Jesus Calls Women to Serve and Lead

From the Bible to contemporary Christianity, women have been there as examples of faith.

What legitimate, Biblical role do women have within the church? That question demanded an answer early in my ministry when I accepted an invitation to address a large convention of pastors.

When I stood in the lectern at the convention center, many of the 800 church leaders present turned their chairs around and put their backs to me. When I concluded my message, I was shaking. I was hurt and surprised that godly men would find what I was doing so offensive that they would stage such a demonstration, especially when I was an invited guest. And I was confused. Had I stepped out of the Biblical role for a woman? While all agree that women are free to help in the kitchen, or in the nursery, or in a secretary’s chair, is it unacceptable for a woman to take a leadership or teaching position?

When I went home, I told the Lord that I had never had a problem with women serving in any capacity within the church. I knew that the New Testament declared that there is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus. (Galatians 3:28) And God emphatically promised, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy… (Acts 2:17) But the problem the pastors obviously had was now my problem. And so I humbly asked God to either convict me of wrongdoing or to confirm His call in my life. The story of Mary Magdalene came to mind, so I turned to John 20.

At the beginning of John 20, Peter and John had been to the empty tomb, then returned to Jerusalem. With the sound of their footsteps fading in the distance, Mary Magdalene returned and encountered the risen Christ. Then I read His command to her, “Go…to my brothers and tell them…” Jesus was commanding Mary to go to Jerusalem and tell eleven men what she had seen and heard. Mary obeyed and ran back to Jerusalem to deliver the glorious news, I have seen the Lord! With great joy and relief, I concluded that Jesus Himself did not have a problem with women in ministry.

Mary Magdalene was actually the very first evangelist! Since Jesus had obviously been present when Peter and John were there, why did He withhold Himself from them, but reveal Himself to Mary? He could so easily have given the task of announcing His resurrection to Peter and John, but instead He had given it to Mary. I believe He was making an undeniable, obvious statement that reverberates through the centuries, right up until our own day. Women are commanded and commissioned to serve Jesus Christ in whatever capacity He calls them, within or without the organized church, in word or in deed.

For my good friend Kimberly Sawatsky, our Lord’s commission means serving as the senior chaplain of The Chapel at the Naval Academy. For my longtime friend Annette Moore, it means serving as the only pastor of her small, country church. For my dear friend Bernice King, it means preaching in her own church, as well as in pulpits all over the world. For me, it means going wherever God sends and giving out His Word to whomever He puts in front of me.

Like Mary, with joy filling my heart I have gone into the world between my own two feet to declare that, I, too, have seen the Lord! Not with my physical eyes, but with the eyes of faith as I behold Him in Scripture. And I have seen and am convinced that He is the risen Lord, in authority over all things; He is the Christ, the fulfillment of Old Testament prophecy and the One who will ultimately establish His reign of peace and prosperity on earth; and He is Jesus, the only One who can save us from God’s wrath for our sin.

This space is not long enough to address the issue of ordination which carries with it the right to marry, bury, baptize, and have authority over church members. I do not believe God has called me to be ordained, but I know many women who believe He has called them. Some of these women pastor in countries where the male leadership has been decimated by persecution and imprisonment, and out of necessity they have stepped up to fill the void.

When I attended the International Congress on World Evangelisim in Amsterdam, 2000, I remember turning to greet the people seated behind me in the Rai Center. I discovered that the entire row was filled with women who pastored in mainland China. No one challenged their right to serve God. Instead, they were applauded.

So whether the sphere of service is China, Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia, South America, or North America including the United States, let it be known that Jesus Himself is the reason that I, and many of my church sisters, are in ministry. For those who have a problem with us, they need to take it up with Him.

Anne Graham Lotz, a daughter of evangelist Billy Graham, is founder of Raleigh-based AnGeL Ministries, which supports her Christian evangelical outreach. Her ‘Just Give Me Jesus’ revivals have been held in dozens of cities in the United States and other countries.

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Anne Graham Lotz
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  • Anonymous

    I don’t turn my back on one person. I turned my back on everybody, so it’s lonesome and it’s going to get more lonesome. I’m in the mud and I’m staying in the mud until the mission is completed or I’m dead. They need some help in Houston, so I’m sure the fairer sex would be welcome to serve there. Ike left a big mess behind.

  • spiderman2

    Many churches who have allowed women to preach become divided. Also their doctrines become very liberal. There must be a reason why Christ chosed only men. It is always wise to follow His example.

  • william kraal


  • Anonymous

    Anne,You are elevating a subjective sense of call above the clear teaching of Scripture. Referring to service in churches, Paul wrote, “I do not permit a woman to teach or to exercise authority over a man” (1 Tim. 2:12). This is not ambiguous. It is not limited in its reference to a single situation. No sense of calling permits you to violate this apostolic injunction. Furthermore, your rejection of this command puts you out of step with the collected witness of the church in history. The overwhelming majority of Christians throughout the ages have understood the Scriptures to restrict the office of elder/pastor to men. You are also giving more weight to your sense of calling than you are to church history.Women were created in the image of God and are gifted in remarkable ways. Anne, you can use your gifts to the glory of God and still be obedient to the commands of Scripture.

  • Carolyn

    Jesus also spoke to the women he wanted to lead. Jesus also said that a women should not have authority over a man, if you are going to interpet Gods word as you please interpet it right. Don’t add to or take away from God word. The bottom line is sarah palin does not have enough experience/knowledge in certain things that is needed to be president. Her only thing in saying is i told congress thanks but no thank to that bridge to nowhere; is that leadership? We are losing our houses and everything we thought we own and she is still going strong because the state is paying for ehat she has. Open you heart and eyes people and do the right thing.

  • Ash

    I’m not sure if you’re a Southern Baptist like your father, Mrs. Lotz, but in any case you’re serving in a religious environment, if not a specific denomination, that is rooted in white racism and separatism. I don’t find it surprising that gender discrimination has found an expression in such a grouping. Good luck combating this evil. I don’t think you’ll find the answer in the gospels, though. Ultimately, it is secular society that drags religious reactionaries kicking and screaming into better futures. Unfortunately, patience may be required.

  • Anonymous

    The future is a lot of work. The future is one minute away and nobody needs dragged there. The future is certain even if the end is less than certain, the past is dead so there’s no point in living in the past. I think religion helps propel us into the future. That might be true or it might just be because I want my own airplane. Not a jet, just a small prop job I can fly and work on. That’s what I’m focused on for the future. I know I’ll never fly commercial again, so that’s in the past. If I had a plane I could fly some help down to Houston. It’s too long of a drive from here.


