Anti-Abortion Ad Scores with ‘American Idol’

By Jacqueline L. Salmon The organization that was turned down when it tried to get NBC-TV to air an anti-abortion … Continued

By Jacqueline L. Salmon

The organization that was turned down when it tried to get NBC-TV to air an anti-abortion video that portrayed President Obama as an unborn child has had better luck the second time around with the TV show American Idol.

Fox TV has agreed to air an ad by during the finale of the hit show. It’s part of a campaign by — a subsidiary of the Fidelis Center, a Chicago-based conservative Catholic organization — to attract Americans who are lukewarm in their support for abortion.

A recent poll by the Pew Research Center for People & the Press found that support for abortion among those who say it should be legal in “most cases” fell to 28 percent from 37 percent last August. (Those who believed it should be legal in “all cases” stayed steady at 16 percent.)

“Our goal is to reach the average American–your neighbor next door,” says a fundraising letter sent out to supporters. “Radical pro-abortion advocates are not our target audience. And neither is the ‘choir’ who already agree with us.”

The ad features photos of more than a dozen celebrities and public figures, including former Beatle John Lennon, former First Lady Nancy Reagan, singer Sarah McLachlan, Apple CEO Steve Jobs and country singers Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. Set to music, with no narration, the words “Visionaries” and “Adopted” flash on the screen at the conclusion of the ad. says it is going after tens of millions of American that it believes are open to being convinced of the “gift of human life.”

“We must go after them in a new and compelling way,” it says.

  • josephhyde

    I hope Sarah sues these clowns back to the stone age for attaching her name to a cause she does not support!

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