and his brand of politics either have forgotten or want to ignore — their is video out there of Reagan and other neocon hereos saying EXACTLY the same thing that Gingrich criticizes Obama for saying. It is funny despite being tragic. What is not tragic is that if the Republicans keep letting Gingrich and Palin and Norquist and the like be their spokes-persons, we will continue to have Democratic government in this great country for decades to come.

  • cattheanimal

    not the first verbose quasi-theologian to be unable to speak proper english. his early candidacy is a joke; if he’s gonna make such noises tell him to close the bathroom door.

  • ravitchn

    Surely Gingrich knows the level of contempt in which he is held.

  • dcp26851

    Why anyone listens to this lying adulterous blowhard is beyond me let alone the ignorant religious right.But please Newt, stay out in the spotlight and try to “outflank” Palin. The both of you are doing just fine in destroying the republican party. And coming from a former republican, this is a beautiful sight. Keep it up. Everything you stand for has been proven a catastrophic disaster and epic failure. And what do you want to do? More of the same crap that got us into this mess. The Who had it right. “We won’t get fooled again.”Please go crawl back under that rock you oozed out from under and leave government to people that actually care.

  • bigbrother1

    It’s no surprise at all that Gingrich is moving to the religious right. When you’re a prostitute, you go where the customers are.

  • bawrytr

    Newt’s a hoot. The mainstream media is not skeptical of or hostile to religion. What is there to say really: you believe or you don’t. The skepticism and hostility are mostly directed at the endless line of hypocrites, frauds, nuts and villains who use religion for a leg up in politics, and who by mixing politics and religion, corrupt both.Newt Gingrich a fundamentalist? What a joke.

  • dcp26851

    “Sarah Palin’s prayer to protect her from all witchcraft was because Barack Obama is a Harry Potter book lover (witchcraft-sorcery).”Ding, Ding, Ding we have a winner. I’ll take “Why is the repig party going the way of the Whigs?” for $100 Alex.

  • billy8

    “The first job we have as Americans is to reach out to everybody in the country who is not yet saved, and to help them understand the spiritual basis of a creator-endowed society.”Sounds like Newt needs to reread the first amendment a few times.

  • Utahreb

    Is it any wonder that more and more people now consider themselves “non-religious”? With examples like Gingrich, it is easy to see why. He exemplifies all the excuses and lies told by politicians to get the votes and the support of the religious right.But there are many in our country who will listen to the excuses and lies and believe them – without questioning. There is the big problem with religion – no questioning. One is supposed to accept what a preacher, pastor, priest or other leader says without question. Now is the time we NEED questions and answers – not unquestioning acceptance.

  • bcamarda2

    I don’t care who you are or what you believe. At this point, NOBODY could possibly be stupid enough to trust Newt Gingrich.

  • bevjims1

    Wow, every quote had Gingrich saying something either contrary to the Constitution or, if put into law, would violate the Constitution. He should run for pope instead and understand that Amerca is a nation, not a religion. But, considering he’s on his second religion and third wife, there really is no reason anyone should trust his judgement. That’s probably why he has to politic in a church, where people will be swayed not by his words but by the church’s endorsement.The best way to help America is to teach its Constitution over and over again, since it seems so many forget it, allowing people like Bush, Cheney, Gingrich, Palin and Huckabee to take advantage of that ignorance and push this nation to do things against American values.

  • jaxas

    Am I missing something here. Is it just me or is there anyone else out there who thinks that right wing conservatives like Limbaugh, Gingrich and Hannity seem to believe that their approximately third of the electorate is the be all and end all of American politics? Why is Newt Gingrich spending so much of his energy trying to appeal to a bloc of voters he already has in his pocket?It simply bewilders me. Every conservative even hinting that he (or she) might run for President, reflexively adopts this strategy of talking only to that dwindling slice of the voting public that is already committed to them. It is almost as if they believe that even considering listening or talking to a voter who is not 100% conservative, is like consorting with evil.Don’t get me wrong. I hope they continue because the idea of anyone being anywhere near the levers of government who thinks like this irrelevant bunch of howling dingoes, frightens the bejeezus out of me!

  • cnj5954

    Religion is the only entity that a wall of protection has been erected around so that one can not criticize or even question some of the outlandish, nonsensical claims that are made by religious followers. Any philosophy that has as many holes as religion is not given the time of day. However, religion is something that people kill for, die for and drown out reasonalbe voices who even dare question its validity. The founder of the protestant faith – Martin Luther – said reason is the greatest enemy of faith. That has to be the most foolish statement that anyone can make. Need I say more.

  • Phil6

    uh, are you saying Obama didn’t also go to church in search of meaning and possibly, voters? Wait a minute, oh yeah, we all remember Obama’s pastor, the “God Dam* America” sermon…and the constant racist preaching? Double standard much?

  • jaxas

    I have always heard that Newt Gingrich was the most intellectual of right wing conservatives, a man of ideas. But that statement he made about America being the only nation where citizenship is conferred upon us by a Creator is just plain stupid. Is he not aware of the Muslim nations who believe that all things of state and secular come from Allah–their “Creator”.I don’t know. Maybe Newt is just getting old and senile. But that statement was absolutely right up there with the very same mentality that found some grand moral purpose in flying commercial aircraft into skyscrapers.

  • Draesop

    How low can you go? It’s amazing to me how one with Gingrich’s physique can make limbo dancing look like child’s play. His recent acts fit right in with the image I have of him standing on the steps in Washington with a white group of Congresspeople back in the nineties(there may have been one who was not white in appearance). He was blowing smoke then too. He continues to pander to this ever deceasingly influential group. Hopefully he continues this thrust into relative oblivion. The media does seem to like his antics which they report as politics. Entertainment may be more appropriate but the competition is way beyond this ex polititians performance level. He should have stuck to the study and manipulation of history where it is said that he exhibited intellect that was above the norm. Shoulda, coulda, too late now.