    AnneWhat you did not address–I suspect intentionally–is the circumscription of women within the “complementarian” view and the forced distortion of this view to allow for an endorsement of Sarah Palin. A new twist on separation of church and state that approves the secular leadership of certain women.I am deeply disturbed by this and I wonder–

  • Anonymous

    Anne is definitely ignoring the 1 Tim. 2:12 to come to her conclusion. This is disappointing since is the clearest scripture with the most information on this issue. While I believe woman have many important roles in the church, it seems God wants men as the authoritive teachers and preachers.She uses Galatians 3:28 to defend her position but this isn’t about roles in the church, it is about our possition with God. He doesn’t take favorites and we are all equal before him. We must remember the church is a body of many parts (or roles) that do many different function. Each function is important and none is to be discredited. But we should not envy other parts but be satified with what God has given us.She also says that women and prophets and evangelists. These are actually completely differnt gifts than teacher or preacher. Often times they run hand and hand but they do not have to. I agree completely that is within God’s roles that women fill these positions.I understand that not all people will see things the same way, and I understand that. I respect women in Teaching positions but I would probably decline to attend a church that practices this. We are ultimately resigned to the Bible and our best interpretation. I would also keep in mind I she isn’t speaking for Billy Graham. I see him as a person who is more inclined to favor biblical male leadership but I would like to hear his opinion.I understand she feels a calling to what she is doing. I must ask if calling is in conflict to the Bible she preaches. Her opinion seems popular with Secularlists and those who hold the Bible loosely but we are subject to the God’s Word and ultimately to God.

  • Alex

    fr anonymous 9/17 11.45am:>…I respect women in Teaching positions but I would probably decline to attend a church that practices this. …No, you don’t, if you really believe what you wrote there. Women are JUST AS GOOD (if not better!) as men when it comes to preaching, leading, teaching, delegating, etc. I suggest you remember Dorcas, Anna (prophetess=preacher), Ruth, etc.I’m a United Methodist, and we allow Women to be ordained! I’m grateful to be a UMC member! The church I was raised in, the lcms, is frighteningly right wing and paternalistic. Women can work in the office, clean the sanctuary, and teach Sunday School, but that’s IT. I’m glad I left that bunch 20 years ago and had my eyes opened.

  • Anonymous

    A long time after the bible was written, all these women lose their husbands. They have to keep leading their families and sometimes alone. Just because it’s not written in the bible does not change reality right now. Women have no choice but to lead in certain circumstances and they will. What’s the option? Sit around waiting and tell the kids Dad is dead, we’ll wait for God to show up and provide. You have to make a life for yourself and your children. The bible is great and everything, it’s just not always as simple as I am what the bible says I am, I can do what it says I can do. You have a couple or more kids, the wolf is at the door and you need to keep a household together and food on the table and the man of the house died trying to save somebody elses lives in a battle. At the end of the day dinner needs served and the kids need a place to sleep, so she has challenges. In the future she needs to lead the family because he went up and there are kids growing up with one parent and that’s a difficult story and there are a lot of them. Women have to keep it together even when it’s all falling down around us. Keep your taps wet.

  • Chris Morton

    In Donald Capps’ book, “The Child’s Song: The Religious Abuse of Children,” (page 38) he describes how your father, Billy Graham, was abused by his mother and father – beaten, slapped, thrashed. Did Billy Graham and your mother abuse you? Is this why you are prepared to put up with the disgraceful group abuse of male evangelical pastors, as you describe in your article? Do you follow James Dobson’s dictum “Dare to Discipline” where he says: “It is not necessary to beat the child into submission; a little bit of pain goes a long way for a young child. However, the spanking should be of sufficient magnitude to cause the child to cry genuinely,” allowing such abuse to affect your actions in your adult life?It is astounding to me that you should choose to accept psychological abuse of this kind without confronting it. Your mildness in the face of such abuse suggests that you accept it and agree with it. Is this because you were abused? Do you believe that Jesus wanted this to happen to you? Is Jesus this abusive himself? Do you expect this kind of treatment of women by pastors to continue unchallenged in the Evangelical churches? Perhaps you are being called to confront this disgraceful behavior and to work to stop the abuse and denigration of women within the evangelical realm?President Carter left the Southern Baptist ministry because of their continued belittlement of women, because of their subordination to husbands and other men, leading to all kinds of female abuse. Abuse is on a continuum – a cycle, if you like – and this has to be broken to save all the women coming after you. Your placid acceptance of this behavior continues to put many women in danger – yes, danger – because of the evangelical male domination and their literal “interpretation” of the Bible for their own benefit. Don’t you think that your opposition to this male domination and their abuse of women should become your life’s work? Finally, I don’t know if you have children but the question must be asked whether you are perpetuating the cycle of abuse that you seem to accept, and the subordination of women to men that you seem to think the Bible preaches? If your father was abused by his father, and you were abused by your father, do you abuse your children, or have you stopped this cycle, at least in your home? Are you teaching your children (or your nieces and nephews) that men and women are equals in everything and that men should never abuse women in any way?Chris Morton

  • Response to Alex:

    Actually I do respect people that believe different than me, namely women in Paster/Leader roles. I would appreciate you not judging me on things you know anything about. I have heard women preach and learned from then. I just believe that it is God’s intention that they have men over them. Let’s face it, most men aren’t called to be preachers/teachers themselves. I wouldn’t choose their church either. I wouldn’t want someone who clearly wasn’t called by scripture. Jesus submits to God’s will even though he is equal with God. I believe woman should submit to God in this, even though equal with man.My question for you, “What do you base you beliefs on?” Are you saying this because it is popular in today’s world, or at your church? Are you basing your beliefs on the whole Bible (not just the places you like). I’d really like to know.Also prophet (or prophetess) does not equal preacher/teacher. You can see the lists of spiritual gifts in Romans 12, Ephesians 4, I Corinthians 13-15. Check it out.

  • June Julie

    This is a sad commentary that there are individuals who still think that women have a lesser role in the service of God. Get over it. I don’t believe in a “god” who would even remotely think that this is OK. I was born and raised a Southern Baptist and believe that fundamentalism is a form of child abuse. We are all human, period. Some humans have better leadership skills regardless of their gender. Some of the men who responded need either mental help to cope with thier prejudices or shut up so the world can be a better place. Paul is attributed with the leadership comment. This was a long time ago and far, far away. Paul could have been a pedophile for all we know. Stop basing modern life with what ancestors supposedly said in the past. In 4020, Christianily will be irrelevant unless your doctrines begin to recognize that everyone is human. Again, get over yourselves…your prejudices are boring.

  • Anonymous

    That is all in the past? It must be because Tuesday is gone with the wind. It’s as if we are in a time warp and people can’t learn from their mistakes, so they feel the urgent need to question others to the point of no return. Carry on wayward sons. All that she can do is what any of can do, ride on and deal with the hard problems of today. The devil needs the past to stay vital and to stay on the radar screen. Right now people are thinking about a million and more other things and they don’t care what you think. Most are too busy replacing mufflers, loading trucks and unload trains. In other words, making something work that needs done. Then you have a bunch of guys up the road loading fuel and cargo for some far off mission to defeat terrorism and we are all supposed to discuss a Child’s Song to pass the afternoon away to get to the bottom of lifes deeper meanings. I need to go pull a few weeds, so good luck with your works.

  • patrick

    I am astonished that happened. Doubly astonished given your pedigree. I can assure you as a man, I completely agree with you.

