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Just kidding. My wife says I need sexier headlines on my posts. She doesn’t think people will read them unless … Continued

Just kidding. My wife says I need sexier headlines on my posts. She doesn’t think people will read them unless the headline grabs them somewhere below the neck. She might be projecting, but her youngest son’s college tuition could be at stake, so I’ll work on it while I’m gone this week. Meanwhile, I’ve asked four distinguished On Faith panelists to fill in for me. I’d tell you who they are, but that would ruin the surprise.

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  • Anonymous

    Posting your picture might help too. Maybe. Only a recent one. All other panelists have posted theirs. We’d like to see if you have at least one wrinkle less than the men you called old.Leave the sex out. There are millions of websites that cater specially to such needs.Controversial topics that get atheists worked up? Like misuse of religion? Sometimes maybe good use of religion?My $0.02.

  • ???

    did i win?!

  • Anonymous

    ???:did i win?!***No, you didn’t. Neither did I!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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