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Topic: Preparing for Pope Francis
PF-A Security Challenge
Pope Francis: A Year in Photographs

Previously unpublished images that capture the daily life of the people’s pope.

Pope Francis Is Making Christianity Radical Again

The pope is calling out a status quo that global elites benefit from at the expense of the poor.

5 Ways Pope Francis Is Shaking Up the Church

He disappoints the liberals and scares the conservatives — what’s not to like?

It’s Not Just Pope Francis — God Wants Wealth Redistributed, Too

Conservative commentators are freaking out about Pope Francis’ views on economic inequality, but the pope is in line with traditional Catholic teaching.

Pope Francis the Sinner

Sure, this is the pope who said, “Who am I to judge?” But Pope Francis’s mission has been to live out a theology of sin.

Topic: Jewish Holy Days
Our Human Mission to Redeem History

The Jewish New Year calls us to assess our lives, acknowledge damage done, and begin to rebuild.

Jewish High Holy Days Explained

All you need to know about the upcoming Jewish holidays so you can holler “L’shanah tovah!” without looking like a shmendrick.

Rosh Hashanah and the Truth About the Creation Story

Imagine taking two days a year and devoting them to the celebration of inter-connectedness and inter-dependence.

Yom Kippur Etiquette Guide: Forgive and Be Forgiven

Jewish tradition outlines three paths to help us fixing our lives leading up to and during Yom Kippur.

A Muslim Yom Kippur

What a Muslim learned about devotion to God by participating in Yom Kippur.

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