  • Chele Fernandez

    In Re: You are elevating a subjective sense of call above the clear teaching of Scripture. Referring to service in churches, Paul wrote, “I do not permit a woman to teach or to exercise authority over a man” (1 Tim. 2:12). This is not ambiguous. It is not limited in its reference to a single situation. No sense of calling permits you to violate this apostolic injunction. This scripture does not say “Jesus said…” It says I which refers to the writer, Paul. You’re right that it’s not ambiguous. It clearly states the preference of the man writing it. I would like to know the context of this letter. What had transpired? Was it after Paul exhorted 2 women in the church to get along for the good of the body?

  • Lee

    Brave “Anonymous” at 10:43 said, “Referring to service in churches, Paul wrote, “I do not permit a woman to teach or to exercise authority over a man” (1 Tim. 2:12).”Paul said that HE did not permit women to teach.The Gospel says JESUS sent Mary Magdalene out to teach.I’ll go with Jesus, thank you.

  • Rev. Bernard F. Hillenbrand

    Very revealing message. A case can be made that the first woman minister was the Woman at the Well. Keep in mind that it took a time for the local people to accept her message. That is probably the case today. The challenge in this election is the conflict of two misunderstands one being intolorant of woman and the other being intolorant of blacks. I suspect that Obama big is half black has priority in the far right in this election. You can be a “male feminist” as I am and still believe that Sarah Palin is a beautiful and articuate right wing woman who has no ability to be President or proably even a governor. Rev. Hillenbrand

  • Carolyn Brauer

    I am not surprised at the reaction Ms. Lotz received, at the conference where she was guest speaker. This country has demonstrated that it even has a hard time with women in political leadership roles also. The U.S. trails behind other countries where women have served in roles of monarchy, being prime minister, and so on. Let’s face it ….as advanced as we think our country is, in many ways it is not!

  • Anonymous


  • Freestinker

    “If Jesus were running for office, he would be Barack Obama. Jesus was a good, gentle and well-intentioned man. He was nothing like Sara Palin.”Not to mention that Jesus was also very likely a black man!

  • Dwight

    it’s not up to you…and you can’t speak for our Lord jesus The Christ, The Son of the Living God…

  • Dwight

    ” Freestinker:you are wrong on everything you wrote…

  • Lee

    Either you believe the Holy Bible is true, or you don’t. Either you obey the Biblical injunctions, or you don’t.Do you believe St. Paul spoke truth, or that he spoke truth only sometimes? There are many places in the Bible I don’t agree with, but if you believe the Bible is the Word of God, then you also don’t have any choice, and you can’t just pick and choose what you agreewith to fit your own desires. Or worse, figure out what you want and then manipulate Biblical teaching to support your own desires.Otherwise, you get into the same painted corner as the Episcopal Church, who have denied so many parts of the Bible that they don’t know what’s true and what’s not. Can women be priests? Can homosexuals? How about child molestors? Thieves and heretics? Why can one person be the moral authority as a priest or bishop, while another one can’t, if there are no longer any guidelines from the Bible to rely on? Chop down all the trees to chase the Devil, and there will be no woods left to protect and hide you when the Devil finally turns to rend you to pieces. Deny all the uncomfortable parts of the Bible you don’t agree with, and you will have no principles to stand on when you eventually need them.If you pick and choose to support your own beliefs, and not true Christian beliefs, then you can then rationalize anything and any act from the Bible.Is black white, and is evil good, and did Christ come to save people, or to kill them? If you believe the Bible, these silly questions are all answered. But if you only believe bits and pieces of the Bible, then the questions are open to all sorts of arguments and devices. The Devil loves these kinds of arguments among Christians.So if you push your own agenda, and say God called you to preach the Word when you preach against his written Word in the Bible, then you are acting in your own self interest and against the will of God. You stir up confusion in the congregation, arguments among the fiathful, and dissent from the obedience to God’s injunctions. Shame on you.

  • Anonymous

    We have to get along and I need to get going along. It’s been fun. The ladies are more important guys. That’s why we get stuck in the mud doing all the muddy work. Somebody has to clean us up and it’s not going to be ourselves. We just keep getting muddier as any grunt will tell you. Have fun in the mud, just don’t get stuck in it for too long. Resume mud slinging, just don’t hit the ladies with it.

  • Freestinker

    Dwight,Jesus was very likely a black Jew. It’s just history. How does that offend you?

  • alex

    fr Chris morton:>…Do you follow James Dobson’s dictum “Dare to Discipline” where he says: “It is not necessary to beat the child into submission; a little bit of pain goes a long way for a young child. However, the spanking should be of sufficient magnitude to cause the child to cry genuinely,” allowing such abuse to affect your actions in your adult life?…I certainly hope she DOESN’T follow dobdumb’s edict. He’s a known liar, he’s virulently anti-gay, anti-choice, and advocates BEATING a child or small dog with a switch or a belt.

  • Anonymous

    Jesus vs. Paul.Jesus wins.

  • Kert

    I’m seeing a lot of “Jesus vs. Paul” posts. There is no scripture that competes against other scripture.All the Bible is “God Breathed”. It is inspired from the spirit and doesn’t contain mistakes. Please don’t try to take out passages that you don’t like. Even Jesus attests to the Bible’s authenticity. And Paul was one of the Apostles that actually saw Jesus. Ultimately the Bible comes from God from men and should be treated as such in its entirety. All their sayings and writings are true. We should work through them to find their true meaning in context.

  • Anonymous

    Jesus v. Pilate”According to the canonical Christian Gospels, Pilate presided at the trial of Jesus and, despite stating that he personally found him not guilty of a crime meriting death, handed him over to crucifixion. Pilate is thus a pivotal character in the New Testament accounts of Jesus.”Jesus won, but because of politics (that again) he had to hang. In the end, as in the present, it turned out that we all won and we keep winning today. Losers will be losers, so it’s the same old thing right now as it was. People talk change, they just can’t back it up. Accounts get settled and we always collect. It gets people into a panic knowing that we are going to be coming to collect. We don’t hang you, you hang yourselves living higher than your means can support. We just cross you off our list, we don’t bail on you or bail for you. Paul is in the clear, he wasn’t a Judas. Not by a long shot. They look different now. Business is business for better or for worse, till death do you part. We can speed that up for you.

  • Anonymous


  • Arminius

    “There is no scripture that competes against other scripture.”I must disagree.- Two different creation stories, each with a different ordering of when things were created- Two different genealogies of Jesus in Matthew and Luke- The synoptic Gospels place the Last Supper at Passover, but John’s Gospel has it on the day before- Differences on what Jesus actually said on the cross- How did Judas die, and what did he really do with the 30 pieces of silver?- Who was first at the tomb?

  • Anonymous

    Money doesn’t need to say anything, it just has to keep working for you. Then you are talking Big Money. The rest is just conversation and exchanging pleasantries. People post some very unpleasant things here and there could be ramifications to doing that. They need more grace than they allow their readers. They are morally and spiritually bankrupt and can’t be bailed out. Let them burn out of control, while the good times roll. The government seems all ready to save the scum and sacrifice us. What else is new?

  • Anonymous

    It’s Good v. Evil. Good always wins in the long-term. Short-term thinking is evil. Love wins the fight. Same old fashioned blasst from the past. Nothing changes on one level, while everything is different on another level. Getting to that level is a big challenge. That’s life. Winners and losers and drawing cartoons.