  • bevjims1

    mwohiovoter wrote: “A few comments note that Gingrich served divorce papers on his wife while she was in the hospital for cancer treatment. If I remember correctly, he dumped both his first and his second wife while they were hospitalized. Can anyone here verify that?”Its true based on what friends have said about the first wife. Wikipedia has a few paragraphs about Gingrich’s personal life, including stiffing his first wife on alimony and child support requiring the first wife’s church to step in and help. Guess that’s why Gingrich likes churches.I don’t think he divorced the second wife while being hospitalized, but he was cheating on here with the woman who is his current wife while he was leading the charge against Clinton’s infidility.What I’m wondering is how could the Catholic church allow Gingrich to join after two divorces and infidility? Makes one wonder about the moral principles of the church, where I have seen much hypocracy firsthand.

  • lldemats

    This is good news for normal thinking Americans. The religious right has so isolated itself that its very hard to take them seriously about anything. But that’s nothing an enema and a lobotomy can’t fix….

  • Yahweh

    Newt Gingrich does not speak for me. Like many other gay men who become serial monogamists to hide their true sexuality, he denies what I have given him and in so doing exposes his position the ranks of liars cozeners like Larry Craig. Pray for him, my people, but do not trust him or give him your votes. Like my other wayward son, Mitt Romney, he uses me to deceive you. They are agents of the serpent.

  • momj47

    Too funny. I hope this works for Newt, then he can become as irrelevant as the rest of the GOP.

  • NotNowMooky

    Some say and some do. Some wear Christianity like a cloak others soak it up like a sponge.I suspect the cloak Gingrich is wearing was recently cast off by McCain.

  • theobserver4

    2010-2012 can’t come fast enough. 2 more cycles might be enough to get the moderates and the business class to finally throw the albatross off of their necks so we can have a viable 2nd party again. Evangelicals can go back to their shadows, staying out of politics since it is unclean. Normal Americans don’t want you in a position of gov’t power anyhow. The lack of interest in actually governing excludes you from getting votes.

  • robfield

    I trust that everyone is praying for Gingrich to be the Republican candidate in 2012. What a hoot!!

  • bstanton55

    This writer is pathetic, and is only providing further evidence that the media is full of anti-religous bigots. If he, and others at the Post, would drop the attitude and cover (conservative) religous people fairly we might take their thoughts more seriously. Where are the stories about Obama’s worship of Muslims and the Koran last week in Egypt? Wasn’t he (Obama) pandering? Or maybe that doesn’t count because it’s only the Christian faith that the media is allowed to mock. Pathetic.

  • GenuineRisk

    This is why I have have left the Republican Party – too much religion. They dwell on it, it is the basis for everything. The US is not a white, Christian nation. We are a nation that accepts everyone and their cultures and beliefs. The government should not be in the market of “saving” non-Christians. It is WRONG, and I’m a Christian! I will not vote for anyone who spews we all must be Christian. It has a Taliban feel to it.

  • newporter

    Will his ego never die? A serial adulterer as the face of the Christian Right…..just precious. Guess he hasn’t received the message of a bigger tent but rather, clings to the one of the self-chosen few who will continue to marginalize his party for his own agrandizement.

  • johncbonser

    First the G-NO-P ran Barry Goldwater out of the party while courting the self anointed who mistake themselves for evangelicals. Now Newt is scratching Regan off the list (who called himself a “citizen of the world”). Unfortunately the wannabe is a bomb thrower who seeks to destroy all who disagree with him. He and his co-religionists need to recheck their spiritual values. God has not given them a pass when it comes to “bearing false witness.” jb

  • theobserver4

    Could it work for Gingrich in regards to Palin or Huckabee? Well of course it could……but does it matter. Any of these 3 clowns will get their butt handed to them in the general election. Are the Republicans so far down that people are going to treat their primary as the peak of their political ambitions? With the way they’re going that is how it looks.

  • bevjims1

    Jaxas wrote: “Why is Newt Gingrich spending so much of his energy trying to appeal to a bloc of voters he already has in his pocket?”Well, politics is a strange animal. Before you need votes you need money, you need supporters who will work for you for free and you need others to stomp for you (remember Bush’s fundraisers?). That is what Newt is setting up now. You can have 100% of the voters in your pocket but you will not even get the signatures to put your name on a ballot without the supporters. Those are who he is now talking to.

  • rsbeckwell

    In 1994, the Republican Party’s move to the far right caused me great disdain. It presumed that all conservatives were Bible thumping, uncompromising zealots. Newt now seems to be returning to his roots, and as a “leader” in the Republican Party, so too the desire to shift the Party back to the Religious Right. Not every conservative is a Christian, not every Republican accepts the Bible as gospel, and Newt, the MAJORITY of this Country actually identifies themselves as Independent. That means that over 50% of Americans are left of your position, and Right of the Democratic Party. I think a move to the left, that would place you at the right of Center, is more prudent. Social awareness with fiscal conservationism is more palatable than self-righteous indignation of slights presupposed. Your rhetoric lacks a single word – compromise.

  • arancia12

    Please. Never use God and Gingrich in the same sentence again.

  • jim_altman

    How does this guy survive in the GOP? His resume reads like a Danielle Steele novel. He reeks of corruption. America cancelled his “Contract.” Yet, here he is again, being repackaged by the ever-amnesiac media as some kind of moderate voice of reason. Give us a break! This guy can’t be the new hope of conservativism.

  • agapn9

    The only thing that has come out of the Obama birth certificate controversy is that John McCain was not eligible to run for President of the United States under our current laws.When congress passed a bill stating that someone born on an American base could run for President – one little item was left out – John McCain wasn’t born on the base.He was born in Panama City – that’s where the hospital is and unforunately Panama City is not part of the base.

