The Truth of Satan’s Sin

The Qur’an talks about how Satan works — whispering in our hearts so that these sins seem fair, or even essential, to us.

Many Muslims view Satan — we call him Iblis or al-Shaitan — as an actual being who refused to bow down to the first man, and for being cast out of heaven by God, vowed to spend eternity tempting humanity at large with his evil whisperings. Others, myself included, view Shaitan as a metaphor for sinfulness and for humanity’s moral weaknesses. Actual being or metaphor, Satan and the Qur’anic verses about him have a lot to teach us. Satan’s sin, that of pride and arrogance, is the underlying evil that leads to pretty much every other sin. Racism, Miserliness, Gluttony, Jealousy, Backbiting, Cheating, Theft, Murder, Adultery even anger… all are based upon the premise that I am better than others; I deserve more, I deserve better quality, I deserve what others have (especially that which I think they are undeserving of!). The Qur’an talks about how Satan works — whispering in our hearts so that these sins seem fair, or even essential, to us. Reflection, self-awareness, determination, and, yes, prayer are all wards against the temptations that seem so sweet, and yet we all know, if we consult our consciences, are not sweet at all. Perhaps the most important lesson the Qur’an teaches us, is that though human beings do have inherent weaknesses, we also have the resources to combat those weaknesses, the strength to do what we know to be right, despite temptation. Chapter 91 (the Sun) reads: 91:1 CONSIDER the sun and her radiant brightness, 91:2 And the moon as she reflects the sun! 91:3 Consider the day as she reveals the sun, 91:4 And the night as she veils it darkly! 91:5 Consider the sky and The One who raised her up 91:6 And the earth and The One who spread her out beneath! 91:7 Consider the human self, and The One who formed it accordance with what it is meant to be, 91:8 And how it is imbued with moral failings as well as with consciousness of God! 91:9 Surely happy is the one who nurtures purity, 91;10 And truly lost is the one who corrupts it.   Image courtesy of Eduardo Loureiro

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  • coloradodog

    Oh great. A god who fries his babies in hell fire. More proof that Abraham was the original Satan.


    Mrs. Taylor & Friends: QUESTION: By what Authoritive ‘Authors’ of the “HOLY QURAN” are you translating?Note: Even though it is ‘iLLEGAL’ under SHARIA Law to ‘translate’ other than Arabic {Allah’s Tongue} THATFrom Pakistan, According to me personal own “Holy-Koran” which is translated from: Arabic to HURDU & to: English {not American}. Please see By: MAULANA FATEH MOHAMMAD JALLENDHRi [Urdu] & By: MARMADUKE PiCKTHAL [English] Translation respectfully.Important: Ye hath seriously errd or ye translation of Ye personal Holy-Quran Publisher eerrd?. Here is a prophetic-correction via MY-QURAN/KORAN: 91 (Sun) Reads: [pbuh]1) By the sun & HiS Brightness. [Not a SHE!] AND2) And the Moon when SHE followeth Him. [Moon is O.k. for a she, but not Sun].3) And the day when it revealed HiM. [not a SHE or HER!].4) And the night when it enthroned HiM. [not a SHE].5) and the heaven & HiM who built it. [not a She or a Her!].6) And the Earth & HiM who spread it. [not a SHe or a her!].7) ……….. HE. [Not a She or a Her PLEeeeZA!].Ye deliberately make Ye Quran/Koran, not me Koran/Quran, soun as if your’s id WOMAN [She/Her] Friendly instead of being HIM/HE/HIS friendly!??????????

  • CCNL

    And one of the greatest of all arrogant personages was?????Mohammed of course!!!!!

  • mono1

    at the hell fire.AND SATAN WILL SAY WHEN THE MATTER HAS BEEN DECIDED VERILY ,ALLAH promised you a promise of truth .and i too promised ,but i betrayed you.i had no authority over you except that i called you ,so you responded to me .so blame me not but blame yourselves. i canot help you nor can you help me . i deny your former act in associateing me (satan)as partner with ALLAH by obeying me ,veirly there is a painfull torment for the zalimun(shatan obeyers and whorshipers).1-this life is decideable by the creator of heaven and the earth ,master of the day of judgement.2-life and death is a serious evidence of the life after,the creator who created life and caused death can much easily resurrect.3-the hell fire is as real as you and me as real as this life ,the creator who created fire from the green tree can creat the hell fire and worse.4-the leader and orator of the hell fire society (iblis)will demonstrate the above show right in the hell fire.