  • Santa

    Oh what fun it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh.


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  • mzbond

    Yes. Women can lead, but not Sarah Palin, she is a Barracuda not a women.

  • anonymous 2

    I found one of her assertions amusing and disconcerting:”So whether the sphere of service is China, Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia, South America, or North America including the United States…”What does she mean ‘including the United States’? Is she somehow suggesting that US Americans are the ones who least or last Christianity? That they are already Christian? If so, what prejudice from the pen of someone who is ostensibly fighting prejudice. If so, she should stay in the US.

  • craig

    Ms. Lotz,I believe you’ve made the right choice by following Jesus (who calls you to service in the church) and ignoring Paul (who says you are a subordinate creature who should never speak in church). It’s clear that in a modern, civilized society, Jesus’ teachings are superior to Paul’s.Likewise, Paul is the only person in the New Testament who calls homosexuality sinful. Jesus never says so. Don’t you think it’s time we followed Jesus and ditched Paul on that issue too?

  • associate christ

    Jesus, save me from Anne Graham Lotz! That rictus, ooh, invasion of the body snatchers or something.Just looking at that face gives me the willies.HMBWJU?How Much Botox Would Jesus Use?

  • Thomas Baum

    ANNE GRAHAM LOTZVery nice post and I would like to make a few comments.You wrote, “When I stood in the lectern at the convention center, many of the 800 church leaders present turned their chairs around and put their backs to me. When I concluded my message, I was shaking. I was hurt and surprised that godly men would find what I was doing so offensive that they would stage such a demonstration, especially when I was an invited guest.”Some of the Pharisees of Jesus’s day were also godly men in their own eyes, where they not?Then you wrote, “But the problem the pastors obviously had was now my problem.”It seems that you have found out that it is not your problem as you first thought but it still might be some of the “pastors” problem still, don’t you think?We are all in this together and I do mean ALL, it seems that quite a few people like to ‘slice and dice’ the bible and sometimes it seems they do this to fit it into their preconceived notions and prejudices.As it says on page one, “Let Us make man in Our Image and Likeness, male and female, Let Us make them”. There does seem to be many people that call themselves “Christian” that can’t even get past page one without deleting.Whether or not God’s Image and Likeness, which is Love since God is a Being of Pure Love, shines thru someone is immaterial, we are ALL made in God’s Image and Likeness.One of the things that Jesus invited us to do was: “Proclaim the Good News” well just like the Angels announced at Jesus’s Birth, “This is Good News for ALL PEOPLE”, if it isn’t ultimately for ALL, then it is not Good News at all.Jesus is Who He Said He Is, God-Incarnate, He said this many times in many different ways and it may come as a shock to some that God is a searcher of hearts and minds, not of religious affiliations or lack thereof but that is also mentioned many times in the bible also.Remember when someone said to John, “We are Children of Abraham” and he said, “God can turn these very rocks into Children of Abraham”, this is something to think about.It is important What one does and Why one does it and What one Knows.We have free will and we are responsible for what we do whether or not we accept that responsibility is up to us.God has a Plan and has had His Plan since before creation and “Christianity” is part of that Plan which is unfolding before our very eyes and His Plan is for ALL to be with Him in His Kingdom.Take care, be ready.Sincerely, Thomas Paul Moses Baum.

  • Carol A.Check

    Mrs Lotz, I was astonished and dismayed by the inconsiderate and rude actions of the men in the article. I’ve read a number of your articles in Christian magazines and find no reason that you should’ve been treated with such disregard and rudeness.I’m sure our Savior would ( with everything I’ve read in His Word)agrees with me.”We’re told to be ready to give an answer to anyone for what we believe” and I feel that’s all most of us want to do. It is unfortunate that most men are threatened by that. And in turn have no other recourse but to accept ALL that the Savior taught. You have my deepest regards. Sincerely, A Sister in Christ

  • Anonymous

    “all that money$$$???”Not having money is the root of all evil, so I keep getting more evil and it looks like soon I’ll be headed straight into hell. Some jobs are tougher than others my friends. It’s rough here, but somebody has to do it. Might as well be Me.

  • We must reach beyond our human limitations

    as human beings, we have an unfortunate tendency to make the simple & beautiful complex and distorted. we do this to define ourselves by who we are not so that we can feel special and unique. in the process, we exclude and degrade. Jesus’s message was clear: we are all created in the image of God, we are all loved equally by God. Would our Lord condemn anyone who was able to bring others closer to the Father? If you understand Jesus’s message of love and salvation, you simply cannot answer yes. Anyone — male or female — who brings even one person closer to God and to salvation, is a blessed leader. We need to stop being banal and truly embrace Jesus message of love and acceptance — to rise above our obsession with gender and race. these matter not one iota to our Lord.

  • Amanda Greene

    Women yes! But please, not by the likes of you, Ms. Lotz. With all due respect and probably more than you would grant me.What this great nation needs more than anything else, desperately, above all else, is a divorce with NO visiting privileges from the religious zealots who have had a far too large and outsize and unfair voice in how this nation conducts itself.No better reason to teach ethics, logic and critical thinking in our schools, every single one, from grade-one through twelve than the aggressive, shamefully ungrateful arrogance of bullying theocrat’s stranglehold on this nation. I might add that money always plays such a huge role in your manipulations… Oh, and start paying taxes! For, of all interest groups, religious organizations get a much bigger bang for ironically not paying their fair share than the rest of us in the nation.

  • Dr, Who

    Anne, Jesus taught that it was the spirit of the law , not the letter of the law that was important, when he “broke the sabbath” and healed the afflicted. My concept of religion in the particulars is not similar to yours, but I agree wholehardly with the spirit of what you are saying in this article. In my opinion, a woman is equal to a man in the eyes of the Creator. She loves all her children equally.

  • Robert B

    Oh, go have an abortion Amanda Greene. That is the high sacrament of your Church of Liberalism, isn’t it?

  • associate christ

    Did they have good weed around 2000 years ago?WKOWWJS?What Kind Of Weed Would Jesus Smoke?

  • add

    Robert B, go spread your buttcheeks for Jesus, isn’t that the kind of church you belong to?

  • Tina

    I can’t belive, this topics comes from USA. I just can’t belive it. I belive economically once use to be one of the most power full contry, but when it comes common sense and mined civlization, It is way bhined. Talk about God…. I am very conservatve person, but I also know the limit. The repoblican maks me sick. They don’t tell the truth. I am very upset for being repoblican. I can’t belive American going to put Plain for vise presedant.!!!!!You ask your self there is no qulified people on that contry?

  • Judge Joe Black

    Greene v. GreeneWhen a judge calls an argument “ridiculous” or “frivolous,” it is absolutely the worst thing the judge could say. It means that the person arguing the position has absolutely no idea of what he is doing, and has completely wasted everyone’s time. It doesn’t mean that the case wasn’t well argued, or that judge simply decided for the other side, it means that there was no other side. The argument was absolutely, positively, incompetent. The judge is not telling you that you were “wrong.” The judge is telling you that you are out of your mind.