  • ajackson3

    Newt Gingrich is a replica of Dick Cheney. No one in their right mind will consider this guy. If the republicans want to counter the momentum of a popular administration, they need to do some popular things and become more inclusionary because right now, they ALL sound exclusionary. My way or the high way similar to Bush’s axis of evil. Keep talking Newt, Rush, Hannity, Bill O’Reily, Governors of Texas and South Carolina, John Boehner (misspelled I know), Glen Beck and FOX “Noise”. You are the democrats and independents best weapon, your foolish mouths!!!!! Lovin it!

  • motiv8ed

    Does it appear there could be a “Contract with the Religious Right” in the near future? Will Gingrich have multiple “signers” of the contract from the elite Republican leadership?I would suggest Newt Gingrich begin speaking to having conversations with God, something similar to what George W. Bush did during his political career.”Revalations,” if you will….. Tell us that God told you to run for president and save the world.

  • arancia12

    God is all about changing people and saving them from wicked ways. Pray for our president and our nation.Posted by: MarieDevine I will pray for you, Marie. While President Obama accepts you in all your glorious intolerance and bigotry, you don’t accept anyone who doesn’t think just like you.I will pray for your soul.

  • rsbeckwell

    MOTIVATED8ED You stated “…Tell us that God told you to run for president and save the world.” Are you speaking of our messiah, Barack Obama?

  • arancia12

    ‘I am a citizen of the United States, because only in the United States does citizenship start with our creator.”Actually, neither Jesus nor the Bible mentions the US and our governing document, the Constitution of the United States of America, states in the Fourteenth Amendment that citizenship starts with birth on US soil.Sorry, Newt. A Constitutional scholar you aren’t.

  • gpcarvalho

    By openly joining the anti-abortion crusade, Mr. Gingrich would likely get substantial votes from the extreme right in some of the christian sects, regardless of his marriages and alleged extra-marital affairs. For the zealots, the crusade is what matters. The schools maintained by their institutions may fall apart, their social services may collapse, but more and more time, energy and money will probably be found to keep the crusade alive, glass windows notwithstanding.Some of my conservative colleagues see these trends with sadness. They favor, instead, the creation of a christian democratic party, which would eventually hold power by participating in a coalition government. They acknowledge, however, that this kind of arrangement presupposes democratic discourse and compromises, which dogmatic religious leaders love to abominate.

  • tinyjab40

    Newt is just another of the GOP’s hashed over and used up old, mostly southern, white men. The Republican party is the party of old white men. Look at the ones trashing Sotomayor–Graham, Shelby, and of course, Newt and Rush. They all represent the past and a party that excludes moderates and minorities. The GOP needs a makeover big time.

  • spidermean2

    Gingrich’s conversion to Catholicism (a false church and satans’s religion) is disturbing. He is either a very dumbHe speaks of salvation as if he is saved himself. A person who is saved know for sure that Catholicism is a false religion. I think this man is capable of lying thru his teeth.

  • bevjims1

    bstanton55 wrote: “This writer is pathetic, and is only providing further evidence that the media is full of anti-religous bigots.”All I read were Gingrich’s quotes. Do you agree with them? I find them very anti-Constitutional. What is your take on his quotes and the constitutionality of religion in government? When Gingrich says: “I am a citizen of the United States, because only in the United States does citizenship start with our creator.”, just where in this great country’s Constitution and founding documents did this come from? I find it unconstitutional and though I respect all religions, find the notion that citizenship starting with our creator to be insulting to all Americans, even christians since Gingrich’s idea of the creator could be anything considering his past. bstanton55 wrote: “If he, and others at the Post, would drop the attitude and cover (conservative) religous people fairly we might take their thoughts more seriously.”What was unfair about the coverage in this article?bstanton55 wrote: “Where are the stories about Obama’s worship of Muslims and the Koran last week in Egypt? Wasn’t he (Obama) pandering?”Its right up there with Bush kissing the Saudi prince and holding his hand during a walk. I took that as a diplomat doing diplomacy to reduce tensions. How did you see that?bstanton55 wrote: “Or maybe that doesn’t count because it’s only the Christian faith that the media is allowed to mock. Pathetic.”Diplomacy overseas, as part of official duties, is very different from talking to Americans about how this nation should be run. I hope you agree. And if you think Gingrich is a christian then you really do not know Gingrich well. If anyone was mocking christianity, it was Gingrich.

  • lildg54

    Of all the nerve the cheating Newster hahaha how morally repugnant thes so called christian conservatives are. Maybe Newt and Rush could form a club ….. oh they did THE REPUBLICONS!

  • shanks1

    I see all the good Christians posting here are practicing forgiveness. Let’s see, Gingrich has openly confessed his wrong-doing and condemned it. Now he’s trying to live a better life. what else can the man do to gain favor?

  • bevjims1

    spidermean2 wrote: “I think this man is capable of lying thru his teeth.”Guess what spidermean2, we agree on something, probably for different reasons but its worth noting.I wonder how Gingrich thinks the kangaroos hopped off the ark to Australia. Having been a member of two christian religions he should be an expert. Having had three wives, dovorcing one while she was recovering from surgery and cheating on the other with his current wife, this man has a lot of first hand biblical experience. Makes one wonder why he’s not a preacher or a priest.

  • bevjims1

    shanks1 wrote: “I see all the good Christians posting here are practicing forgiveness. Let’s see, Gingrich has openly confessed his wrong-doing and condemned it. Now he’s trying to live a better life. what else can the man do to gain favor?”Get a real job and stop living off the public.

  • schaeffz

    MARIEDEVINE…PLEASE go back to the 19th Century where you belong!

  • wittyfromtheburbs

    Now that Newt has converted to Catholicism, will he and his wife be married in the Church? If their marriage hasn’t been recognized by the Church, they are just pesky fornicators.

