Mike Singletary Brings His Faith to ‘Frisco

No one seems to think that Mike Singletary is going to last very long in San Francisco. The day that … Continued

No one seems to think that Mike Singletary is going to last very long in San Francisco. The day that Singletary replaced Mike Nolan as the 49ers head coach, Bay Area reporters already were compiling lists of candidates for the job.

I’m curious to see how Singletary’s tenure in San Francisco enfolds. The Hall of Fame linebacker has interviewed for several head coaching jobs, both college and pro, and been turned down, reportedly for his lack of experience. Prior to becoming a head coach, Singletary had just five years experience as an assistant coach in the NFL.

Whether Singletary knows X’s and O’s well enough to pull San Francisco out of its swoon, I can’t say. But I wonder how Singletary’s strong Christian convictions will go over with his players, the fans and the community.

At his press conference, Singletary wasn’t shy about saying, “I believe that with God I can do anything.”

As this post by Terry Mattingly of GetReligion makes clear, Singletary has long been outspoken about his Christianity. In addition to the four books Singletary has written that focus heavily on his faith, the most recent, “Mike Singletary One-on-One: The Determination That Inspired Him to Give God His Very Best,” he has given several interviews about his beliefs.

Next to NASCAR, few sports embrace Christianity more than football. Singletary’s religious statements may be taken in stride. Former Redskins coach Joe Gibbs and other NFL coaches have made no secret of their Christianity, and that didn’t seem to hurt their careers.

Or, will Singletary’s faith cause friction? Religion has a way of making people nervous. Whatever happens, it will be interesting to watch.


  • Bill (not Clinton)

    How ridiculous. Sport guys thinking that an omnipotent God cares about touchdowns or home runs. What exactly are those guys crossing home plate thinking when they point their fingers to the sky? That God really cares a half wit that they’re pay checks are 50 times higher than a care giver in a downtown east side hospital that actually does something everyday that is praiseworthy?

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