  • Jean Gerard

    “–the One who will ultimately establish His reign of peace and prosperity on earth; and He is Jesus, the only One who can save us from God’s wrath for our sin.” What a horrid thought! The Prince of Peace will bring about “the end times” with all its anger, violence and destruction because God is so wrathful that He demands the destruction of His creation! Sounds like Jesus is at war with God!Who can believe such wild nonsense?

  • Roy

    “When I stood in the lectern at the convention center, many of the 800 church leaders present turned their chairs around and put their backs to me”All American, patriotic, good-old-boy, intolerant, misogynist, evangelical “church leaders”Poor Jesus.

  • asoders22

    “When I stood in the lectern at the convention center, many of the 800 church leaders present turned their chairs around and put their backs to me.”Sorry to hear that, but – well, why join a congregation of smug, rude idiots in the first place? I never stop wondering about how Christian women put up with this male cr*p. You like Jesus? OK, start your own church based on what you believe he actually stood for. You don’t have to drag the idiots along with you. All churches in present time are compromised anyway, they have long since left most of the thought expressed in the gospels and become hierarchies for the usual male power game.

  • deflag

    Power games can be fun. Guys think they have power and then some woman with more power comes along and the guys get into a panic. Then you have Wall Street and maybe the women can save what’s worth saving there. The guys have BSed each other to the point that the BS isn’t working. Money keeps work for you or against you, male or female it doesn’t care. It’s Swiss and there are a lot of holes in my cheese. Wall Street is digging some big holes to fill and there are women with big shoes to fill. That’s just life in the big city with the big money. I’ve run with the money and she isn’t always easy, but she is fair. Too many service charges and too little services make for a financial division. Independent and free, yes. Equal and free, no. You have to love an independent woman even you aren’t equal love is freedom with liberty and justice for all. How’s that for a power game?

  • deflag

    A little panic from time to time is the same as a little rebellion from time to time. It’s a good thing and we must have it, like storms in nature. It’s a family tradition and an American tradition, so ring your bells. The American Revolution never ends, it keeps going around. The wheel of fortune never stops. Others get stopped.

  • magpie

    Anonymous @ 10:43 said,”You are elevating a subjective sense of call above the clear teaching of Scripture. Referring to service in churches, Paul wrote, “I do not permit a woman to teach or to exercise authority over a man” (1 Tim. 2:12). This is not ambiguous. It is not limited in its reference to a single situation. No sense of calling permits you to violate this apostolic injunction.”I’m not a Christian, but it seems pretty obvious to me that the words and actions of Jesus would carry more weight and authority than those of Paul. If Jesus set his standard by sending forth Mary as the first evangelist, then subsequent attempts by the men of the early church to regulate the work and voice of women must be seen for what they are — a masculine power play to secure the authority of the church in the hands of men.Jesus deserves better than this.

  • Kris

    I can’t imagine Jesus turning his back on anyone. Those Church leaders had better go meditate somewhere, because it sounds like their egos got in the way of God’s word.To the men in the church, understand this….You can talk all day long about what a wife and a woman should be in God’s church. As a woman, my ears are tuned to someone who walks in my shoes. I am able to take advice and counsel from other women a whole lot easier than from a man. You will never know what it’s like to be a mother, a young girl, a wife. And more often than not, men need to hear God’s word from women too, to remind them of what their mothers and wives go through. To give them a new perspective. Let me remind these men of God out here,…God made me as a helpmate to my husband. MY husband. Outside of my immediate family, I am a child of God, PERIOD. My gender doesn’t demote me to be the helper to whatever man happens to be standing next to me. Jesus saw fit to treat women with respect and kindness, and some of his followers would do well to remember that.

  • GM

    Woman cannot be priests. It’s basic Church doctrine.

  • deflag

    15 minutes are up for grabs. The Warhol wing has arrived to save the election and now the debate shifts to rape, while Sally endulges everybody in abortion. We’re all getting raped by Wall Street in Washington in the mean time. What else is new sailors? Maybe they can sink the Navy too and McCain will drown in the tears. Goofballs, we’re running out of time here. McCain has free beer for life and money to spare. Make spare time and have a cold beer and relax. In 15 minutes I can drink 3 beers and 15 minutes later it’s the end of the world and I feel fine. I know, we are all supposed to feel terrible and watch the clockwork orange. Like a bad movie that won’t end.

  • Paul

    Do you think? Maybe, not about you. Deadheads and dopes. Keep shooting, korrections is a tough business.Your servant,

  • Oh what fun

    There are priestesses, heiresses and waitresses. So the tables keep turning and everybody eats at a different table. It’s not the Last Supper guys. They want to starve us out and make us run. This old boy will bring his own shotgun. Amen

  • faithfulservant3

    What’s left out of the introduction is what the host/moderator said to the pastors who turned their backs, if anything. Of course, this is a very telling story that is not unique and is still relevant.However, with respect to ordination of women I have a very different view. I’m not against it but my focus is different.The gospel teaches us to rise above the material. Often, the “way” was taught in small groups in households when in its embryonic state. And, you don’t have to be in church to praise the Lord. Jesus makes clear that love, compassion, forgiveness and helping the least in our midst is tantamount. Paul elaborates by emphasizing that it is the Spirit not the “letter of the law” that is important; concern for the poor and “walking in love” is a “more excellent way.”Instead of confrontation, I pray that women and others who have been traditionally ostracized by the church will just walk in love. Live, preach and teach the gospel as “royal priests,” part of a “holy nation.” On your own if necessary. Don’t be concerned with titles, hierarchies and large institutions. Was Jesus? Was Paul?By concentrating on titles and positions you overemphasize the material and the fleshly. The very thing we are commanded not to do! The Lord will fix it in his own good time.

  • Vic Chtristian

    I am a Christian – and agree that this audience was possibly rude in turning their back. But to this author, and other women who feel they have been called to lead men in a church, what other portions of scripture do you not count as God’s Word. I had thought that all of the Bible – Jesus’ words as well as Paul’s, were inspired from the Holy Spirit. If the Bible is in fact God’s word, no body has any right to say that they choose not to obey specific commands. If they do – they disregard the God of the Boble, and are not Christians.

  • Response to Kris:

    Actually Jesus went into the Temple and starting overturning the tables of shopkeepers and moneychangers, twice. He did this because the Jews were trying to take advantage of people and in the process took away the worship area for many Jews. Not exactly turning your back but it shows Jesus was willing to take action when his laws are broken.I don’t know if I would actively turn my back on a preacher for any reason but these men were simply expressing their convictions in an action. I don’t think we can condemn a personal conviction expressed in a passive manner.Let’s remember that Jesus loves everyone but he also expects obedience on our part. We are not exempt from judgement.

  • medogsbstfrnd

    Ms. Lotz is a homophobe. May you always remember, love, that last line you wrote whenever you open your mouth to condemn gay people, “For those who have a problem with us,they need to take it up with Him.” Too bad you’re fixated on the masculine pronoun. Some of us might say take it up with HER. And I’m just curious, did you ever lend your voice to defend Hillary from the vicious attacks of the religious right?

  • Anonymous

    nice, more threats

  • Anonymous

    What threats? Did I miss something?