  • spidermean2

    bevjims, who wants to debate with a person who holds the world record as the most stupid person? How can you question the bible when you’re not capable of understanding it? How can an idiot understand brilliance or genius?You are making conclusions (kangarros hopping to Australia) only an idiot can make. Why not try fixing your brain by studying ALGORITHMS about the evolution of flight like that of birds and bees? Which came first, the brain or the wings?Don’t you tire of your own stupidity?

  • abelito

    Newt is such a believer in the ‘sanctity of marriage’, he can’t get enough of it.

  • rsbeckwell

    Most of the signers of the Constitution were Masons and it is supposed that they adhered to a philosophical concept of Deism. From the Modern Deism site: “Deism is a reason-based faith that postulates a belief in God through a foundation of Reason, Personal Experience and Nature (nature of the universe) with emphasis on free thought rather than a foundation of Divine revelation(s) and Holy texts.” In the Constitution’s preamble, the words “We the people” indicate the rights identified within the document came from the people; that it was not handed down from God, or a King. People often confuse the Constitution with the Declaration of Independence when speaking of the rights of Americans given by our connection to God (Jesus is not addressed by the way). Words like “laws of nature and of nature’s God”, “endowed by their Creator”, and “firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence” appear within the grievances addressed to King George III, and the private letters of the signers indicate that they were, indeed believers of a higher, more powerful universal entity, but they were careful to not include such ideas into the Constitution.I truly hope that all will refresh (or perhaps discover) their history. It is presumed that the God addressed by the founding fathers was a Christian one. Granted, the prevailing organized religions at the time were Christian, and to be a part of Society, an outwardly expression of acceptance was demanded of them. One last thing, George Santayana said, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Newt, remember 1994?

  • analyst72

    Poor nazi Repos, they have to choose between an acknowledged cheater and adulterer , an evangelical hypocrite, a dumb female dog from Alaska.

  • bevjims1

    Oh spidey, you’re back to the algorithms again. Tell me, how did intelligent design make the human appendix? Why do horses have a functioning appendix yet ours does nothing, except kill some of us? Where is the intelligence in that? But what I’d realy like to see is some evidence, outside the bible, for God’s creation of man, the animals, etc. And even a little evidence of the flood. Or is asking questions stupid too? Can one question religion? Can one question interpretations? All I am asking is how kangaroos, which must have been on the ark, based on the detailed biblical flood story since they are here today, could have hopped off the ark to Australia. You have waved hands, made excuses and avoided the question. Is that how one, who claims to know the bible or answers valid questions about the bible? By insulting the questioner?

  • irae

    Dear Universe,I haven’t been the best pantheist, but if you could arrange for Gingrich AND Palin to top the GOP ticket in 2012, ensuring another resounding ‘Thumpin’ for the Party of America’s Comically Inept and Immoral Enemies, I’d really, really appreciate,Irae

  • alstl

    I don’t see how Newt gets past the messy divorce and congressional aide past. He’s a smart man but that will resurface if he seriously tries to run for national office.

  • dcpsychic

    The problem for the GOP is this: the old base that responded well to social issues like gay marriage and abortion are dying-off. Younger people simply DO NOT care about those issues. The GOP needs to return to its Libertarian roots– getting government off the backs of people. In a way, recent conservatism was a paradox.

  • tomguy1

    MarieDevine: Leaving aside your rather unique view of what constitutes the devil’s work, I would point out that your facts on the electoral process are wrong. I’m not sure whether you’re reading the Bible, but it’s clear that you are not reading the Constitution. If it were true that Obama was not eligible to be President (never mind that this is an absurd and completely unfounded premise), there would not be “another election WELL before 2012.” Please refer to Article II of the United States Constitution, as modified by the 20th and 25th Amendments. There is a reason why this country has a Vice President.You do say one thing that I agree with: Pray for our president and our nation. I would extend that to say pray for all of humanity — no exceptions. The world needs more kindness, compassion and love.

  • Alex511

    fr mariedevine:>…We have a president whose administration could be stopped at any time because he had REFUSED to release identity papers to prove he is eligible to be president, in spite of numerous costly court cases…COMPLETELY false. President Obama, as was PROVED by a copy of his US birth certificate, IS a US citizen, being born in Hawaii. Sore loser, there?

  • rsbeckwell

    DCPSYCHIC – Here, Here!! You captured essence of the main problem that the Republican Party has. Relevance.

  • jeholleran

    This is a joke, right? Newt is nothing but a self-serving, egocentric, fraud. How can you proclaim you are a Christian and pull the antics that he has over the past years. The added insult is that the Catholic Church admitted him into their ranks. The Catholic Church should be ashamed..but then again they re-instated an English Bishop who has written that the Holocust didn’t really happen.

  • cjohnson6

    Newt Gingrich like much of the Republican Party are spoilers not doers. The problem is they acted the same way when they were in charge–hence they aren’t in charge anymore. I hope he keeps up his ways so they stay in second place. We need to hear more out of Rush also, and oh don’t forget Dick.


