Obama Still a Muslim to Some

By Jacqueline L. Salmon During the 2008 presidential campaign, one in 10 Americans believed that President Barack Obama is a … Continued

By Jacqueline L. Salmon

During the 2008 presidential campaign, one in 10 Americans believed that President Barack Obama is a Muslim. According to a new poll from the Pew Center for People and the Press, one in 10 Americans still believe it.

Despite Obama’s frequent references to his Christian faith, just as many people incorrectly identify him as a Muslim now as did during the presidential campaign. What’s interesting is that while most of those oppose him politically, a portion don’t hold it against him. They like the guy, they voted for him — and they think he’s a Muslim.

Among people who approve of his job performance, seven percent think he’s Muslim, says Michael Dimock, a Pew Center associate director. “It’s not always a statement of opposition or something that’s resonating on the right-wing list servs,” said Dimock. “It’s something that just happens to be out there.”

Overall, 17 percent of Republicans say they believe Obama is Muslim, exactly the same as during the election. Among whites, close to 20 percent of evangelical Protestants persist in that belief.

Among Democrats, far fewer believe he’s Muslim — only 7 percent. But that doesn’t mean most think he’s Christian. In fact, among Democrats, just 55 percent correctly identify him as a Christian. And that’s down slightly from 61 percent who thought he was Christian last fall.

That can’t be a trend that makes the White House comfortable.

  • Chops2

    Then one in ten Americans are morons, though I suspect the number to be significantly higher.

  • miyago123

    The reason many people think this is that Mr. Obama is a very unsettling person. He just doesn’t come off as real but rather as sort of a messenger of his own dark philosophies. He’s so singularly un-Christian in what he promotes when you look at his rabid support for homosexuality and abortion that it’s just not surprising that many Americans think he’s got a problem.

  • katavo

    Only somebody dumb enough to believe in religion at all would be stupid enough to make this mistake.Ask how many atheists think Obama is a muslim.

  • ffd2

    What kind of a Looney Tune thinks that the hyper-conservative Muslims favor abortions? Islamic counties even execute homosexuals! You have to wonder what cave these people live in. Which edition of which translation of the bible or God’s book is God’s word? Which interpretation of which edition of God’s word is the will of God? Oh yours? Right.

  • coloradodog

    Americans think Obama is a Muslim because Limberger and his inbred cousins at RNC Fox News perpetuated the rumor. They couldn’t tell us why McCain was any different from Cheney so the only thing they could do was spread rumor and innuendo in the “Christian” neocon tradition.

  • sinnersunited

    Muslim or not God put him in office.Im glad God knows what he is doing because its real clear that he himself does not have a clue other then bringing about a socialist change in the world as we know it,but Gods knows exactly whats happening and why it is happening and what is going to come of whats happening.

  • sinnersunited

    To the point of folks making a mistake of not identifying mr.o as a christian that is easily understood,for christians believe the bible as Gods’ word,and believe the teachings in Gods’ word are for all mankind,hence a christian should not be a pro-abortionist,a gay rights supporter,and the like so you can see why mr.o is not seen as a christian he does not believe as one.a christian will try to help man understand and live by Gods’ laws not try and legislate loopwholes around them.Remember there is the difference of being in the world and being of the world you can choose to support the world veiw or Gods’ view not both.

  • GoofyPlatypus

    What makes me uncomfortable is not the question of whether Obama is a closet Muslim or a practicing Christian, but the fact that he belongs to a Black Liberation Theology church with close ties to the rabidly racist Farrakhan. Coloradodog, your ad hominem attacks undermine any credibility you hope to present. You mark yourself as a kneejerk, reactionary leftist by invoking name calling against Rush and Fox.Had you bothered to do research aside from digging out your own resentment of thinking people, you would realize that Rush NEVER CALLED OBAMA A MUSLIM. And appropriately or not, Fox ran a correction to its story that said he was.

  • Alex511

    fr sinnersunited:>…for christians believe the bible as Gods’ word,and believe the teachings in Gods’ word are for all mankind,hence a christian should not be a pro-abortionist,a gay rights supporter,and the like so you can see why mr.o is not seen as a christian he does not believe as one….You are completely incorrect. I am a gay Christian (20 years with the United Methodist Church!) woman, happily married to my WIFE, and we are both VERY pro-choice.

  • colinnicholas

    What I like to think is that even if President Obama came out as a closet atheist – people would still vote for him. I like to think it. It’s a nice thought.It wouldn’t surprise me if he actually is an atheist. He seems too smart – too analytical – too curious and questioning to give the childish God hypothesis serious thought. He just doesn’t seem that gullible, to buy into a fantasy that is clearly designed to console and comfort the fearful.I would prefer that he is faking his belief. I would understand.

  • FadingFast

    By definition, 50% of the population has an I.Q. below 100 so … .Aside to INGOODFAITH: are you a bot or did you just stop taking your meds?

  • formerheap

    One has to have a strong “constitution” to post comments about this President or “Muslims”.One could be looking at a death sentence,never seeing their children again,poverty,court orders to pay any bill that any attorney or attorney general in the state demands for the “offender” to pay,then if you are really lucky they could break bones,arrest you,have you sit in jail for months until they decide how to handle the “situation”,how to protect these politicians,attorneys,law enforcement,religious fanatics,and cultural diverse people who have no clue how they have affected one’s life,one’s freedoms,their mental and physical health.So throw caution to the wind and stand up for yourself, tell the truth if the “truth game” is the game of the day, if not just continue to post and if someone decides to forward them to the national security council,FBI,CIA,United Nations,United States blah,blah,blah then so be it,at least one might get a day in “court” to actually defend themselves,that is if they don’t provide you with a preselective “court appointed” attorney which make claims about you mental status since your a batteried women while the other side strangle holds your children into testifying against you while abusing them in any way they feel they can get away with. Isn’t this a great country to live,work,and die fore?

  • info53

    I hate that “one in ten” number. Or “one in four” or whatever. It makes me look at the faces of people I see on the street, wondering which of them would have been out with torches and pitchforks, burning witches, back in the day.It’s depressing to consider we live amongst savages, who would return the world to medieval ignorance and degradation if they were only given a chance.

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