  • gary

    I agree with Anne. She is right on!! We can either follow the traditions of men!!!!!!!!!! Or, we can follow the ordinances of GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • elbeto

    “Jesus Calls Women to Serve and Lead”I didn’t know that Jesus has phone or Internet!How come he can call someone? Does he has a 1-800 number?What a bunch of middle ages thinkers, please….

  • NeverLeft

    Curiously, He did not appoint a single woman Apostle. Some Churches follow this model out of obedience to Christ; others follow their own teachings.Some will counter with the fallacy that Christ was too cowardly to challenge the conventions of His day, which proves that they are completely unaware of Holy Scripture.

  • Donald Clary

    I agree with Ann whole heartily. My mother was a pastor over 60 years ago in a small village in southern Ohio where she ministered to the poor folks who were not allowed to attend the elitest church in town and led a crusade to rid the town of all bars, gambling and prostitution. The Lord blessed her greatly and many were saved and healed thru out her works. I know that God was in her without any douths based on the results.

  • David

    1 Timothy 2

  • Concerned the Christian Now Liberated

    Roy noted: “All American, patriotic, good-old-boy, intolerant, misogynist, evangelical “church leaders.”It “ain’t” their fault. They are simply following the dictates of one “Saint” Paul the Prude.

  • deflag

    I pulled out of the mud and need cleaned up here. If it’s not one mess, it’s another. The mud is still there and here too. It’s always a new mission to think about. Too bad more people weren’t thinking. We could always be in worse trouble than we already are. Some people are more trouble than they are worth. That’s their problem. The solution is In God We Trust. Who can you really trust?

  • E. Van Gelical

    Too many Christians choose to obey only the portions of the Bible that help them discriminate against others. They have made Chrsitianity exclusive rather than inclusive. Bear in mind that the Bible as we know it was edited by men and — again as far as we know — written by men. It doesn’t take a lot of brain power to understand that women are equal to or greater than men in every capacity. Why shouldn’t women lead as well a serve? Too bad there were no tape recorders in Jerusalem to accurately take down Christ’s teachings. Relegating women to the role of organizing church bake sales is tantamount to shunning blacks except when they are athletes or entertainers.

  • Mark

    Although I am not against women in leadership roles but this article does nothing to address the following passages which are used to exclude women from leadership roles:Until you can properly refute these arguments, writing articles that gloss over this will do women more harm than good. Also your shock why church leaders would turn their backs to you makes it seem as though you are not really well versed in scripture.My justification for having women in leadership roles is that the old paradigm of sin is women being subordinate to men. But Jesus Christ sets us free of sin and releases us of that paradigm.God punished Eve and all women for sinning by making them subordinate of men. Jesus sets women (and men) free.

  • Anonymous

    David wrote”1 Timothy 2David,In verse 12, Timothy clearly admits this is just Timothy’s opinion. I don’t even know Timothy. From what I’m tld, Timothy has been dead for about 2,000 years. I don’t even know if these opinions are really Timothy’s? So why on earth should I care one bit about Timothy’s opinions? Timothy has a right to his opinions and I have a right to mine and I think Timothy is full of crap.

  • O B Wan

    Who is the bigger fool, the fool who leads or the fool who follows? Who is the bigger sinner, Eve, who supposedly bought Satan’s lie, or Adam, for doing what she said? If God applied punishment equitably there would be far more men in subjugation to women today.

  • Don

    Show me Christ’s unedited words. These I will believe. Until then, it’s a crapshoot.

  • Freestinker

    Mark says all we need to do is refute Corinthians and Timothy and we will have won the argument.Mark,That’s simple. Arguments based on faith are never logically valid so that means they are just opinions, not facts, and there’s no need to prove or dis-prove a faith-based opinion. You either accept it or you don’t, end of story. The Bible is full of unsubstantiated archaic opinions. Corinthians and Timothy are just two opinions. There is no reason why those opinions should be given any more weight than yours or mine.

  • Anonymous

    “God punished Eve and all women for sinning by making them subordinate of men. Jesus sets women (and men) free.What a male chauvinistic comment and point of view! Adam was charged with the responsibility and supposed to be the “protector” of the woman, Eve. And your comment that Adam had noting to do with the sin that has affected all mankind.Where was Adam when he was supposed to be watching and caring for his wife Eve when she was being tempted by Satan? Adam was ordained by God to care for, protect, and watch over Eve, his wife. But yet we read that not only was Adam “absent” from his post he also participated in the sin when it was offered, some leadership qualities, huh?And who does God hold responsible, Adam. When God appeared on the scene he asked Adam what had happened, not Eve, because Adam was charged with the responsibility with keeping things in order. If men were to fulfill their responsibilities then maybe God would have to keep “raising” strong woman up to fill in the gaps for men.

  • Lee

    I agree there are many things for women to do in the church besides being in the kitchen or nursary. Please give me on scripture where Jesus sent a women to preach the gospel. I can send a women or man for that matter to go and tell some one something. This is not a call to preach. There are women who prophesy as well, this is fortelling events, not preaching. Women were instructed to teach the women to be keepers of the home and such. It also teaches them to be shame faced. How can this be achieved if she is up pontification. Preachers are told to be remain diligent in season and out of season, if a women is has to bear a child, how could she be ready to do the work of a preacher. Jesus in His infinate wisdom did not choose a women out the twelve apostles. hmmm, Think He didn’t have an incling that women would want to? I know is is easy to give in to pressure. Peter gave in to the pressure of the circumcision and God sent Paul to straighten him out because as the scripture states, ” he was to be corrected”. I know this sounds massagenistic, but lets follow the word and not our own wishes.

  • Kert

    The Bible is the Word of God and therefore should be treated as such.Even if you don’t believe it the Word of God there is much evidence that substanciates it as a resource.- Over 2000 Bible prophesies fullfilled, with more yet to come. About a 1 in 10^2000 chance of happening randomly.- Historically and geographically accurate in every way it’s been tested.- Has been a large foundation of Western Society and morality.- Millions apon millions of people have have personally attested to the life changing power of it’s words.- Even the Bible’s enemies respect it. You don’t try to destroy a book that has no influence over it’s readers.You don’t have to believe the Bible, that is your choice. But to say the bible is unsubstantiated is not looking at the facts.

  • Freestinker

    Kert says: “The Bible is the Word of God and therefore should be treated as such.”Kert,That’s exactly the way I treat it. No god(s) have ever been proven to exist, therefore the word of any god who does not exist is not the word of a god but just another man’s opinion, no more or less valid than my own. Prove that your god exists and prove that the Bible is really the word of your god and then you will have substantiated something of worth. Until then, I call bullsh*t.

  • Anonymous

    FS, “No god(s) have ever been proven to exist, therefore the word of any god who does not exist is not the word of a god but just another man’s opinion, no more or less valid than my own.”Well, if this statement isn’t the epitome of a contradiction I don’t know what is.Let me see, “No god(s) have ever been proven to exist, therefore the word of any god who does not exist” so if it does not exist as you say, then how can it be termed, as you ascertain, “is not the word of a god but just another man’s opinion, no more or less valid than my own” which is an indication that there is some existence to it, however you just “denounce” it.So that would make you a what??? Non believer, back-slider, atheist, certainly not “agnostic,” because an Agnostic believes that the existence of gods is unknown or inherently unknowableHA!