    CHOPS2 wrote,Are the religious right that stupid that they cant see they are getting played for the fools they r?It’s not just the religious right, but anyone that believes the man made institution of religion, has anything to do with god, or the concept of good. Religion was created and has been perpetuated as a tool of the ruling class, to divide good people all over the world, and pit them against each other. How can anyone that believes that god created man, think that god is evil enough to set one group of his children against another. Only the greedy, petulant child could believe that he or she is loved more than any of his or her brothers and sisters.God did not create religion, man did. Every word in every religious text on the planet was conceived in the mind of, and written by men. All the concepts of heaven and hell, or good and evil were created by man. That is to say, if humans were wiped from the face of the earth, no good or evil would remain, only nature.I do not believe that humans are capable of understanding the nature of god, but I believe that the innate belief in something greater than ourselves, is perceived because part of that greater force is in us all. It connects us, one to the other in a way that religion works to sever. If religion is ever seen for the lie that it is by the masses, the manipulation and control of people will end. They will no longer be able to incite us to wage war on our fellow, god created man. They will no longer be able to generate hatred of those that live their lives differently than we do. They will no longer be able to show us pictures of chinese mothers and fathers consumed by anguish at the loss of their only child, and get us to focus on shoddy construction, instead of identifying with the pain in the hearts of those who have lost a loved one, which is something we can all understand. Is there any non sociopath that does not want to comfort these people when we see their pain and suffering? I don’t believe there is, but the powers that be, would have us focus on how different their government is instead of all we share in common. All this to say that the power to change the world rests in the hearts and minds of free thinking people, where ever they may be. It will take courage and a willingness to be wrong about what we believe, in order to make a place for the truth within us. Newt and his ilk derive their power from divide and conquer, and if you allow them to incite hatred of your fellow man in you, the bad guys win.

  • khote14

    I’m not sure how this christian forgiveness crap works, but from this far out it seems to have something to do with immorality.Newt is not an immoral man, he is an amoral man. I wonder if the christians so willing to forgive him for his evil deeds are able to understand the difference.

  • telesonic

    Newt’s starting to sound like a superstitious loon. Is he serious? I won’t vote for any Republican who either a) believes all that nonsense or b) uses all that nonsense to kiss up to the evangelicals.SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE. Why is that so hard for people to understand?

  • schaeffz

    If the crew of the sinking ship wants to elect Newt as captain, and he wants the job…why stop them? Best to have a typical hypocritical ultra-conservative born-again Catholic at the helm to steer the ship to the bottom! Maybe he’ll take Rush with him? But, Rush is only an actor in this drama, and too smart to jump on that ship! Rush will build his own ship to captain to the bottom.

  • pgibson1

    another Christian weighing in.whooptie Doo.They haven’t killed Islam, so they wing thier hands, saying,”We’ll get that first class oil out of those 4th class infidel slobs of the Mid-east.”get over it. Why, JUST WHY is this person’s religion of any interest?Because eventually, like a Talibani, he will impose his views on you.And sorry to say, but that’s not FREEDOM, folks.He’ll blow somewthing up in the name of God and you’ll all forgive him.Shucks, isn’t that more taliban than american?

  • arancia12

    It is presumed that the God addressed by the founding fathers was a Christian one. Granted, the prevailing organized religions at the time were Christian, and to be a part of Society, an outwardly expression of acceptance was demanded of them. And yet God is mentioned nowhere in the Constitution. It seems the framers were very careful to acknowledge a “creator”, which could be Satan if that is your religion.

  • ravensfan20008

    I am not ashamed to announce that I am not “saved,” and if being “saved” means Newt Gingrich has to do it, I’ll pass, thank you very much. By all means feel free to believe in God, but there are plenty of us who don’t, and so I think it’s about time they stop trying to cram their beliefs down our throats (see: gay marriage).

  • arancia12

    I’m not sure how this christian forgiveness crap works, but from this far out it seems to have something to do with immorality.Good points. The difference I see is between forgiveness and acceptance. I forgive Newt for his serial adultering. It’s frankly between him and God and I have no stake in his morals. Except as they affect his ability to serve me. I do not accept his actions. They point to a man incapable of making ethical judgments. As a Christian, I forgive him. As an American, I cannot allow him to be a position of authority. I agree, Newt is ammoral. If I were to allow him to govern this nation it be immoral on my part.

  • Dellis2

    The evangelicals are a key constituent of the Republican party, much as the unions are a key constituency of the Democratic party. It certainly makes sense for aspiring presidential nominees to court their parties’ key constituences prior to a presidential run.

  • taid

    The Republican Party is a MESS. And they deserve it with all their hanky panky over the past decade. Gingrich? Palin? Huckabee? Jindal? Pawlenty? You gotta be kidding….

  • boris95

    If the Republicans don’t stop catering to the Christian Right the populist Dems are going to be in power for a long time. It’s time to update and become more progressive and take back that middle ground that has been lost.

  • dgblues

    Becoming a so-called “Papist” is the death knell to the typical Christo-fascist white Anglo-Saxon Protestant. The snake handlers and Rapture-ready end timers will never accept him, nor will the CCC (née KKK.) Nor will the Bob Jones University crowd, despite their public words to the contrary.Newt would be crazy to run with his checkered past and political track record. But hey, the zipperhead set is desperate, so who knows? I mean, Palin is still a contender for crying out loud! That about says it all.

  • spidermean2

    Th problem with Democrats is they tend to self destruct. Democrat states are fast legalizing gay marriages, abortion, etc. The Bible is a guide book. It’s like a map where you can see where the roads are heading into. The liberal Democrat states are heading into a road towards destruction. It only means that if Palin will live long enough, she could be our future president by default for there will be no more Democrat state to contest it.Stupidity is self-destrcutive. That’s the main message of the Bible. The irony of it is that the stupid won’t learn until it’s too late.

  • rbaldwin2

    It is increasingly hilarious to watch these fools try to out god each other….What a truck-load of hypocrisy…great entertainment.

  • wmboyd

    Gingrich is no fool. He read the 5/18/09 Gallup Poll results. The Republican Party has gotten steadily smaller year after year for 9 years in a row. No reason to think it won’t get even smaller year after year for the next decade at least. So, when you see that very soon they’ll be only old white conservative men in the Party and the only remaining issue is religion, you do exactly what Gingrich did; otherwise it would be lonely & dark in the Gingrich cave. Just Newt and Sean Hannity, Glen Beck, and Rushie.