  • Anonymous

    “if a women is has to bear a child, how could she be ready to do the work of a preacher. Jesus in His infinate wisdom did not choose a women out the twelve apostles. hmmm, Think He didn’t have an incling that women would want to?”But it’s OK for a man to sire a child and go on preaching,leaving the woman to cleanup the baby puke? We’re TOLD that Jesus didn’t pick a woman disciple, but who was telling the story? Oh ..I don’t know .. MEN? This whole thing of using any religion’s handed down tenets is a crock perpetuated by men, who have always been in power. It doesn’t take a woman to know that’s true.Don’t apply the Bible piecemeal. If you believe it’s all true stop eating pork and never touch a football because pigs are tabboo, fellas.

  • Concerned the Christian Now Liberated

    Once again!!!Simply add Prude Paul’s (and the pseudo Pauls) thinking about women to the list of flaws in the foundations of Christianity and a major reason why women have been discriminated against for these so many, many years.Note: Many contemporary NT exegetes to include Father Ray Brown have put the authors of Timothy, Titus and Ephesians in the category of pseudo Pauls.

  • Freestinker

    Anon,I didn’t say the words don’t exist, I said your god does not exist and therefore the words are not from a god, they are from men.A god that does not exist has no word and words that are not from a god are merely the opinions of men. Archaic, flimsy, baseless opinions that are barely worth the paper on which they are written.What part of the English language are you having trouble understanding?

  • moon,penn

    There are Desert Sailors and ships in the desert too. There’s no mud though. Sand can give you lots of trouble. Just ask any golfer. Life’s a beach and then there’s water. You can always find God at the beach because you can trust the beach to provide a good time. I’d love to be at the beach right now.

  • models

    The modern science of meteorology depends on “models” of climate to make predictions.Another method is to go into the past, through deep ice cores to look at the atmospheric gasses at the time, to look in geology … enter the conditions at one point in the past and predict a point closer to the future – but still in the past from our point of view.This is how biblical prophesies are made to “come true”. How hard is that to see?When was the latest biblical prophecy to come true?You have to stand in stunned amazement when someone claims the bible prophecies coming true prove the rest of the bible.Just …. I’m in awe that the modern evolved human brain is capable of this kind of destructive stupidity and yet we continue to survive.

  • Kert

    Probably the latest prophesy fulfilled was the recreation of the nation Israel after being destroyed over 2500 years ago. Kind of unprecedented that I am aware of.

  • L.Kurt Engelhart

    “church leaders present turned their chairs around and put their backs to me”In today’s world this event is an example of what is called “culturally undermining behavior.” The behavior of these people is intimidating and disruptive. It has no place in civilized society. Tolerance and indifference to this kind of behavior is also unacceptable. That this is institutionalized behavior means that the only recourse you may have is to leave the institution. If enough people recognize the incivility of the behavior and leave, the institution will disappear. But probably not in your lifetime.

  • Jon

    This is the scariest woman I’ve ever seen in my life. Her smile pierces the eyes and subjects you to a kind of torture that only the most plastic of housewives could surmise. Damn.Oh, and please forgive me

  • modesl

    The nation of Bulgaria was recreated after 500 years of Ottoman rule, there were no prophecies involved in that.Your example helps point out why so many of us don’t trust Christians. You want these events to be seen as fulfilling prophecy, want it so bad that you will do what you can to make them happen.Armageddon comes to mind. If you christians want this rapture of your bad enough you’re going to try to make this Armageddon happen, it’s a prerequisite requirement isn’t it?This will be the point where you believers go from simply being silly and infantile and proceed into be dangerous.

  • Freestinker

    Kert’s assumption that his god exists begs the question for which he has no answer …With Kert and his Bible, Nostradamus hasn’t got a chance!

  • jerry rubin

    Excuse me! We are not a country of one religion her. We are multicultural and we have a Constitution and the Bill of Rights that protects that principal that is the cornerstone of why America is sometimes admired by other countries.So your opinion that this country and women are only Christian is a slap in the face to the rest of us who have a belief or non-belief and have a right to express ourselves.You like Sally Quinn are both Neanderthals, but wait a minute, I said in my response to Sally’s article that Neanderthal is inappropriate because your time is only 5,600+ years old.

  • Anonymous

    Jon: “This is the scariest woman I’ve ever seen in my life. Her smile pierces the eyes and subjects you to a kind of torture that only the most plastic of housewives could surmise. Damn.Oh, and please forgive me”It is a picture, get over it! Got any flab under you belt you care to take a picture of and send to all of us to see and pick a part?

  • freak

    Sorry, I have to agree with Jon.It doesn’t matter how fat or ugly or otherwise disgusting I am, she is still a freak.

  • azoid

    Ugh, she makes Katherine Harris look like a babe in comparison.

  • Anonymous

    “It doesn’t matter how fat or ugly or otherwise disgusting I am, she is still a freak.”Not a good choice of words……don’t call yourself a freak, it is not good for your self-confidence or self-esteem.A little flab is a good thng in my personal opinion, I don’t want a perfect body on a man, in fact I want to feel something in my arms, him, full and there. Not to heavy but enough of him.

  • Red it is!

    FS “I didn’t say the words don’t exist, I said your god does not exist and therefore the words are not from a god, they are from men.A god that does not exist has no word and words that are not from a god are merely the opinions of men. Archaic, flimsy, baseless opinions that are barely worth the paper on which they are written.What part of the English language are you having trouble understanding?”What don’t you understand, about your contradictory comment? If God does not exist to your Agnostic mind, then there is no need for you to even have place to comment on what is considered God’s words.Being non-existence means just that. So why make a point of reference with elaborating on something that you claim doesn’t even exist.Understand??I have to go, I have an appointment to get my nails done and to get a pedicure, both painted “candy apple red” for the Fall season.

  • robert

    Seems Anne is a rebellious Christian. I’ll take what Paul the Apostle says over her hurt feelings.

  • Chaotician

    America is so lost! Obviously, until Christianity and the other Abrahamic “religions” become footnotes about superstious practices of ancient humans; this poor country is doomed to ignorance and base stupidity! Poor America, how did we get so many fools?

  • TLE

    Paul the Apostle was a Temporal Lobe Epileptic.Being a TLE myself I kind of know what he went through, though I know from where these “visions” come.In a very sad and pathetic way, it makes me laugh. The entire existence of Christianity is based on the visions of an ignorant primitive TLE.

  • Freak

    Don’t worry too much about my self esteem Anonymous, I feel pretty good about where I am and who I am.I’m neither fat nor ugly, but I am delightfully disgusting. And this woman is a Freak of nature. Look at that face, hours of botoxery followed by week-long stays in a tanning bed, tooth whiteners, and synthetic fibers for a hairdo.If you really want to get on someone about their self esteem, why not talk to her? I mean, who would do that to themselves thinking they were making themselves more beautiful, when the end result was so freakish?

  • Bill L

    All people are to have a ministry towards others, that they may come to know Jesus. All are to have a ministry to reach out to those around them who are hurting and need human compassion!

  • Tina

    Bill L, Robert, Lee, Mark, David, Never Left, Response to Kris, GM, Anon@10:43, Spiderman2 and all the others who would actually claim to know what God put on the heart of any woman:It is because of men like you I left the Church. That was in 1994. I have never looked back, and since I have been released from your doctrines of women as “less than”, I have never been happier, more productive, and (in an ironic twist) better able to live Christ’s example of compassion and work to:1. Love the God with all my heartAll the rest is dogma and getting stuck in it is why the Church is in decline.

  • Anonymous

    Tina, “ft the Church. That was in 1994. I have never looked back, and since I have been released from your doctrines of women as “less than”, I have never been happier, more productive, and (in an ironic twist) better able to live Christ’s example of compassion and work to”Sorry, I not buying in to your excuse, of you being “better able to live Christ’s example.” Your example is nothing more then a self-made replica of your own design of Christ’s example, otherwise you would be under subjection to the obedience of Christ’s teachings as put forth in scripture. So, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but basically what you are is in rebellion to Christ teachings.

  • evan

    The scriptural examples you give (Galatians 3:28 & Acts 2:17) have nothing to do with ordained ministry. And neither does the story of Mary Magdalene. She wasn’t an evangelist! Surely the Lord would have then called her as an Apostle, wouldn’t he? Women can and do serve in the Lord’s church, but they should not ordained, nor should them minister over a congregation.

  • Richard L. Dallalio

    I saw Ms. Sally Quinn on The Moring Joe yesterday 9/18/08 with Joe Scarborough hosting. Ms. Quinn made a statement that to me was a classic oxymoron in the truest of senses. To paraphrase, Ms. Quinn stated that many are against abortion but are pro choice. I would like Ms. Quinn to explain exactly what that means. Being facetious, one would question just to whom the choice belongs when one is in the process of killing an unborn baby. If it is partial birth abortion should the choice reside with the baby as it’s head appears (prior to insertion of the instrument to suck out it’s brain) or is the choice still with the ‘so called’ mother at that point in time? I believe Dr. Dobson was correct when he stated that the only folks that favor abortion are those that have already been born. To be against abortion by it’s very nature precludes being pro choice as any way you stack it an unborn life is being snuffed out. I was fortunate years ago to have learned the true roots of the term ‘woman’s choice.’ In 1975 after Roe vs. Wade had shortly been the law, there was much dissension regarding the morality surrounding the issue. The abortion lobbyists hired the once head of the United Way Campaign to research the issue due to his superior maketing expertise. He concluded that keeping the argument centered on whether or not the baby truly represented a life would only perpetuate the morality dissension regarding the newly passed legislation and suggested that the argument should be shifted to a woman’s right to choose. Well that surely seems to have been the answer and all I can say is I pity that man’s soul as he indeed has the blood of 48,000,000 dead babies on his hands. I’d also like to ask Ms. Quinn if she ever wonders just who we have killed in all those 48,000,000 unborn lives. Surely each and every one was and is important in the Godly realm and some may have even been destined to absolute greatness (i.e. in the Einstein mold or even greater scientists, economists, sociologist, philanthropist etc.) It was easy to discern that Ms. Quinn was merely spewing sour grapes over the seletion of Mrs. Palin as John Mccain’s running mate, but I think she needs to look deep within her soul as do so many others in this nation that now accept abortion as a form of birth control under the guise of a woman’s right to choose. As for Mrs. Palin favoring life in all circumstances (i.e. rape, incest etc.) I have presonally met and heard the testimony of three individuals born of rape but to a mother who was pro life and supported by their husbands in their decisions to choose life. Each of these three individuals went on to be adopted into good families and became productive members of society and were extremely thankful they were allowed to be born. Ms. Quinn appears to be one of many of the masses that just blindly followed and jumped on board when the master marketeers figured out the egocentric nature of most human beings would always control therefore concluding centering the argument around a woman’s right to choose vs. the life of an innocent unborn baby would make killing babies second nature to what was once a baby’s most sacred alliance, with their moms. Sad indeed Ms. Quinn, but as you belly ache about Bush and the war in Iraq in all actuality the most dangerous place to be today is in the womb. But then I suppose you and all abortion supporters have become so self centered that you are even somewhat god like in your thinking such that deciding to kill a baby has become just another choice you believe you are powerful enough to make. I also realize you mock and laugh at the Bible and true believers, but such egocentric thinking indeed parallels the very structure of Adam and Eve wanting to be like Mrs. Sarah Palin

  • Concerned the Christian Now Liberated

    For Mrs. Lotz’s eyes only:Prude Paul’s views of women are major flaws in Christianity. Here is a synopsis of the other flaws and errors of said religion:Jesus was an illiterate Jewish peasant/carpenter/ simple preacher man who suffered from hallucinations and who has been characterized anywhere from the Messiah from Nazareth to a mythical character from mythical Nazareth to a mamzer from Nazareth (Professor Bruce Chilton, in his book Rabbi Jesus). Analyses of Jesus’ life by many contemporary NT scholars (e.g. Professors Crossan, Borg and Fredriksen, On Faith panelists) via the NT and related documents have concluded that only about 30% of Jesus’ sayings and ways noted in the NT were authentic. The rest being embellishments (e.g. miracles)/hallucinations made/had by the NT authors to impress various Christian, Jewish and Pagan sects. The 30% of the NT that is “authentic Jesus” like everything in life was borrowed/plagiarized and/or improved from those who came before. In Jesus’ case, it was the ways and sayings of the Babylonians, Greeks, Persians, Egyptians, Hittites, Canaanites, OT, John the Baptizer and possibly the ways and sayings of traveling Greek Cynics. www. For added “pizzazz”, Catholic/Christian theologians divided god the singularity into three persons and invented atonement as an added guilt trip for the “pew people” to go along with this trinity of overseers. By doing so, they made god the padre into god the “filicider”. Current crises:Pedophiliac priests, atonement theology and original sin!!!!Luther, Calvin, Smith, Henry VIII, Wesley et al, founders of Christian-based religions, also suffered from the belief in/hallucinations of “pretty wingie thingie” visits and “prophecies” for profits analogous to the myths of Catholicism (resurrections, apparitions, ascensions and immaculate conceptions).Current crises: Adulterous preachers, “propheteering/ profiteering” evangelicals (e.g. Billy Graham) and atonement theology.

  • Anonymous

    Palin gets nixed from rally 1. Palin is too rigid in her views on religion and intertwines religion with official rules and regulations, to benefit her selfish agenda.2. Religion means do good for thy neighbor. Be just and accountable.Palin and her husband’s refusal to submit to lawful processes is a non-religious attitude.I prefer Nancy Pelosi, even though she is a bit too rigid. For that matter Hillary Clinton is a good leader too, though she is a bit too talkative.

  • L.Kurt Engelhart

    “the most dangerous place to be today is in the womb”Im hope people understand that using this kind of ridiculous rhetoric makes one’s entire argument incredible.

  • Bill L

    1 of 3 pregnancy’s end in abortion, to the tune of 1.2 million pre-born children killed each year. How many are killed in car accidents? How about killed in Iraq and Afaganistan? How about killed in street shootings?