  • kcbob

    It is sad the GOP politicos find it necessary to proclaim their allegiance to the Almighty while hoping for the failure of the president, the Congress, the economy and apparently the nation. What an interesting contrast.

  • ChevyChaseChap

    Why does anyone give him any coverage? I hope he chooses Tom Delay as his running mate for 2012. It is like watching a car wreck really, gut churning but fascinating…

  • bstanton55

    bevjims1 wrote: “just where in this great country’s Constitution and founding documents did [a creator] come from?”The Declaration of Independence says,As for article … the writer writes “Gingrich seems to have learned what George W. Bush showed John McCain in 2000, and what James Dobson helped McCain understand in 2008: The path to the Republican Party presidential nomination begins at the church — in this case, Rock Church in Virginia Beach.” Translation: Gingrich is not sincere about his faith, he just has to pander to the ignorant masses to win their vote.The writer then writes, “Not quite the ‘every form of witchcraft’ from which Palin’s pastor sought to protect her, but then positioning for 2012 has just begun.”As to the last point about Newt not being a Christian … I find that hard to believe that you know the condition of a man’s heart. Why would you say this? Becuase he had a affair a long time ago? Is there no forgiveness for Republicans? I suspect you have no problem believing Bill Clinton or Obama are Christians (althought, any thinking person knows Obama is an atheist at heart – with some Muslim traditions)There is more to say, but time is short …

  • rsbeckwell

    ARANCIA12 – Originally, Islam, Judaism, and Christianity, looked upon Satan as a rebellious angel that continually tests the religious commitment of humans, tempting humans to sin or commit evil deeds. There are other religious groups that think of the Biblical Satan as an parable to describe a crisis of faith. It can also be used to describe individual thought, free will (given to Humans by God after the Great Flood), and enlightenment.Then came along Dante Alighieri, gosh, those were the days: a medieval world-view of the HRE. Expel all those who trespass against the Mother Church to eternal damnation. Well, so much for a merciful God.

  • stevestegman

    If Newt Gingrich wants to help re-spiritualize America, he should retire from politics and enter the clergy. The same goes for priests/clergy who attempt to influence elections from the pulpit. They should leave the church and run for office. It took countless wars, church corruption, a protestant reformation, the renaissance, the founding of America, the American Revolutionary War and the subsequent U.S. Constitution to get the church out of politics and politicians out of the church. Over one million men and women of our armed services lie at Arlington National Cemetary. They died defending our U.S. Constitution which lawfully sets forth the separation of church and state. Must these so called “politicians” and “clergy” continue to subject us to the danger and tyranny of state run religion and dishonor the souls of those who died to defend our freedoms?

  • bevjims1

    spidermean2 wrote: “Th problem with Democrats is they tend to self destruct. Democrat states are fast legalizing gay marriages, abortion, etc.”And where do you see that as self destructing?spidermean2 wrote: “The Bible is a guide book. It’s like a map where you can see where the roads are heading into.”A guide book Jesus never used when He spoke His words. Makes you wonder about that old testament.Well, they generally have the best schools at all levels, the highest incomes, lower divorce rates, lower abortion rates. If any part of America is heading toward destruction it seems to be the conservative states. The Palin family is a fine example of conservative values and what they reap.spidermean2 wrote: “It only means that if Palin will live long enough, she could be our future president by default for there will be no more Democrat state to contest it.”And that is about the only way Americans would allow Palin to become president.spidermean2 wrote: “Stupidity is self-destrcutive. That’s the main message of the Bible. The irony of it is that the stupid won’t learn until it’s too late.”I agree stupidity is self destructive, but that is not the “main message” of either biblical testament. The old testament provides excuses for mass murder, genocide and royalty. The new testament speaks of a God of love, which makes one wonder about those who insult others, calling them stupid and ignorant, yet claim to be one with God. Jesus warned of false prophets. That was not just a warning for the past. Many are here today, giving speaches and writing in blogs. The stupidity comes when people believe in something blindly, whether it be a politician, a political party or a holy book, or make excuses for their blind belief, like ignoring the question of how the FRIGGIN’ KANGAROOS could have hopped to Australia as your blindly believed holy book says must have happened. If you cannot even defend your faith from simple questioning then all the threats about doomsday based on your faith mean nothing to anyone who thinks.

  • lamaryates

    Arrogant and morally loose he may be, but Gingrich is not stupid. He is maneuvering to be in a position of power in the GOP, in case the political scene shifts. He probably considers Palin and Huckabee to be naive; he is almost certainly right about Palin. Oddly enough, morality may actually make a difference, in which case Huckabee will stand out from the others, since there is some indication that he actually takes his stand based on real beliefs of some coherence. The GOP will only be a serious factor again if some really bad things happen. In that case, I don’t think the country will be looking for a rerun like Newt.

  • theobserver4

    Stupidity is self-destrcutive. That’s the main message of the Bible. The irony of it is that the stupid won’t learn until it’s too late.Posted by: spidermean2-I suggest you reread the bible until you really understand the message you lunatic.

  • spidermean2

    God made it clear that stupidity is self destructive and yet the stupid won’t understand it. Instead of blaming their stupidity , they tend to blame God. The end result is they self-destruct.For as long as the Republican base hold on to godly values, they will remain as the party who will rule America for a very long time.

  • proudofmyprez

    zjr78xva **I have never heard Obama say Jesus in any of his speeches EVER! Not when he ran for the senate nor the presidency or since he has became president!! Get your facts right, he always refers to being CHRISTIAN!

  • theobserver4

    As to the last point about Newt not being a Christian … I find that hard to believe that you know the condition of a man’s heart. Why would you say this? Becuase he had a affair a long time ago? Is there no forgiveness for Republicans? I suspect you have no problem believing Bill Clinton or Obama are Christians (althought, any thinking person knows Obama is an atheist at heart – with some Muslim traditions)There is more to say, but time is short …Posted by: bstanton55 -All the flowery language in the world can’t cover the stink of this last comment about Obama being an atheist. I’d love to hear some more from you on this though……make sure to collaborate with Spidermean to get your stories straight.

  • chrisfox8

    Hey MarieDevine, you need to see a shrink. Be sure to bring your toothbrush because you won’t be leaving by the same door you came in.

  • calif-joe

    Now that Gingrich is a Catholic he should be spending all his time praying to the patron saint of adulterers, it should take a few years considering his track record.

  • rcubedkc

    Someone please stick this overstuffed, pompous ass with a fork. He’s done.

  • AverageJane

    Isn’t it a sin to use religion as a convenience? God sure did screw up when he left that one off the tablet.

  • CalSailor

    Where are the stories about Obama’s worship of Muslims and the Koran last week in Egypt? Wasn’t he (Obama) pandering? Or maybe that doesn’t count because it’s only the Christian faith that the media is allowed to mock. Pathetic.I actually READ the entire speech in Cairo, and watched most of it. Did you do either? If all you heard was Fox News “interpretation” “editing” or “lying” which they passed off as the speech, you don’t have a CLUE as to what he said in Cairo. It was a very good speech. Worship Muslims? Not even Muslims worship Muslim. He referenced the Torah, the Holy Bible and the Holy Qu’ran [which is how the Muslims refer to it, and as one who is respectful of EVERYONE he encounters, he accepted that reference]. Ok, would you like to site your references for your slander???? There was NOTHING disparaging of the Christian faith. Do you think that it is disdainful of Christians to acknowledge that there are devout people of other faiths? Or do you just come in there with you “we got all the truth and you guys are a piece of garbage” mentality? That’s what Bush did…and that got us into the mess we are in with the rest of the world.I’d much rather have an adult in the leadership of our nation…maybe we will survive after all.Pr Chris

  • CalSailor

    see all the good Christians posting here are practicing forgiveness. Let’s see, Gingrich has openly confessed his wrong-doing and condemned it. Now he’s trying to live a better life. what else can the man do to gain favor?Lets see…when Israel needed to repent, God sent them into the wilderness with Moses for 40 years. That would be about right…..(correct…I mean).Pr Chris

  • CalSailor

    I sure hope Newt runs for election on the GOP in 2012. I REALLY hope that he chooses Palin as his running mate. It is clear that she has no substance, and from what I see, is not working to acquire any. That will give the GOP ticket one hand tied behind its back. Many of you have pointed out Newt’s serial marriages, and his conversion to Catholicism…since there are a lot of Evangelicals who will have trouble with one of these two, that will help even further. (Big “E” Evangelicals as distinguished from evangelical faith, which is at the heart of Christian discipleship, have historically been at arms length with Roman Catholics…not all have dropped their concerns over uniting around abortion.)I can accept that Newt and his first wife probably should not have gotten married (and, as a pastor, I am usually willing to marry someone for a second time, after taking time to reflect and learn from their first failure…but by the third time and beyond…I’ve got a LOT of questions…and a lot of cautions). The way he has gone about his serial marriages raises a LOT of red flags about morals and trust). Divorcing his wife while she was ill from cancer, a time when care and support from their family is especially important is disrespectful–at a minimum. Having an affair…and when it became known, divorcing his second wife loses him ALL credibility, and all trustworthiness. Newt’s rejection of his common humanity “I am NOT a citizen of the world (emphasis his)” makes me wonder if he is at all concerned about human beings of the rest of the world? Why did we get into Iraq? The arrogance that says we do as we want. I want a President to understand that all human beings are living on the same world, and that we all have a stake in finding ways to get along–and not blow it–and us, up. That takes a person who is mature and empathetic…two qualities Newt doesn’t have–and, apparently, disdains.Oh, and then there’s his “Chickenhawkness” if you will. Does no one remember that, along with Cheney and Rush and some of these other great would-be leaders, Newt, too, avoided serving in the military? And he was especially dismissive: My skills would be wasted in the military. So he got a bunch of deferments, too. In other words, he would lead this country in a time of war, while believing he is too good to risk his own body on the call to service that thousands of our men and women have died to preserve. Wait till that tidbit gets raked up again…Pr Chris

  • vigor

    My mother was excommunicated for divorcing my father. Did Newt “Declare” he was a Catholic? and did the Catholic Church actually admit him? Any Catholics who know the church law regarding this?

  • Paganplace

    Why am I not surprised that Spidey’s response is denial and projection?

  • Snarkfest

    With Right Wing, racist, religious extremists committing two homicides in two weeks time (in a church and in the National Holocaust Museum), why is the GOP base continuing to cater to and hold tight to hard-core right wing ‘values’?They are like bookends to the headlines about the right wing extremist crimes committed this week and last.How stupid are these people, anyway?

  • Athena4

    Waitaminute? Harry Potter-style magic is REAL? I must have missed that lesson in witch school! If it’s real, then I want my house elf!

  • bevjims1

    spidermean2 wrote: “100 percent the guy is an EVOLUTIONIST for he thinks he belong to a superior race. WOW, and the stupidity continues.”What is the difference between Braun’s conpiracy theory of jews working through the ages to bring down western civilization, and your theory of a grand conspiracy to fool people into believing that evolution happened instead of biblical creation. A conspiracy that requires thousands of biologists, geologists, cosmologists, astronomers, chemists, physicists, including professors at universities all teaching the same lie to students who come out brainwashed into “believing in evolution”. Side by side its hard to determine which conspiracy is more outlandish.

  • walter-in-fallschurch

    “…because Barack Obama is a Harry Potter book lover (witchcraft-sorcery). He is in the devil’s territory until he denounces it.”MarieDevine, you said,”…REFUSED to release identity papers to prove he is eligible to be president”"…and has endorsed and uplifted human rights above God’s word.”(that’s what the enlightenment was all about)do you realize you’re crazy?

  • walter-in-fallschurch

    i just realized, unlike most other comment threads at “on faith”, these comments are set up to put new comments at the bottom – THE WAY IT SHOULD BE!moderator/webmaster:

  • walter-in-fallschurch

    CalSailor,i really don’t know/care about newt’s personal life. to me, he is a vexing politician. though i disagree with him on almost everything, he is an excellent communicator of his ideas.he’s very creative and intelligent. when i hear him explain something, he’s very convincing. his views are extremely logical and indeed innovative if evaluated from a supply-side, low tax, trickle-down, dare i say “conservative” economic philosophy.i remember a few years ago (after kerry lost the election) when he and john kerry did some kind of “tour” together where they were talking about global warming. newt was one of the first major republican politicians to accept the reality of the science on global warming. i was so impressed by that. (i think what i respect about him is his love of science…). that tour was just so fantastic! finally, instead of denial from republicans, i heard republican-sounding ideas about how to mitigate co2 emissions, develop clean energy sources and so on.but i also (vaguely) remember how divisive he was as a congressman. i didn’t pay too much attention to politics back then, but it seems to me like that early-90s group of republicans was really divisive. seems like that’s when all the moderates drifted away from the center – and now there’s no moderates…

  • spidermean2

    It’s more likely that the shooter is a pagan or an atheist rather than a true Christian. True Christians are told to respect Jews for they are special to God despite their rebelious attitude towards Christ.Stupidity is always a characteristic of unbelievers or false believers. These guys self-destruct or destroys others. They are always dangerous to themselves and to others. 100 percent the guy is an EVOLUTIONIST for he thinks he belong to a superior race. WOW, and the stupidity continues.

  • CalSailor

    Part IMariedevine:You say:We have a president whose administration could be stopped at any time because he had REFUSED to release identity papers to prove he is eligible to be president, in spite of numerous costly court cases.And you know that the birth certificate posted on the web site, stated to be legitimate by the authorities in Hawaii, including by the REPUBLICAN governor is false…how? (Why do you think all these court cases have failed? Because every court that has looked at it has concluded they are baseless. There is no smoking bomb there.)You know the heart and faith of President Obama how???? Bush mentioned God “from time to time”, too…was his faith a false projection as well? How do you distinguish?Have you READ the Harry Potter books? All of them? They are wonderful literature…they are about good and evil, and how holding forth with your friends, and doing good is what will lead you safely through. The “witchcraft” is a meaningless prop…it is a SETTING, a STAGE for a story of good and evil, and of friendship. It has no more power over you than does much of the SciFi/Fantasy stuff out there. It is FANTASY. There is NOTHING in the Harry Potter Books that requires you to believe in witchcraft, and no kid I know of who have read the series seriously believes that this is the case. These books will be read and enjoyed 40 years from now…they will last as long as Nancy Drew and other great kids literature. J K Rowling is a wonderful writer. She creates vivid characters and scenes, and tells a great story.If you think Obama and everyone else who reads the series believers in witchcraft, you are sadly mistaken.Pr chris

  • CalSailor

    Part 2I think it is amazing how accurately you think you can apply truth and know what is in anyone’s soul. Yes, President Obama has probably read the Holy Qu’ran. So have many Christians. He understands the culture of the middle east and of Islam, having lived in a Muslim country. That does not make him a Muslim. Would you deny that he was baptized? Do you think he did it for political reasons? Then I would argue that Newt’s conversion to Catholicism is at least as cynical as that. Newt said he did it because his wife wanted him to…There is no perfect Christian…none. I am willing to let him find his own way, just as I will allow anyone else who wishes to be a Christian. God tells us that no one knows the inner soul of another…that knowledge is God’s alone. So, beware before you label him or anyone a demon and a pawn of the devil. You might be surprised whom you encounter in heaven…Do you remember how John McCain characterized Barak Obama, when someone said they were afraid of Obama and called him a Muslim. McCain said gently, “No maam, he is a Christian, and a decent man.” I would argue McCain knows him better than you or I. I have also read his books, and the caring and hopes he has for our country, the way he is raising his children, the life he has with his wife; all these things tell me that your characterization is very far from reality when it comes to him.On this day when a man who hates everyone who is different than he is (and who has been spreading the (what I believe to be a lie) that our President is not an American, as well) went into one of the most moving museums in this country and shot to death a man whose job was to protect peace and safety of the thousands who visit this museum. Please don’t be like this shooter…let’s find a way in our country to bring one another together, not find ways to damn one another and tear our country apart. Proclaiming others to be less holy, to be false, to claim to know what is between them and their God is not how Christ calls us to be. “See how they love one another”…said one Roman as recorded in Acts. Who is our neighbor? “Everyone” is the short answer. We are told to Judge not lest we also be judged. I don’t know about you, but I have enough to do to live as my God calls me to live, and to be a neighbor to those around me. I don’t have time for hatred and division.Pr Chris

  • Alex511

    fr athena4:>Waitaminute? Harry Potter-style magic is REAL? I must have missed that lesson in witch school! If it’s real, then I want my house elf! Doggone it. Must have been the same day that they talked about flying and apparating. Would REALLY cut down on the commute!

  • usapdx


  • tlrasnic

    Dr.,or is it , Professor Newt, IS one of the few republican voices who seems to have a brain & can analysis complex matters. He would make a very good candidate for the republicans in 2012.He has alredy labeled the right as”elitist”even though he is probably the most elite person in the republican party. I think Dr Newt would do anything,say anything, join with the devil’s on brigade & copy & follow Carl Rove’s play book to the ultimate, to be POTUS. Sorry NEWT, it ain’t gonna happen;independents will back Sister Sarah before you.

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